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View Poll Results: Vote for your favorite Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai character
Maebara Keiichi 146 38.32%
Ryuuguu Rena 181 47.51%
Sonozaki Mion 97 25.46%
Houjou Satoko 55 14.44%
Sonozaki Shion 90 23.62%
Furude Rika 188 49.34%
Hanyuu 141 37.01%
Akasaka Mamoru 57 14.96%
Ooishi Kuraudo 34 8.92%
Irie Kyousuke 30 7.87%
Tomitake Jirou 16 4.20%
Takano Miyo 76 19.95%
Other 15 3.94%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 381. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2008-08-15, 23:24   Link #61
All hail Oyashiro-sama
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Middle of Nowhere
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What if I said I loveds the characters pretty equal? XD
I'm gonna end up voting for all of them here at this rate, but in the end I jsut chose Rika. Though I love the twins, Hanyuu, Kei, Satoko, Rena, Takano, and Satoshi about as much.
Shinigami_Mello is offline  
Old 2008-08-16, 00:27   Link #62
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2006
Originally Posted by Shizuka Hiou View Post
seems like nipah got this.
Comparing these results to 07th Expansion's final Higurashi popularity contest (here's a list of all of them) is rather interesting. In that poll Mion very narrowly came first over Rena and Keiichi was third with quite a margin, whereas in this one Mion is very far behind, though Rena has maintained her narrow second place. Keiichi also has the third place. It's almost as if Rika and Mion have switched places in this poll.

Rika fans got their revenge in the two Umineko popularity contests (1, 2) though, where Bernkastel has gotten second place (and quite narrowly in the first one) despite having no part in the main story and appearing only in a hidden extra. Quite a lot of the comments are pretty blatant about voting her because of Rika.
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Old 2008-08-16, 01:38   Link #63
The Comet has Come
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Republic of California
Age: 40
If I'm reading that correctly, wasn't that poll done before Kai was animated?
Dessler Soto, Banzai!
Ithekro is offline  
Old 2008-08-16, 10:15   Link #64
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2008
i personally like most of the characters with rika and hanyuu being my two most favourite out of all of them. im surprised takano got alot more votes than i expected, i find it really hard to like takano, even thought shes one of the best villains out there, i hate that bitch more than ever when i watch the show.
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Old 2008-08-16, 12:07   Link #65
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2006
Originally Posted by Ithekro View Post
If I'm reading that correctly, wasn't that poll done before Kai was animated?
These popularity contests are organized by 07th Expansion and are thus targeted towards people who follow the visual novels rather than the anime. The one I linked was conducted after Matsuribayashi-hen and Rei (as well as Matsuri) were released, so the participants would have been familiar with the events taking place in Kai.
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Old 2008-08-31, 16:17   Link #66
Letter from lost days ~
Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: Netherlands / Turkey
Age: 29
Hanyuu all the way ~ I'd really want a child like her ^^
Skullchukka is offline  
Old 2008-10-29, 11:59   Link #67
Join Date: Oct 2008
I voted Rena. I like her really much and her omochikaerii things are really funny. xD
Doyobi is offline  
Old 2008-10-29, 16:17   Link #68
Golden Witch Drugs
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: Rokkenjima stage
I voted Takano and Shion!! Coz I really felt sorry for Takano, and everyon was mean to her D: Anyways... I really liked Shion. I kind of disliked her in the first season, but now SHE'S THE BEST x3~
Golden Witch Drugs is offline  
Old 2009-03-26, 14:03   Link #69
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: My house
Age: 24
I'm gonna say Keiichi. This post was totally worth bumping a topic from October.
Renan is offline  
Old 2009-03-26, 15:10   Link #70
Wait, what?
Join Date: Dec 2008
Age: 24
My votes-

Keiichi Maebara
Him in Minagoroshi-hen= AMAZING!

Shion Sonozaki
Her bounce in Yakusamashi-hen is enough for a vote but
Spoiler for Matsuribayashi-hen:

For general moe-ness and the fact that she's
Spoiler for the whole series:

Mamoru Akasaka
Spoiler for Matsuribayashi-hen:
FlashFumo is offline  
Old 2009-03-27, 08:07   Link #71
fanart-fan :D
Join Date: Apr 2008
Location: Germany
I voted Rena & Takano^^
Rena because she can be moe or badass(or both at the same time) and Takano because of her sly creepiness and because I feel sorry for her.

