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Old 2009-06-21, 10:58   Link #1
Happy Smiles
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: England
Age: 26
Question Realistic Anime

Hi I'm new on the forum today actually and I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good anime series for me? Here's and idea of what I like, dislike and what I've seen already.....

I like; comedy, romance, slice of life, school life, mystery, horror and psychological anime

I don't like; sci-fi, mechs, too many guns, aliens, too much violence and like the unrealistic mainly!

I have watched; School Rumble, Azumanga Daioh, Ah My Goddess, Ouran High School Host Club, Paranoia Agent and Serial Experiments Lain

I've got 31 hours of plane and train journeys coming up next week and I am in desperate need of a new series to watch! Sorry if this has already been asked a million times but looking at the other threads most of the recommended series tend to be set in the future or with mechs which I don't really like.

Anyway thanks for any help, happy to return the favor !!
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Old 2009-06-21, 11:08   Link #2
Guardian Enzo
Seishu's Ace
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Kagurazaka, Tokyo
Based on the "realistic" idea, I'd recommend Kare Kano and Bokura ga Ita - two very good romances grounded in true emotions (and also Sand Chronicles if you want a manga).
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Old 2009-06-21, 11:18   Link #3
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2009
ghost hunt
ghost hound

most of what u said arent realistic at all lol

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Old 2009-06-21, 11:25   Link #4
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Toronto, Canada
Age: 28
Honey and Clover x a million.

My Site - Reviews collection, Sheet music, and etc.
Anime reviews/blog, piano arrangements, Studio Ghibli..
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Old 2009-06-21, 11:26   Link #5
Happy Smiles
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: England
Age: 26
lol I suppose not, I think my title for the thread was a bit stupid. What I meant is that I don't like the kind of sci-fi anime
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Old 2009-06-21, 11:26   Link #6
Cross Game - I need more
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: I've moved around the American West. I've lived in Oregon, Washington, Utah, and Oklahoma
Age: 38

For realism I'd suggest:

Maison Ikkoku: A romantic comedy (One of the old classics- the first season starts out a bit slow, but it then builds to an amazing ending)
Lucky Star: Slice of life comedy (although there are a lot of "insider jokes" so you might not get all the jokes)
K-On: Fluffy slice of life about highschool girls starting a band
Cross Game A coming of age story using baseball as the plot device. (12th episode came out today)
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Old 2009-06-21, 11:46   Link #7
Patriot's Blade
its Ghost Madoka time!!!
Join Date: May 2009
Location: brunei darusalam
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the FLAG series,
but since this a mecha anime, you might think its not realistic at all,
despite its realistic portrayal?

Ashita no Joe, about the story of a boxer's journey to fame.
"legends said that Alto Saotome made a correct decision, he left both Ranka Lee & Sheryl Nome to marry the skies & proceed to make love with her, it was a long sight to behold according to the witnesses, the sky is now pregnant"
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Old 2009-06-21, 11:47   Link #8
'Dear Elhit'
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: Singapore
Age: 43
Romantic comedy: Nodame Cantible and its sequel, Nodame Cantible: Paris
At a top music academy in Japan, Shinichi Chiaki's arrogance is matched only by his top-notch piano playing. But when Chiaki and the teacher get into a fight, he's demoted to the reject class. Chiaki is left to pursue his dream of being a conductor while surrounded by a bunch of loser musicians and one annoying girl, Noda Megumi, who has proclaimed herself Chiaki's girlfriend. It doesn't help that Noda, who insists on being called Nodame, lives right next door to him.
School life: Toradora!
Despite Ryuji Takasu's gentle personality, his eyes make him look like an intimidating delinquent. Class rearrangements on his second high school year put him together with his best friend, Yusaku Kitamura, and his hidden crush, Minori Kushieda. Along with these two comes Kushieda's best friend, Taiga Aisaka. Her delicate appearance contrasts with her brutal personality. Secretly in love with Kitamura, Taiga agrees to help Ryuji with his love interest as long as he helps her get closer to hers.
Mystery, horror: Kurozuka
Kuro, an aristocrat from the Heian court, flees into the mountains after losing a battle with his brother. In the wilderness, he meets a strange, beautiful woman called Kuromitsu. Kuro falls in love with Kuromitsu, but not before he discovers her dark secret: She is unable to die and continues to live for thousands of years as Japan evolves into a futuristic society.
Psychological: Ghost Hound
Production I.G's 20th Anniversary Project, Ghost Hound is set in the modest town of Suiten, located in a desolate region in the island of Kyushu. The story follows the experiences of three boys who have had traumatic experiences in childhood, from which they have learnt to transfer their souls to a parallel world known as the "Unseen World". The Unseen World is, however, undergoing a change, as its apparitions start to appear in the real world, altering it in unpredictable ways.
Slice of life? Not really slice of life, and meant more as a spoof of sci-fi anime... Try Fireball.
(April 7, 2008): Disney Japan is streaming a promotional movie for the computer-animated Fireball robot series it is producing for Japan with the Jinni's anime studio. The site has also posted wallpapers for personal computers. (In the linked page, select the third item in the right-hand menu.) The series features designer Hitoshi Fukuchi (Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Blue Gender), voice actress Miyuki Kawasho (Kekkaishi's Toshimori) as the robotic heir to a dukedom named Drosell von Flugel, and Toru Ohkawa (Fullmetal Alchemist's Roy, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children's Rufus) as her guardian robot Gedachtnis. The series premiered on April 7, 2008, in Japan.

