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Old 2009-05-25, 07:51   Link #41
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... the store where I buy my manga has also a comic section. Like left side manga, right side comics. Upstairs are also a lot of 'older' ones in these typical boxes.

I used to devour the 'Witchblade' series. Like when I was around 11 or 12 years old and the years following. Sadly the volumes I had where damaged quite heavely when our house got restructed :'( Nowadays they are hard to find and when I find them they're pretty expensive -.-
I managed to get the first three a few month ago, a co-worker gave them to me, since he had them lying around in his basement. God, I was so ovejoyed XD
I do have an eye out for the series since I wanna read it again :/

Ah and of course I mean the first Witchblade Series, not that fucked up second with the pregnant gal XD (I just flipped through it when I was at the store mentioned above .. the volumes got a hell of a lot thinner too <.<).

I also read 'Fathom' .. my best friend collected it. We made it so we both collected a series and could lend each other the comics

The Batman series would interest me a lot too, since I love Batman. But there are so many series, with so many volumes, I don't really know where to start ^^ And to find a good one with a reasonable price is hard too :/

I also had some lone volumes in english (as in non translated, since I bought them in phillipines) of various series, I think one book being of the Phantom (?, I only remember a tall black figur with a hell of a long red cape .. forgot the name) ... -where the hell are those? Must be buried where my 'Mickey Mouse's are XD MM = first comic eva <3
Ah and I used to read 'Simpsons' and 'Futurama' comics too~

There isn't really a running comic that interests me, though. I flip through a lot of them, but none catches my attention too much :/ It's a bit of a shame it's not as easy to read a comic online like it's to read a manga. That way I 'd get to know the series and had the oppurtinity to start liking one and in the end buy those I like.
I don't own any mangas that I didn't 'test' before.

God, I always had so nerdy interests .. even as a girl XD Well, as long I don't look as nerdy and still leave the house lol
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Old 2009-05-25, 10:34   Link #42
Evil Rick
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I'm a fan of MARVEL comics, had read almost everyone of MARVEL

Most resent:

Ultimate Spider-man
Heroes for Hire
The Punisher
Mighty Avengers
Avengers the initiative
Ironman, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Fallen Hero, the dead of Captain America
Winter Soldier, Winter Kills
The marriage of Black Panther and Storm
The Illuminati
The new Avengers and Runnaways
MARVEL Zombies
Deadpool & Cable
Ms. Marvel
The Incredible Hulk
X-MEN Meshia Complex
Atonishing X-MEN
Spider-man back in Black
Ultimate Marvel
Ghost Rider
Planet Hulk
Civil War: What if?

And all the sagas of

Civil War
World War Hulk
Secret Invation
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Old 2009-05-25, 16:02   Link #43
(。☉౪ ⊙。)
Join Date: Jul 2004
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Age: 29
D: I used to collect comics before I started getting into manga
on our saturday morning market downtown there would always be a stand with comics 2nd hand and books, when I started buying comics monthly from the bookstore (uncanny X-men and Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-man was all they had, I bought the collection books of The Darkness later on while they were still in stock) I checked their stand and found a lot of old marvel comics of spider-man and other series, I decided to buy anything that caught my eye (they also sold manga like comic size and then 1 chapter a volume, this is how I got loads of No need for Tenchi manga as well as the 1st volume of X/1999 and several of Inuyasha)

I have them all still, they're all stacked away in a drawer closet in the back of my room. I don't know their value, don't care either I just couldn't resist buying some issues such as a volume where Spidey gets gamma ray'd and turns into a hulk/spider-man version called the Spulk lol I love that one "Spulk smash!"

I stopped buying now cause I buy more manga and because there are so many series I'd want to read but I'd have to order online cause there isn't any store near me that sells the latest of each series I want to read, I still read some online though like Ultimate FF4 (got into FF4 later on lol), the marvel zombies X evil dead one was cool too
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Old 2009-05-26, 09:46   Link #44
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2009
I love reading the Wonder Woman comics whenever I get the chance to

She's my all-time favourite superhero, almost an idol aswell
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Old 2009-05-29, 16:33   Link #45
Join Date: Sep 2006
I did not know about this:

During the 1970's the animation studio Toei forged a deal with the U.S. comic book giant Marvel which would allow them to produce TV shows based on the company's popular characters. This deal should have been monumental for future western anime fans as well as the Japanese TV audience of the time but for reasons that are unclear only two things ever came of it. The first and most interesting was the, now infamous, live-action Sentai show Spider-man featuring the much loved wall crawler in an all new scenario with his giant robot Leopardon. The other is the less exciting 1980 animated TV Special Dracula: Sovereign Of The Damned based on Marvel's 70's comic strip of the same name.

What has all this got to do with Frankenstein? Well Dracula was such a success that Toei decided to capitalise on it by releasing Kyofu Densetsu Kaibutsu: Frankenstein (Mystery! Frankenstein: Legend of Terror) the following year. Although Marvel did produce a comic series based on the character, called Monster Of Frankenstein, this TV Special doesn't appear to have any relation to it.

Dracula was mediocre btw, so I wonder about its success. Frankenstein was much better.

Also this is interesting:

Vision of Frank
short films by Japan's most audacious animators -- all based on the Frank comics by Jim Woodring.
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Old 2009-05-30, 06:41   Link #46
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Location: East Asian
^ - And I thought Spiderman was the only tokusatsu superhero from the West lol.
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