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Old 2006-09-11, 22:13   Link #121
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Ouch. Just a little bit harsh there!

While I understand that you are upset at the way 4kids chopped up Tokyo Mew Mew into the over-localized mess it became, please don't take out your frustrations on someone whose only "sin" is to like the show. While 4kids didn't destroy Tokyo Mew Mew as badly as it did One Piece, I understand your feelings. Now, please be nice.

Heartless Haven: Please pardon the "welcome" that you got. Some people here aren't as eager to bash newcomers for a rather minor bit of ignorance.

Originally Posted by Heartless Haven
Sorry if I got the names wrong I'm used to the manga version.
Huh. I had no idea that those Americanized names were used in the manga also. They are very different from the Japanese names I am used to.

For your reference, there's a good bit of information on wikipedia here. That information includes some of the changes that 4kids made to the show.

There's not that fine a line between willing suspension of disbelief and something just being stupid.

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Old 2009-04-28, 10:59   Link #122
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Waaaaah!!! Tokyo Mew Mew! I love this series so much! Ichigo is so kawaii!!! ^__^
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