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Old 2008-04-26, 01:45   Link #1
Love Yourself
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The World Ends With You (Square-Enix), for Nintendo DS

I just came across this game for the DS, The World Ends With You. It would seem that it was released here in the US on April 22 and in Europe on April 18.

The story premise sort of reminded me of Shakugan no Shana. You are Neku, a guy who is drawn into something called the "Reaper's Game." Nobody can see you, but you can read their thoughts. Additionally there are a bunch of creatures roaming around, referred to as "the noise." Nobody can see them, either - but they can see you, and will attack you.

The gameplay is where it gets interesting. As the story goes, other teenagers have been drawn into the Reaper's Game and are in the same situation that you're in. You pair up with them, and fight together. Neku fights on the lower screen, and attacks are made using the stylus (drawing shapes for attacks, it sounds like). The alternate character fights on the upper screen, and is controlled by the directional pad. The focus shifts from character to character with each successful attack, and if I understand it right as you successfully chain attacks your attack power goes up. There's a slight learning curve but many people report that this is a pretty enjoyable battle system. There are other aspects, such as fashion consideration (items come in the form of clothing rather than armor, and in addition to acting like the armor of regular RPGs, your stats are impacted by how fashionable you are in the area. However, over the course of time your character may set a new fashion trend, resulting in stat boosts even if you were originally unfashionable.) Your attacks are made with items called "pins" which also level up along with your character. I found it interesting to hear that pins gain experience when you turn your DS off, too. The longer your DS is off for, the more experience they gain.

The game is supposed to last for about 12 hours. The ending is supposedly vague, and this is where replayability comes in. Once you beat the game, you can redo stages with any in-game partner, and you can unlock information pertaining to the back story (more about the Reaper's Game and such).

Seems to be getting very good reviews, but I'm not sure if it's worth buying. Has anyone played it? Any thoughts?
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Old 2008-04-26, 05:47   Link #2
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Location: Reading, UK
I've played it, and I'd say while the gameplay is boggling and complicated to get into, and the storyline is somewhat preachy, play it for a couple of hours and you'll be hooked I'd say there's at -least- 20 hours of gameplay in the first playthrough.

The only trouble I have is it's so addicting that my hand starts seizing up from using the tiny old DS stylus so intensly :P
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Old 2008-04-26, 08:25   Link #3
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Very fun game, I might hazard to say that it's the most fun I've had on the DS (a different kind of fun than phoenix wright). Wish they told you which bp you need to evolve pins though, it's a pain needing to look at the japanese wiki page every time i get a new pin that could evolve to see what kind you need.
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Old 2008-04-30, 03:11   Link #4
Join Date: Apr 2008
How zeta slow you factoring hectopascal!!
This could have been done 24105600 seconds ago!!

....sorry, couldn't resist.
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Old 2008-04-30, 04:07   Link #5
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Love the game so much, it's inching me much closer to finally buy a NDS. Played a good 10 hours and I very rarely, if I do so, borrow my sister's DS for games I might be interested in playing, if at all.

But anyway, I really love the interactivity between the top and bottom screen for battles. The combat feels intuitive, difficult and very amusing is all I can say right now.
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Old 2009-05-13, 19:17   Link #6
stuck in a harem genre
Join Date: Feb 2008
You know this game could probably be made into an anime. I mean, it's basically a visual novel with actual good gameplay.

The soundtrack is awesome. Good amount of Jpop as well as Jrock and some other stuff in between.
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Old 2009-05-13, 19:51   Link #7
The Great Dine
Join Date: Feb 2009
It's a good game. Interesting story line, nice twists but at the same time it doesn't completely overdo it.

Spoiler for Ending:

Characters are unique in their own way, but I think we lack serious characters in the game - I mean, I thought we had some but the entire omake adventure Another Day ruined my perception of those serious characters completely.

However, the problem after you do everything, like collect the secret reports, beat the game and all it gets a little repetitive. This is a problem in most Square Enix games in my opinion: after everything is done the game just becomes boring and makes you wonder why you even play afterwards.

The double battle concept is very nice, but man the top players are morons or just really slow. Seriously, half the time I would take over for them because I couldn't beat this one boss for what seemed like forever because Shiki kept screwing up and not letting me get combos.

Overall my only two big tiffs with this entire game is the way the story was drawn out and the Pin System
Shiki's week was very good, Joshua's week was very odd for me considering Neku's thoughts on trusting him or not and Beat's week was just comical relief - it barely gave me any thoughts of "wow this is a good week". Only meaningful part in it was the explanation of Beat and Rhyme's connection.

Spoiler for End of Boss battle with Mitsuki:

Pin system. Not going to lie, it's pretty nifty and creative. But other than that it's really annoying. You basically end up scratching up your DS screen, trying to activate the pins yet half the time they go defective and don't even work, despite using them like the description tells you to. That and the evolution system is so messed up I wonder how anyone could possibly figure it out just from playing the game alone.
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