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9 out of 10 : Excellent 45 24.59%
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6 out of 10 : Average 12 6.56%
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Old 2009-06-25, 03:52   Link #241
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Originally Posted by Kogetsu Shirogane View Post
Please read the last two sentences of bayoab's post again. He didn't say the current arc, he said Season Two.
Does it matter? Besides, he said "you don't need the episodes after Lone Island Syndrome II".
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Old 2009-06-25, 13:26   Link #242
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more boring than this episode? is that possible?

Originally Posted by typhonsentra View Post
I said it in the other thread too but yeah, I'm worried that the next episode will be really boring. This one was fine though.
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Old 2009-06-25, 15:06   Link #243
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I can't figure out if this belongs here or in the new episode's thread (or even in some other thread), but while waiting on subs for the new episode I played this one with both a.f.k. and Mazui subs simultaneously out of curiosity for what the differences were.

With episode 3 I know some might not be sure whether to wait for a proven group like a.f.k. or pounce on Mazui if they show up first again, so maybe this will help someone.

Edit: The Mazui subs for episode three are out now.

  1. a.f.k. actually subbed the baseball broadcast
  2. "Bon Dance" (a.f.k.) over "O-Bon" (Mazui)
  3. a.f.k. Kyon on Haruhi: "Why does a girl like her have brains? God did a pretty half-[arsed] job of spreading the wealth"
    Mazui Kyon: "How is this person's brain so good? The assignment of stat points to people is pretty random"
  4. "One of those rain-warding dolls" (a.f.k.) over "teru teru bozu" (Mazui)
  5. a.f.k. Haruhi calls the guy who got the jobs "my man" and Mazui calls him "Uncle"
  6. a.f.k. Kyon says there'll be mutiny if Haruhi is paid the same as the rest of them, while with Mazui he says there'll be a riot if they have to do it again

Aside from that, there were different sentence structures and general things like that, but I didn't notice them changing anything serious. Sometimes a line was phrased as a sentence in one set of subs and a question in another, but just as often it went vice-versa. (I'm not going through and comparing every single line, just giving my general impression. And I don't have the novel memorized offhand for comparison's sake, either. :P)

Overall I'll stick with a.f.k. in the end, but it's more because I like their font than anything else--and I don't see anything outright wrong with Mazui. (Again, maybe a much more hardcore fan than me would feel differently.)

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Old 2009-06-25, 16:33   Link #244
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Just watched it, and wow, one of the best of Haruhi really. At first, I was turned off because it looked like some random fanservice episode, but it proved to be fun to watch-- felt pretty fresh. In fact, it seemed more interesting then the last where stuff kinda just happened. The fanservice was also fun because it was not too distracting. Nothing world shattering happened, but it was fun to notice the very subtle change in Haruhi's personality. She seems a little less self-centered, but of course she can't being herself. And she seems to have been channeling Konata with that randomness about eating cicadas.

Yuki buying the mask was a little thing that I like too.

And lol at the 69 shirt. Wtf!!! Will be looking forward to episode 3 and more sarcastic narration.

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Old 2009-06-25, 21:39   Link #245
Gordy Lechance
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Aww Yuki-chan!! Don't hold the gun like that, you'll shoot yourself!!
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Old 2009-06-27, 16:45   Link #246
Time to fly ~ !
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Just watched it... liked it a lot. I thought they were going to launch into a more serious plot, regarding Haruhi getting bored and those big monsters going around and crushing everything, but they didn't and I was so happy!

Umm... Why does Yuki hold that festival game gun backwards? Didn't know what that was about. She was super quiet in this ep, even for her.

And it really bugged me that Haruhi never took off her ribbon in the water. I don't know, that made me just want to reach in and yank it off... it looked so uncomfortable...!
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Old 2009-06-27, 16:57   Link #247
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That's something I just noticed with anime from watching this and the next episode, I can't recall ever seeing anyone with wet hair in anime. at least the ones I've seen, well except maybe in Ranma
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