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Old 2009-06-23, 23:47   Link #41
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Originally Posted by Amex_Yohko View Post
Another fanservice-laden show...Japanese just won't learn...

Can anyone tell me how good its light novels if you already read it, I actually looking forward this show if its animation quality were good.
Looks lie, you know, they lie.

I know you came across that line of thought as soon as you saw the main heroine for this series, didn't you?

Trailers are available and trust me, they do look good. A manga prologue is already scanlated too, so you can try to go over and see.

Anyway, I'd cross out your statement of "fanservice-laden." You might not see the evidence clearly (and I also don't have enough resources to get any actual evidence that'll help prove my point) but yeah, call it 'intuition.'
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Old 2009-06-24, 00:37   Link #42
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I can't watch the trailer at the moment *blocked at the pc I'm using* but pictures/screenshots and plot sure got my interest *_*
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Old 2009-06-24, 00:43   Link #43
Bonta Kun
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Originally Posted by Soul Assassin View Post
Looks lie, you know, they lie.
lol in this case I do think this is rather spot on. Even in the prologue its very thin on the service unless you want to call "looking I'll be blunt and honest here, hawt in armour...of sorts" as service then we got it bad there

well for the whole katana in medieval setting is odd and something I used to think WTF about but now I'm too mellow and meh about doesn't bother me.
Watched too much anime to care about the little stuff altho I do like to point em and have a good litte rant every now and again

also Lisa ftw!

we don't have a cast list yet do we?
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Old 2009-06-24, 01:06   Link #44
'Sup Ballers
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Originally Posted by Haohmaru View Post
Trailer is online
Okay, my interest meter way off the scale right now. I'm a sucker for series using medievel and fantasy elements together.

I must say, Luke's face was almost dead-on with Renton Thourston from Eureka 7 when he was sitting down. And from this trailer, I'm going to guess that Aria will be my favorite female character.
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Old 2009-06-24, 05:31   Link #45
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Just found out about this series. I hope it won't contain too much fanservice (since that usually predicts a bad story...) Doesn't look like there's a lot of novel materials. Does anyone know whether this is 13 or 26 episodes anime?

main female lead - maid + knight outfit? strange combination...

main male lead - Renton + Shannon (Scrapped Princess). Cool.

Chrome Shelled Regios
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Old 2009-06-24, 05:54   Link #46
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Cecil will be more in my liking. I like female knights. I like them redhead (or blackhair, whitehair) even more.
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Old 2009-06-26, 02:48   Link #47
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Originally Posted by Westlo View Post
Definitely different from the usual stuff Manglobe though and it's interesting to see something like this with high production values.. though I have to say having the director of Dragonauts and the series writer of Shuffle is a bit of a downer. Oh yeah I bet Aria will be my fav.... let's see if that feeling ends up being true...
Aria is my favorite too based on the trailer and character design.
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Old 2009-06-27, 18:16   Link #48
Waiting for more taiyuki!
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Aria and Lisa designs look the best for female characters. After seeing Claymore, Cecily's designs are just falling flat with me. You can look sexy in armor without adding a maid element.
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Old 2009-06-28, 09:29   Link #49
Eye for an Eye
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When does this show air?
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Old 2009-06-28, 09:38   Link #50
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Originally Posted by aliasxn View Post
When does this show air?
Fall 2009

ETA: The homepage has now a goods page:

Last edited by M.Marangio; 2009-07-01 at 00:34.
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Old 2009-07-18, 03:58   Link #51
バカ うさぎ
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Currently waiting for this one.
It doesn't have much fan-service...
Cecily is my favorite!

Still waiting for a cast list.
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Old 2009-07-22, 01:31   Link #52
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'Cause you know Katanas Are Just Better .

That aside, the show looks interesting. I'm pretty sure Aria is only picking up fans because of the pouting face though, I'll reserve my judgement on favorite character until I get a better representation of them (though admittedly I too am feeling she'll be my favorite for various reasons...). I also like the background music they used in the trailer, I'm a real sucker for those fantasy themes.
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Old 2009-07-24, 00:23   Link #53
2D > 3D
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Pictures of the chara-design are available on journal.mycom.
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Old 2009-07-25, 09:09   Link #54
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This show looks fabulous. Lovely art, and should be a lot of fun, though I know little about the source material. Excellent trailer too.
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Old 2009-07-26, 22:47   Link #55
Shadow Kira01
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Based on the trailer, it looks very good but I will have to watch the anime to decide that, of course as that many animes seem to have very good trailers yet its not actually the same thing when you watch the entire series. Nonetheless, Seiken no Blacksmith is added to my "plan to watch" list.
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Old 2009-07-30, 13:27   Link #56
Berry Bunny
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this is really pretty but i hope this won't be too much harem-ish... manglobe doesn't need that...
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Old 2009-07-30, 18:56   Link #57
Not an expert on things
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I guess I'm more alone on this than I thought, but I'm fine with a fanservice-y harem in my action anime.

That being said, sometimes there might be too much [Queen's Blade]. Anyway, this looks like a good watch.
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Old 2009-08-02, 15:07   Link #58
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Fantasy setting.
Cute girl(s)
Badass guy (I don't care whether or not it's a katana in medieval times, he's still badass!)

Gifted...or Cursed?

R+V fanfic- Chapter 4 of A Water Bride and a Vampire is now up at!

All fans of Inner or Outer Moka, come join her fanclub!
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Old 2009-08-02, 21:49   Link #59
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So it will be aired in october?
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Old 2009-08-03, 03:44   Link #60
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The series will be presented in the MF autumn festival 2009 on September 27, together with Sasameki Koto, the second season of Queen's Blade, and the Kanokon OVA.
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adventure, fantasy, shounen

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