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Mark Hans Avon
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Takuto OST 1 Lite [COMPLETE ALBUM] - 41 Track OST Album - 26MB [Compact Version]

Takuto OST 1 Lite [COMPLETE ALBUM] - 41 Track OST Album - 26MB [Compact Version]

Of all my years composing, this is my very first full album release. =) Hurray. I always wanted to compose for an epic video game or anime-like project, so [trying to] making my own was really the only path I could think of. There will be much more to come in the future, as there are certain melodies I can't wait to get to.

It's not the BEST OF THE BEST, but I do believe that you will find many things to enjoy if you give it a fair chance.

About the Album:

Takuto OST 1 Lite is the free version of the Original Soundtrack to the Indie Anime Series (even though it's all storyboards) "Takuto". A couple notes:

- Shorter songs and lower bitrate to make it compact/easily-downloadable
- Includes 37. Fighting which you will NOT find on the commercial Album, due to copyright laws.
- Includes 3 bonus tracks that I won't be able to sell... from Princess Mononoke, Eureka 7, and Bleach
- Includes Iris Wisterias [sung] rendition of "Nature" (the ending theme for the first 6 episodes)

Thanks for listening. =)

All music created or arranged by Mark Hans Avon, All Rights Reserved. (Except maybe for "Fighting"...I seriously am starting to be skeptical of
whether or not that song is a rip off of some sort...)

Track List:

1. The Fruit of Life
2. Freedom Speaks Version 2
3. Freedom Speaks Version 1
4. Breath of Fresh Air
5. Jello Pudding
6. Around Town
7. The Beat
8. Hummingbird
9. Gluey Song
10. Reflection
11. Takutos Fight
12. Day of Fate (Remix 1)
13. Wandering Hopelessly
14. Sneaking Around
15. The Stairs
16. The School
17. Out of the Blue a Warrior
18. Takutos Stress
19. Exciting Battle
20. Exciting Battle Version 2
21. Nature (Piano Version)
22. Light Battle
23. Reflection
24. Shins Sitar
25. Wandering Hopelessly Version 2
26. DVD Menu
27. Freedom Speaks Version 3
28. Rubys Memory
29. Day of Fate Version 1
30. Day of Fate Version 2
31. Morning
32. Thinking
33. Rubys Company
34. The School Version 2
35. Nature Version 2
36. Nature
37. Fighting
38. BONUS Yochou (from Eureka 7)
39. BONUS Princess Mononoke Theme
40. BONUS Byakuyas Theme (from Bleach)
41. BONUS Nature Voiced (Iris Wisteria)

-- Sample -- [1 MB]
-- Takuto OST 1 Lite -- [26MB]

Thanks again for listening.

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