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Old 2009-03-26, 12:57   Link #341
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: florida
Originally Posted by palo View Post
Can i use this one?
Go ahead
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Old 2009-04-02, 03:47   Link #342
V for Victory
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Location: Memphis, TN
i just made this one sorry the timing is so bad but this was the first animated avatar that i ever made (never realized that is really hard props to the people who can make them with ease) and it is a freebie

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Old 2009-04-03, 01:06   Link #343
Om Nerabdator
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heres a freebie

its too big to use here though sorry......
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Old 2009-04-03, 02:39   Link #344
Jyuunana Bunkatsu
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Originally Posted by matty543 View Post
heres a freebie

its too big to use here though sorry......
I love this! I'm going to use this somewhere else ok?
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Old 2009-04-03, 18:04   Link #345
Om Nerabdator
Join Date: Mar 2008
sure mate go ahead
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Old 2009-04-06, 15:56   Link #346
Junior Member
Join Date: Apr 2009
Originally Posted by Arveene View Post
Spoiler for episode 25 spoiler:
Can I get a 75x75 avatar of the picture this person posted please?
I dont want a gif or nothing
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Old 2009-04-06, 17:24   Link #347
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I made two, I didnt kno if u wanted effects so i just left it.
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Old 2009-04-06, 22:41   Link #348
Junior Member
Join Date: Apr 2009
Originally Posted by XxKawaiiAngelxX View Post

I made two, I didnt kno if u wanted effects so i just left it.
Thanks, these are just what I wanted.
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Old 2009-04-07, 00:54   Link #349
Junior Member
Join Date: Apr 2009
I'd like to request an avatar where Taiga is smiling & blushing if that's possible.
Also I'd like a signature when Taiga is standing with the sheat over her head when they're having the "rehearsal" marriage

Thanks in advance!
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Old 2009-04-07, 04:06   Link #350
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2008
Hey, I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to make me a non-AS safe sig from Toradora.

Episode 17
Timeframe: 5:47 ~ 5:50
Description: Where Ryuuji pushes Taiga through the crowd as Taiga gloats
Border: A plain, black border would be best. Like the border used in the avatars in the posts before this one posted by XxKawaiiAngelxX.
Extras: Anything extra isn't needed. But feel free to go ahead and add any extra text or effects as you see fit, but make sure to post the original as well! Thanks a LOT in advance!
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Old 2009-04-10, 09:32   Link #351
kicchiri kacchiri
Junior Member
Join Date: Apr 2009
Could i request an animated version of the palmtop tiger roaring in ryuuji's hands?
I remember seeing a similar one here back 10 or so pages, but it wasn't animated.
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Old 2009-04-13, 21:50   Link #352
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2006
taiga looks cute in the black school dress. nice work btw guys.
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Old 2009-05-13, 20:42   Link #353
Melting - Just because I
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I scanned this thread and we completely skipped episode 19 O=

So I'm requesting a few STILL avatars or Tagia and Ami during Episode 19 'Holy Night'. I'll be using them in a signature on another forum so I need at least 6 100X100 avatars.

I have a few already and I want the style to somewhat match these, I at least want to be able to see the blue background (that's what really draws me to this scene)

Here are the examples;

Some points I like in the video are,

00:33/ 00:37

Thank you to anyone who makes some. <3
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Old 2009-06-05, 08:29   Link #354
Join Date: Oct 2008
Claiming these ones please:

Thank you! ^^
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Old 2009-06-25, 09:03   Link #355
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Singapore

I'd like to make a request for a signature of Taiga but together with Louise from Zero no Tsukaima since they somehow look alike and both are from my 2 favourite animes. Pretty please? - And perhaps my acc name at the bottom of the sig.

Thanks alot in advance!
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Old 2009-06-27, 15:29   Link #356
Sucker for moe ~_~
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Location: Michigan
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Hiii, sorry if this is a big request >_<

I'd like an avatar, AS safe, of the final episode when ryuuji finds taiga in the locker and says I love you. I just want an animated gif of taiga's reaction from when he first says it to right before she headbutts him ^_^

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Old 2009-06-29, 18:21   Link #357
Join Date: Jan 2009
Originally Posted by mikoo View Post
Noticed that no one has claim this one yet so I'll be taking it.
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Old 2009-07-06, 13:56   Link #358
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2009
Hey ~ I'm new here u ___ u And I'm French xDDD
So...Sorry for my very bad English ;_______;
But I was anxious to say that this forum is brilliant *-*

But I have a service to be asked > ____ < You always make signatures?
[ Really, sorry for my bad english x'DD ]
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Old 2009-07-06, 20:08   Link #359
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And no, I can't add borders to these. I already deleted the .psd's out of frustration hurrr.
kawaii signature.png!!

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Old 2009-07-12, 21:40   Link #360
Noblesse Oblige
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ill be getting some
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Closed Thread

avatars, request, signatures

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