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Old 2009-06-01, 14:03   Link #41
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I think Takane is the only member of the family who knows what Nami is going through and wants too be there for her.
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Old 2009-06-01, 15:16   Link #42
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Originally Posted by Tom Bombadil View Post
Judging by the opening, Takane goes back to the good side and Nami stays to be evil. This way we'll have two pairs of show downs in the final episodes.
thats interesting i never trust OP and ED though they can be quite deceiving but your logic does make sense and it would work out better that way to have a show down between 2 pairs.
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Old 2009-06-01, 16:52   Link #43
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Originally Posted by FateAnomaly View Post
I think Takane will save Nami since she is her sister after all.
Hoe would someone be able to save Nami. Nami isn't mindkontrolled, She doesn't seem to want to be saved and She doesn't seem to care about anything anymore.

I kind of doubt she would die after that. It looked like she had a heart attack then a red spot was shining at the same place she was stabbed by that robot head in last episode. I wonder if the robot placed something in her chest that can cause the mark to disappear?
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Old 2009-06-01, 22:18   Link #44
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I mean save as in save her from outer space since her suit is destroyed....
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Old 2009-06-01, 22:27   Link #45
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didn't her suit(Q-tector i think) just glow? i mean i didn't see any disappearance or explosion

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Old 2009-06-01, 22:32   Link #46
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Perhaps. I assume the glowing is what happens when the suit is going to disappear considering she got smashed by the QT arms before that.
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Old 2009-06-01, 22:37   Link #47
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that glow could just be release of Ex-QT energy

if the ravana can cut an ice asteroid in half, i'm surprised it didn't cut nami in half

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Old 2009-06-02, 00:58   Link #48
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Nami's (Barrier Jacket) Q-tector maybe protects her extremely well...I bet the "explosion" is because Nami unleased a powerfull QT weave from her pain and anger.
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Old 2009-06-08, 16:42   Link #49
Kaioshin Sama
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Originally Posted by serenade_beta View Post
Where did that come from?
Well... isn't that convenient... ( ,_ゝ`)プッ
Script writer, do your work (properly)! ( #`Д) 
Nami is capable of putting the mark on people with EXISTENCE, it's possible she can also remove the mark as well.....willingly or not. She is unstable after all.

Anyway, don't know what some people are talking about like nothing happens in this show anymore. The past couple of episodes have been set up and rallying for a confrontation with Nerval. In case some folks haven't noticed they are kind of at a disadvantage right now and need their ace in the hole in Akiha and that part for Leopard to really stand a fighting chance. We've also been getting critical backstory and incite into what specifically is motivating each of the characters on both sides and what's at stake in all of this. Sometimes things have to slow down a bit to develop.

Oh and the Uray People's Republic didn't come completely out of nowhere. Well okay that guy behind the president didn't because I know I've seen him lurking around throughout some recent episodes looking sinister and mysterious and never quite fitting in.

Finally the fact that Nami wakes up in Enigma and it seems her Nerval and Kagura are hanging out there enjoying food makes me think that Kagura willingly defected to Nerval's side and has never been brainwashed or lured there in the first place like Nami and Takane. I'm really thinking that Nerval is going to turn out to be the real deal and not actually a villain at all....just misguided. The note is still there though so I can see this all becoming quite important once Akiha or Nami or whoever finally get's to read it.

P.S: Tsutsuji's little bit at the sun looked pretty thrilling, I have to admit.

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