Forgot Shion>.<
Avira is offline  
Old 2009-03-30, 15:17   Link #72
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2009
I like almost everyone in this series, specially in Kai, where they showed their badass ways.

I mean to vote for 2 more on "Other": Oryou-san (Onibaba) and Kasai.

They're cool and they can kick ass.
Benthos is offline  
Old 2009-03-30, 21:51   Link #73
Desiree Disaster
Keiichi Fangirl ♥
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: Australia.
Age: 24
I voted Kei-chan. It's a shame he didn't have a major role in the whole 'over-turning fate' thing. He's just so adorwable. =3

"This disaster cannot be avoided... I'm sorry..."
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Old 2009-03-31, 13:19   Link #74
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: My house
Age: 24
Originally Posted by Desiree Disaster View Post
I voted Kei-chan. It's a shame he didn't have a major role in the whole 'over-turning fate' thing. He's just so adorwable. =3
Yes he did. Keiichi was the KEY to changing fate. He was NEEDED. EVERYONE LOVED HIM...Keiichi is the Deuteragonist of Higurashi!!!!
Renan is offline  
Old 2009-04-27, 00:51   Link #75
Suredeath Hellman
Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Whoops, here comes a slight bump.

Originally Posted by Garve View Post
Sorry, but I wish her a painful death.
Gwargh, how can people actually vote for Rena.
Sorry, but I wish her a painful death.

Not everybody likes the same characters.

Lessee... I voted for Keiichi, the Shmions, Akasaka, Mr. Delicious, Irie and Tomitake.

Keiichi is probably the most important character in the series, well, except for Rika's and Hanyuu's plot hax, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have liked this series as much as I do now if he wasn't there. He's hilarious and pathetic at the same time, uh, when he's not being insane or serious.

The Shmions are just lovely, I've always had a thing for psycho twins and green hair. (Though Mion (or is it Shion?) isn't really insane in any way) Personalities are also really cute. Mion's a badass tomboy, but deep down she's still a girl, and Shion may not be in her right mind, but she does it all for love~

And Akasaka, Mr. Delicious, Irie and Tomitake... You can't deny that they're all hilarious in their own ways.
Makku is offline  
Old 2009-05-13, 13:36   Link #76
Ange Ushiromiya's Fangirl
Join Date: May 2009
Location: Danville IL
Age: 37
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I voted for Shion, we finally get to see her for herself and she really comes through. I also have to agree with the previous poster I loved seeing her with the AK-47.

I guess Im a bit biased since shes one of my anime girl crushes
AudriSampson is offline  
Old 2009-05-19, 08:22   Link #77
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2009
I really like Irie since hes a funny, dirty little pedophil xD
I like Rika and Keeichi also very much and takano too >.<
But hmm...I vote for Shion. She is my absolute favourite. Her story is really the best in my opinion.
Flevalt is offline  
Old 2009-05-20, 02:59   Link #78
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: USA
Age: 26
Keiichi - Keiichi is the GAR awesome charismatic speech-giving hero. I've always lied Keiichi. He learns from his mistakes between worlds, and his true colors are shown in Kai when he cares so much for his friends that
Spoiler for .:

Mion - Mion has always trusted her friends. She is loyal and caring, and always tries her best for her friends. She's an absolute role-model. <3

Rika - Rika, Rika, Rika.. She struggles so hard, ni-pah's, and is in general a very well thought-out character. She fights almost endlessly just to live happily with her friends.

Hanyuu - She is so cute, and she really grows when she decides to become a part of everything.

Shion - Shion has really changed a lot. She has become trusting of her friends, and even looked after Satoko. She's had a lot of development.

Rena - I've always liked Rena. She is a very complex character, and while she doesn't do too much in Kai, I've always enjoyed her intelligence, intuition, love for her friends, and let's not forget, her psychotic side.

Satoko - Satoko has really matured. I could see this when she called Keiichi her "ni ni" in S1 and called Shion her "ne ne" in Kai. She finally breaks free of her uncle's abuses, which was a big step for her character.

Overall, Higurashi has many amazing, fleshed out characters. I love so many of them. <3
KoiYuki is offline  
Old 2009-05-24, 18:23   Link #79
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: USA
I'm surprised Mion ranks so low. Even below her Yandere sister?
typhonsentra is offline  
Old 2009-05-24, 19:08   Link #80
◔ ◡ ◔
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: ImaginaryLand
Age: 27
On the official polls for the original games she ranks MUCH MUCH higher, so don't worry. Mion is more loved than you may think. :3

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