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View Poll Results: Hayate no Gotoku!! (2nd Season) - Episode 12 Rating
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7 out of 10 : Good 3 3.90%
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Old 2009-06-22, 23:00   Link #81
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Ah, a cliffhanger.... This is such a long, painful wait.

As for the discussion between season 1 and 2, I am a non-manga reader of Hayate and was first introduced in season 1 to series. It was quite entertaining at first, but as the series went on, I had no idea what was the point any more. Needless to say, the second season with its more structured plotlines is so much more entertaining for me. It allows me to love the characters.

As for the episode, Hayate looks like he will forever be cursed as a cross dresser throughout the series. What's next? Hina forcing him to wear her dress for some reason?

The gundam references were just too awesome to express in words. The production staff sure knows how to make Hina so likeable.
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Old 2009-06-22, 23:10   Link #82
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loved hina's singing :P

Personally I like the shows new direction, its was great before (minus butler battle arc) but it did start to stale for me, so the changes in direction have kept me wanting to see more.
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Old 2009-06-23, 00:05   Link #83
Join Date: Dec 2008
Originally Posted by Tamad View Post
Oh my, if I had known Hina was going to sing I would have prepared myself more properly for the occasion.

Anyways, it was a stellar build-up episode, doing a splendid job at it's purpose. Kotetsu really is an interesting person, and I have to wonder whether he or the SPs are more useless overall. I hope he doesn't become fodder for even the minor characters to eat like Himuro and Azumamiya, though that doesn't seem to be the case according to the spoilers in this topic. A character who I wouldn't mind becoming minor fodder though is Nagi herself. I'm just not too fond of the girl, and it's even worse when her blind and one sided love is now getting in the way on the true developments for Hayate. Go back to being the Index of this show twin tails, it makes for a more entertaining show overall. Sorry to all those Nagi fans out there, but to each their own. Though I do have to admit that her being such a detestable kidnapee was quite amusing.

So on to the main event, the Hina concert. Points for cosplay! Points for singing Cruel Angel Thesis! Points for syncing it along with Hayate's little running montage, which was epic in its own strange way. I was choking on my drink though when Hayate ended up forgetting about his promise to Hina thanks to twintails, but he pulled through in the end, and now it seems like the stage is set for some mind-blowing revelations next week. I won't lie, I'm quite excited, and not knowing what's going to happen is a huge plus as well.

Other minor points... I'm really starting to take a shine to both Wataru and Sakuya. They work not just together, but as stand alone characters, and I have no idea why it took this long for me to realize this. They need more screentime.

Speaking of which, am I the only one who misses Wakamoto's more prominent role in the first season?
again doing pointless comparing,well this time i gona counterattack,sorry hina fan but if nagi is index of to aru majustu i feel what hina would be the kawashima ami of toradora.
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Old 2009-06-23, 00:11   Link #84
Tom Bombadil
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Originally Posted by dark-kyon View Post
-hina and his thinking.
Stop Gender Bending Hina.
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Old 2009-06-23, 00:21   Link #85
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I can definitely see how people who enjoyed the first season of the anime for its style may or may not feel the same way with the second season. As they said, this is a "different take" on Hayate, so they hope that will still loop in most of the first-season fans, but in this case they're also hoping to loop in some of the manga and more romance-oriented fans. There will certainly be some drop-off just based on people's preferences. But I do want to say that there's nothing wrong with anime-original viewers who preferred the first season's style!

For me personally, I only recently just started reading the manga (only the first volume), so the anime was my first exposure to the franchise. I guess I think of both seasons as complementary in many ways. The second series covers aspects of the show that we didn't get to see in the first, so if you take the series on a whole now, we get a much more "diverse" and "broad" Hayate world. I also have to say that, although I really liked the first series, the recent direction of the second series is a little bit more up my "usual" alley in terms of preferences. So I guess I have to admit that I prefer this style a little bit, but not a whole ton. All in all, I still think the more Hayate the better, and I'd take it in either "style".
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Old 2009-06-23, 00:25   Link #86
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Originally Posted by Tom Bombadil View Post
Stop Gender Bending Hina.
sorry my bad english i want tell of form the think not of hina actually for that edit.besides never tell what was bad form of think,only think what can be better.

