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Old 2009-06-10, 12:47   Link #21
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Hey, I'm about to watch sola for the first time and was wondering if I should watch it in chronological order or not? For example, should I watch OVA 1 after episode four and should I watch OVA 2 before episode one? Because the OVAs that came out latter apparently fit in in those spots. Or should I just watch the OVAs after I finish the series?
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Old 2009-06-10, 15:45   Link #22
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I would suggest watching the series as it is, and the OVA episodes afterwards. I suppose it would be possible to watch OVA 2 first, as it takes place shortly before the series starts, and the end of the OVA ties in to an event in the first episode, but personally i would keep it for the end. Given how things went, i must say i appreciated the OVA that showed the faithful beginning of it all even more. The first OVA fits in just about anywhere in the timeline, really (minus the first few or last episodes)- it was more for fun than a serious affair, so just watch it after you are done with the series. I guess that is generally my suggestion - wait until you are done before watching the two
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Old 2010-04-28, 21:02   Link #23
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Hi everyone, I hope I'm not necroposting by posting here since it's a sticky but I recently just finished Sola and I can't figure out why...

(contains spoiler for people who haven't see it)
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Old 2010-05-07, 17:53   Link #24
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So basically what happened in the past: the three lived happily together, Yorito got pwnt crushed by a landslide, Aono goes insane and suicides, Matsuri yakafies her but Aono is pissed cos she doesn't want to live without her brother (woooo) (aww). They part.

Present: Aono realises that Matsuri and Yorito are seeing each other. She's afraid that Yorito will get taken away form her, which was pretty correct seeing as how they planned to elope and everything (heh) so confronts Matsuri. Matsuri is still pretty guilty about the past, knowing that Yorito is everything to Aono and that it was her fault for bringing Aono back so agrees to stay away but we know how human emotions screw with the best of intentions and the rest is history.

...or at least that's how I saw it.
thanks to Patchy ♥
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