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Old 2009-05-25, 17:55   Link #1
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Pulseaudio as Software Mic Splitter?

Hey guys, I hope some of you have good experience with Pulseaudio, because I'm running out of places to look up. (Yes, I'm going to ask their devs in their IRC server. Like now.)

I have a mic going into a laptop on Ubuntu 8.04 (before you ask, no, this is for work and upgrading will actually be a sizable undertaking). There are 2 applications that need to listen to it as input. Invariably (and unfortunately), they would each hog the socket for themselves.

Options that I have:
1) Take the mic input and turn it into a wav file for the 2 apps to take. Unfortunately, one of the apps will take an unacceptable hit in performance.

2) Use Pulseaudio to split the one line in source into two and redirect the apps accordingly. This is where I need your help to figure out how.

3) Just buy a hardware splitter.

I have looked into and I don't think any of the modules will do this. I'm hoping somebody here knows a clever hack that would let this happen.


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I think you can do this with JACK. Never tried though and I think your applications would need support for it. Not so sure about pulseaudio.
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