Last edited by dark-kyon; 2009-06-23 at 01:11.
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Old 2009-06-23, 04:07   Link #87
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hina singing the NGE song was awesome
and the funniest part about it
hayate in a cosplay bunnygirl sere fuku
is STILL more manly then shinji ikari
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Old 2009-06-23, 05:13   Link #88
Von Himmel
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Dollars
I can't believe I haven't commented this episode o.o; Something is wrong with me, I'm sure.

zankoku na tenshi no you ni
shounen yo shinwa ni nare

Okay, I'm speechless. I'm literally speechless.

My mouth still hanging even when I'm just remembering THAT scene o.o; First, I can't believe that they took the real lyrics to the anime. Secondly, I never thought that Hina's voice are going to be that awesome ;_;

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Old 2009-06-23, 09:32   Link #89
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Location: Somewhere between heaven and hell !
Lol it was hilarious with the butler !
Sayuku was cute "Because I'm cute he gave me an extra" lol
Hina-Lacus XD The song was in Evagelion if i remember . It bring backs some memories .

Next episode , it seems that Isumi will disturb Hayate x Hina
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Old 2009-06-23, 09:38   Link #90
Osana-Najimi Shipper
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Location: Mt. Ordeals
I personally finished the first season before even touching one chapter of the manga, and still I like the second season much more so than the first. I actually was this --> <--- close to dropping Hayate because it was literally going nowhere in the second half of the first season, but of course, the moe-ness of Maria and Hina kept me going. Hina more so than Maria, as THE reason why I kept going was to see if Hina actually showed up in the episode lol.

So yeah, with the second season focusing more on the plot/characrters and with JC staff at the helm (my favourite animation company), I can't say I miss the latter half of season one.
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Old 2009-06-23, 13:42   Link #91
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I'm one of those starting reading the manga because of the anime. I haven't even
touch the manga of hayate no gotoku before watching the anime. And the main reason
I started reading the manga is due to the second part of the 1st season where their
are only few hina scenes. Laugh all you want but that's all their is too it.

I like the manga likewise even though it has lots of random ranting but its funny. And the way
the 2nd season is dealing with the romantic plot of the manga I love it more. I'm more
on the character development and romantic side of the manga than its comedic part.
though got to say the comedy drops a lot when the manga goes on maybe its due
to its starting to have a decent plot and character development.
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Old 2009-06-23, 16:37   Link #92
Von Himmel
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Dollars
Laugh all you want but that's all their is too it.
No worries. It's perfectly normal. . at least for me :P
Guess that J.C Staff can make a decent romance scene for the anime. But what I worried was that the story are getting nearer to the comedy part. I hope they would still keep their quality...

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Old 2009-06-24, 01:15   Link #93
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Comedy part... if they follow the will follow the manga which I wish. It will be comedy part
and when its time for an arc to occur. Its focus more on character development
and romance which I like though their is still comedy part on it. But it subsides when theirs
an story arc.
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Old 2009-06-24, 18:58   Link #94
Join Date: Jun 2007
While I enjoy Hina's rendetion of "Cruel Angel Thesis," I wish she would have botched the song a bit. She is supposed to sing a song "she barely knows (and) yet singing (it) so passionately" (thus explaining the usage of wrong lyrics in manga) - probably not unlike Sakata Gintoki's rendetion of "Sen no kaze ni natte."
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Old 2009-06-25, 23:32   Link #95
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Hina's performing the Hina version to Cruel Angel's Thesis became a blockbuster hit, that simply enough overwhelmed and overtook all the attention from Hayate's trap, bunny maid in mini-skirt, nightscapade adventure.
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Old 2009-06-26, 14:45   Link #96
Join Date: Sep 2006
I think that was a textbook example of how an anime can take the source material and improve on it.
Oh yes. I swear when Hina started singing I got a tingle down the back of my neck...

Well played JC Staff, well played.
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Old 2009-07-04, 00:27   Link #97
y prime
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im finally getting caught up in the hayate verse. my ruling on this vs manga:


that was just awesome
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Old 2010-01-02, 04:53   Link #98
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7:54 - Did those Nagi's Guards mentioned 'Innovator'? From Gundam 00? (Sorry, maybe this post is quite old to you.)
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