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It's simple, every mind connected with a single imperial mind, like a queen bee and the hive.
Charles wanted to use the collective unconscious "God" to format people brains and take the place of Jupiter, or God, call that thing how you want.

It's my theory, but if you think, is more reasonable, a world can be perfect if everybody is without the free will and a single person decide for everything and everybody how you want, then a "perfect world".
This can explain their promise to revive Euphemia, with that way they could pilot suzaku mind and give him the impulse Euphy live again, because to revive a dead person is out of way.
Charles kept Marianne body, but he didn't know again how to revive was a bluff for try to stop Lelouch, or to buy time for ragnarok activation.

V.V plan was a little different, but the final result could be enough similar, the geass cult realizes about 200 geass children, or geass soldier, their duty (when the time was ready) was to take control of every important people, then to control every military, policy, economical movement and to create the "perfect world".
Lelouch destroy everything, then the reserve plan and V.V give his geass to the brother.

However, the anime gived always few or no explanatin about all that stuff, for example, all the children used for to create the geass army...

1)clones obtained by V.V and Charles DNA?

2)children taked in every place (orphans, kidnapped...) and used like experiment prototypes, I used that way in my story for Nonette revenge about her son used for one of those experiment.

3)maybe this was the motivation about the fact Charles had 108 women, children production for that project, then at last, Rolo could to be really a sort of half-brother for Lelouch.
But considering the bigger percentage of geass children had the same age....the third option is the most improbable.

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Originally Posted by Nobodyman9 View Post
Yep, that's exactly what Lelouch and Nunnally said in the last ep. Nunnally said the Damocles would be a symbol of everyone's hatred and Lelouch said she had the same idea he had. The only difference is that Schneizel would have stayed in power and ruled the world with an iron fleija fist and Lelouch chose to die in the end and give the world a fresh start.

But I think this might be OT.
I agree. Since they had the same plan and interest, they could even work together(well, Lelouch would never work together with Nunnally at the zero requiem, but...) to prevent those battles and stuff, but i don't know if Lelouch could've trusted Schneisel(at least in not a geassed state). What if Zero Requiem didn't have worked so well? Maybe Schneisel would try the same shit again, he has the capabilities after all. Besides, i don't think Schneisel would trust Lelouch either, so i guess the britannian triforce would be a big fail. The battle and zero requiem was inevitable when you got those leaders.
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okay let us start with the first question.

Question one

There was only one reason why CC joined the vow, and i believe was that it was indeed to die. However it did not contradict the fact. The reasoning is was because she only wished to escape her current reality. And immortal existence.

THen he have the can she die part. It is my belief that a code bearer may take another persons code. It is clearly implied when Marrianne asks CC why "she didnt just give Charles her code" in the first place. I dont think he was going to grant her wish after the junction was complete but before. Did you not see him take her in r2 ep 15? She was to die right there.

After the ragnarok juction there is no death or even living. Everything is lets say, just together. Floating together, never changing. Imagine living the same minute over and over and over. Its like that except, everything and everyone who ever existed exists. That is why lelouch calls it "yearning for the past" because it never changes.

Then you got VV. Hes a rather simple little fellow. It is as you say, he can feel the gap between him and Charles grow and does not want to be left alone, by himself. Because that is the fate of all who bear the code. To see everyone disappear.

Question 2

Marianne did support the vow and everything that came with it. However it was only VV who was swayed.

The reason he killed Marianne was because he was afraid of being alone. And he knew that she was pulling charles away from him, so he had her killed. Adding a witness only made it more believable. That way charles would never find out who killed marianne other than "terrorist". But charles did find out and he knew the truth. He stated himself that he knew VV was lying but did nothing about it.

That is how Lelouch and Nunnally ended up being sent away. To "protect" them. Charles knew, yes he did.

Question 3

According to Charles, he had to do it in order to protect them. WIth his own words he states that he did that to nunnally to make sure she, and most likely lelouch never got close to the truth. IT was to "protect" them. I dont think VV felt safe lying to Charles, he only intention was to be his close brother again, with marianne out of the way it only made matters much easier.

Question 4

I think the reason why CC left was because she no longer had any connections to the plan. THe only real friend, reason why she was there was because of marianne. With her gone, she had no need to stay so she set out.

I think that she set out to explore for herself and perhaps to "live". Marianne also according to CC violated the contract between them.

THe answer is simple, the reason why marianne couldnt convice her was because deep down CC still wanted to find someone who would love her. IT was her deepest desire, her geass. SHe wanted to try once more.

Question 5

Beucase im short on time ill answer this quickly.

CC only gave herself to the emperor in ep 15 to protect lelouch. SHe only put on the mask so he could live, but lelouch could not. He wanted her to live as well and he made the promise with her to make her happy.

The second time, she just happened to be there when the world was going to end.
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