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Old 2009-05-19, 06:14   Link #41
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I still remember when allmost everybody was asking for more information about the Jinchuriki and it's Bijou. This 'filler' gives us information about the 3-tailed Bijou and its Jinchuriki, i think it is very interesting.
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Old 2009-05-20, 01:26   Link #42
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Spoiler for Question:

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Old 2009-05-20, 01:57   Link #43
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^ You should probably spoiler tag that.

Episodes 113 and 114 are called "The Great Snake's Pupil" "Orochi no dōkō" (大蛇の瞳孔) & "The Eye of a Hawk" "Taka no hitomi" (鷹の瞳).

So episode 112 should be the end of the endless filler. Huzah!
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Old 2009-05-20, 13:48   Link #44
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ow , how many episodes they plan to make for the hs ? its horrible .
Specially , the repetition "the home who i belongs .... "
Alala , dunno why the studio make the shippuuden worst than Naruto 1st gen .
Its always (pratically) like that , the 1st season are always the best .
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Old 2009-05-20, 22:55   Link #45
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It seems that filler finishes by the end of May.
Improving my english ^^

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Old 2009-05-21, 01:23   Link #46
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it ends on june 4th ...thank god.
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Old 2009-05-28, 18:35   Link #47
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Originally Posted by naruske View Post
it ends on june 4th ...thank god.
No thanks. Lots of us are we going to still be suffering for another week.

Fortunately, this particular episode displayed some decent progress.

Just who is Rinji exactly? He has been suspicious-behaving little over after he was first introduced in this filler arc?

What we got here is that Kabuto is making a risky gamble for the Sanbi by letting Yuukimaru swallowing the pills and then going SSJ mode.

Why is it that Orochimaru needs the Sanbi so desperate for his plan to work?
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