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Old 2009-06-16, 13:02   Link #1
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"colored" dark anime

whenever i see a dark themed anime, its often black and grey, it lacks colors, I want a dark themed anime with more colors on screen like higurashi, people with different color hair, great sceneries with green tree, anything like that
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Old 2009-06-16, 13:30   Link #2
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For some reason this makes me think of Rozen Maiden. The "antagonist" may be black, but everything else in the series offers a whole bunch of colors.
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Old 2009-06-16, 15:57   Link #3
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Kurozaku - I personally had to stop watching it as I only have so much tolerance for arms, legs, and heads being sliced off in literal fashion^^, but 1 thing I took from the show as impressive was the usage of colors, almost psychedelic at times to counteract with the gruesome and dark-nature of the show at-large...When certain characters “power-up” or release their auras, it’s amazing (But again too much bloodspray for me)…

I’d also say Gankutsuou fits the bill…It’s quite frankly the most ambitious series in-terms of style and creative visual superiority that I’ve ever seen in the area of “dark-anime”…However the feel of the series is downright cold and vicious to offset the picturesque beauty of the world and it’s characters…I mean there are people walking around with literally Van Goh’s and Picasso’s drawn on their shirts
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Old 2009-06-16, 17:06   Link #4
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I had a feeling that this is a duplicate thread of this. For that matter, I will make slight changes to my recommendations, so that it would be "colorful".

Originally Posted by Shadow Kira01 View Post
Not sure if you have watched these yet or whether they have already been suggested but I recommend these few animes:

Ga-Rei -Zero-
Persona -trinity soul-
Yakushiji Ryoko no Kaiki Jikenbo

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Old 2009-06-16, 17:55   Link #5
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check the op
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Old 2009-06-16, 19:06   Link #6
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Bakeneko and Mononoke are riotously colored, yet they involve very dark events.

I don't know precisely what you mean by "dark," but both Welcome to the NHK! and Ghost Hound might be seen as brightly-colored with rather ominous subject matter. NHK might appear to be playing for laughs, but once you scratch below the surface you see a number of rather tortured young people. Most of the characters in Ghost Hound are unhappy for various reasons, some of them desparately so, yet the palette of colors is rather bright. (This seems a trademark of recent Production I.G shows like Blood+, Eden of the East, Kemono no Souja Erin, Seirei no Moribito, and Real Drive, each of which has a good dose of tragic or other "darker" themes.)

Big second for Narutaru, too. No show I've ever watched has so deceptive an opening episode as this one.

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Old 2009-06-18, 15:31   Link #7
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Try Gantz, It is colored dark anime
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Old 2009-06-18, 20:04   Link #8
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Probably Elfen Lied. Really dark in subject matter, but its really colorful and well drawn.
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Old 2009-06-18, 22:44   Link #9
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Damn, I didn't think about it, but Claymore probably fits the bill aswell...One of the things that really turned me off about it (And eventually made me drop it) was that for an anime that was supposed to have such dark subject matter, everything was so pleasant looking, and all the fights were so bright and CG visually perfect, instead of gritty...You might like that one...
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Old 2009-06-19, 03:20   Link #10
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Second Kurozuka. Great animation.
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