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Old 2009-06-21, 11:53   Link #9
AS Oji-kun
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Under a Starry Sky
Age: 68
Monster has 74 episodes; at about 22+ minutes per episode it works out to just about 30 hours. Just the right length for your journey, and you'll want to watch it to the end. Lots of realism, lots of drama. Mysterious and psychological, it's got those, too.
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Old 2009-06-21, 12:41   Link #10
Happy Smiles
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: England
Age: 26
Hey thanks a lot for all your suggestions! Honey and Clover, Ghost Hound and Monster sounds really good! I'll have to check them out!
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Old 2009-06-22, 00:36   Link #11
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Austin, TX
Age: 28
second Honey and Clover over and over again most realistic and powerful show I've ever watched.
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad is very good.
Ookiku Furikabutte is great, Cross Game is also excellent.
I'll second Bokura Ga Ita
I guess Nana is realistic...sorta.
If you can't dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with bullshit ~Coach Davids

More of a manga reader now than an anime watcher. Currently reading list here
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Old 2009-06-22, 01:15   Link #12
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2009
Originally Posted by Happy Smiles View Post
Hey thanks a lot for all your suggestions! Honey and Clover, Ghost Hound and Monster sounds really good! I'll have to check them out!
yes go with ghost hound
its in my top 5
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Old 2009-06-22, 11:21   Link #13
Ichihara Asako
Join Date: Oct 2007
Ooer, another chance for me to pimp Rescue Wings.

One of the most unappreciated series ever. ;.; The most realistic anime I've ever seen without being a snoozefest romantic drama. It's set in the current day, real world, with realistic people in real jobs. It is about military (rescue squadron) but in a 100% authentic realistic fashion not sci-fi with mechs and stuff. One of the best character development series ever.

Get it.
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Old 2009-06-22, 11:55   Link #14
ISML Technical Staff
*Graphic Designer
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Location: Phoenix, AZ
Age: 29
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REC: Realism, mature, is actually interesting to wathc.
K-ON: I just enjoy this show a lot.
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Old 2009-06-22, 12:02   Link #15
Ahou ga
Join Date: Feb 2009
Age: 41
Boys Over Flowers is an older series but one of the best romance series out there. I highly recommend it.

CLANNAD and CLANNAD ~After Story both blend slice of life, school life and romance into an incredibly moving and compelling story. There is a touch of the supernatural to it, but it is still largely a rather "real" series.

I'll also echo recommendations for Lucky Star, Toradora! and K-ON!.
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Old 2009-06-22, 18:00   Link #16
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Austin, TX
Age: 28
I'll second Rescue Wings, a very underrated show.
If you can't dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with bullshit ~Coach Davids

More of a manga reader now than an anime watcher. Currently reading list here
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Old 2009-06-22, 19:02   Link #17
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2007
Haibane Renmei

Now, see, the setting is not realistic at all, since it does involve winged girls, but the characters are oh so genuine that you'll feel as if they're real people. So in that sense, it is realistic, and I recommend it.
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Old 2009-06-23, 07:29   Link #18
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2009
I second honey and clover
Pacing is a bit slow so you may find it boring midway if your attention span isn't all that good. But its one of the few series that are truly memorable (imo at least).

I haven't watched Monster but ive read the manga. Good stuff.
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Old 2009-06-24, 02:47   Link #19
†Mizore Shirayuki†
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Dream
Scrapped Princess.

It is reality in fantasy.

While there are castles, royalty, magic, swordsmanship, etc - There are certain values and meanings that are realistic in a sense that it's applicable to our everyday lives. Maybe you're looking for that, I guess.

Trust, Betrayal, Friends, Siblings, Hatred, Love, Enemies, God, Belief, Faith.

A good emotional ride through a fictional world: a glimpse of reality - humanity.

Rosario + Vampire[Mizore].Spice and Wolf[Horo].
Hayate no Gotoku![Hinagiku].Hayate no Gotoku![Maria]
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Old 2009-06-24, 10:23   Link #20
Join Date: Aug 2007
Seconding Honey and Clover. Some more series which take place in time and don't have any fantasy element.

Canvas 2
Itazura no Kiss
Shion No Ou
You're Under Arrest
Nodame Cantabile
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