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Words 2007 grammarpacks and prior language?

I used to have the Office pack of 2003, however the setup doesn't function on a newer system so I switched to 2007, now the thing is not only does it look entirely different I had encountered a possible problem with it.

For instance if my language is set to Dutch, which for some reason stays my priority language, the words I type in English are not being marked as wrongly spelled/ not dutch you know the drill, red marker underneath and right click so you can see what the spelling is supposed to be. Also if I change language in the menu my bottom screen doesn't change to lest say English (U.K.) but remains Dutch and my grammar check doesn't function either because it says the packs were not installed.

Is there a place where I can get these packs or some in program function I can use to get them?


I got it to work yay, it seems Office 2007, unlike the Office 2003 has its language packs in a different kind of setup
very annoying but my English grammar check is back yay!

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