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Old 2009-07-04, 19:59   Link #1
Join Date: Feb 2008
Looking for Tragic Romance Anime/Manga

So the title pretty much says it all. I'm looking for a tragic/idealistic romance story, either anime or manga. It doesn't have to end tragically, but just have a tragic nature to it (Hanbun Tsuki being an example).

Tragic Romance Series I've Watched/Read:
+Clannad After Story
+Tomoyo After Manga
+Hanbun Tsuki
+ef: a tale of memories


Any suggestions you could give me would be greatly appreciated!
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Old 2009-07-04, 20:07   Link #2
Join Date: Jul 2009
True Tears-I'm not sure if it ended happily or tragically...but it was tragic. hehe

Emma: A Victorian Romance-it seemed pretty tragic...

Basilisk- this was definitely tragic.
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Old 2009-07-04, 20:25   Link #3
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Location: SoCal
Air movie/tv/in the summer-Movie pretty much summarizes the TV series while summer throws in events of entertainment. I won't deny the amount of romance is faint but it is there though the movie was less discrete than the series was about it. Definitely loads of tragedy.

Kanon 2006-From the ones that brought you clannad it gives a little different vibe but theres tragedy here and there but in the end it has the same flow as clannad so theres a good chance you'll enjoy it.

Myself;Yourself definitely what you're looking for. The story is built on romance and tragedy, the story mixes both your requirements for a good story.
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Old 2009-07-04, 20:32   Link #4
Pretentious moe scholar
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Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu. It's only six episodes, but it's also possibly my single favourite anime.

I'm also going to second the True Tears suggestion. I suspect you already know that EF has a second season (EF: A Tale of Melodies), but if you haven't you should see that you should definitely take a look too.
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Old 2009-07-04, 23:25   Link #5
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Originally Posted by Cipher View Post
True Tears-I'm not sure if it ended happily or tragically...but it was tragic. hehe

Well, it certainly ended tragically to half of it's fans But I'm not sure I'd say it has a tragic nature to it.

Saikano is a tragic love story. Some feel it's a bit too melodramatic, but I think it is overall something I'd recommend.

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Old 2009-07-04, 23:35   Link #6
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Since you liked Clannad, you may like all other key adaptations (Air, Kannon).

Romeo x Juliet meets your criteria but you will have to forget that it is anime adaptation or has any relations with shakespeare's play.

Anime adaptation of Fate Stay/Night doesn't have any "Idealistic" romance but it has an overall tragic romance feel to it.

Hoshi no koe

Blue Drops, only if you don't find yuri offensive.

Sola is visually quite appealing, has very good soundtracks which will give you KyoAni vibes and has tragic romance.

Almost forgot, Samuria X : Trust and Betrayal which is still thought to be one of the best tragic romance anime ever created.

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Old 2009-07-05, 00:29   Link #7
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Location: SoCal
I guess you can throw in Bitter Virgin manga in there since it has alot of cliffhangers that usually involve something tragic. Really interesting romance from a bit of a mature standpoint.
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Old 2009-07-06, 07:29   Link #8
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I definitely recommend REPLAY.
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Old 2009-07-06, 07:55   Link #9
AS Oji-kun
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You might take a look at Genji Monogatari Sennenki, a retelling of the Tale of Genji, the famous 1000 year-old novel set in the Japanese imperial court. It's very different from the other shows mentioned here, but it does have a substantial dose of romance and tragedy.
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