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Old 2004-02-05, 18:40   Link #21
<3 Nina
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One piece movies - prior knowlege?

I am very interested in One Piece, but I honestly do not have the time to DL/watch all the episdoes. So I thought maube i could just watch the movies. I need to know; do i have to have seen the series in order to understand the movies? I'm thinking of Cowboy Bebop; I watched and loved the movie without having watched a single episode. Or is it watchable but not fully understandable?
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Old 2004-02-05, 19:15   Link #22
merely a ghost
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You can freely watch the movies anytime, it doesn't affect the story at all.
Though it's recommended to see them after a certain character joins the group. Like, in Movie 1, you'll find Luffy, Zoro, Nami and Usopp. In Movie 2, Sanji's already in the group. In Movie 3, Chopper is in there. And in Movie 4, Robin has already entered the group. See this thread to know after which episode the movie aired, as well as when it's recommend to see it.

Though if you don't want to see all the episodes, you can enjoy the movies, anytime. The only confusing thing is that you may not know who's that character, how he entered the group, and what he's doing there.
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Old 2004-02-24, 01:19   Link #23
Dark Baka
Dark Baka
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I just started to watch OP and when should i see Movie 1, movie 2, tv special and Dance carnival? (dont say u should see them in the order to 1-80 on the Kaizoku bittorent list )
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Old 2004-02-24, 01:33   Link #24
Mr. Bushido
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Originally Posted by Dark Baka
I just started to watch OP and when should i see Movie 1, movie 2, tv special and Dance carnival? (dont say u should see them in the order to 1-80 on the Kaizoku bittorent list )
please check

besides that, i suggest u change ur msg or u might get flamed or yelled at by ppl. LOL, most of us here dont do that tho... its Naruto forum where ud have to watch ur ass all the time.
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Old 2004-06-14, 20:44   Link #25
Fighter Volk
Thanks sakurabatou @ LJ
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Bringing order to the chaos

Hey! A newcomer to One Piece here (only seen the first 8 episodes, only read the first tankoubon). I know this has been done before, and I remember someone made a really ncie one earlier on this forum... but can I find out where the movies and specials fit into the series, and also a division of episodes by their respective arcs? Thanks a lot!
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Old 2004-06-14, 23:30   Link #26
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2004 has arc summaries and the number of episodes in each arc. I don't know if they have the movie placings though.
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Old 2004-06-15, 04:01   Link #27
Just call me Ojisan
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Here's the information supplied by dythim which was going to be used on the AnimeSuki torrent page. Hope he doesn't mind if I post it as a reply to the above question.

Originally Posted by dythim
For the movies:
Movie 1 aired between Episodes 16 and 17
Movie 2 aired between Episodes 60 and 61
Movie 3 aired between Episodes 102 and 103
Movie 4 aired between Episodes 146 and 147
Movie 5 aired between Episodes 183 and 184.

For the TV specials:
Special 1 aired between Episodes 52 and 53
Special 2 aired between Episodes 149 and 150
Special 3 aired between Episodes 174 and 175.

This site lists all of the One Piece episodes and TV specials, as well as the dates that they aired the One Piece movies on TV:

This site verifies the air date of Movie 3 to be 2002.03.02:

This site verifies the air date of Movie 4 to be 2003/02/26:

This site verifies the air date of Movie 5 to be 2004/03/06:
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