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Old 2009-07-14, 23:44   Link #121
Hari Michiru
Insane Fangirl
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I felt that they could have been a bit more subtle with the romance part, because that wasn't how it played out in the novels..or maybe I just haven't read them in a while.
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Old 2009-07-15, 02:40   Link #122
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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
She could put off coming back to Yoitsu (for more than a visit, I mean) for another 50 years or so, and spend the rest of Lawrence's life with him.
That's a long the lines I was thinking. But it's still a very sad ending in my opinion. Then if she were to give up her immortality as well, that also seems like a sad ending. However I think that seems less sad. Because immortality is terribly sad if you don't have someone to share it with (Of course not speaking from experience).

Originally Posted by Voitan View Post
It may actually be even comical in a morbid fashion.

It isn't out of the realm of possibility that Horo may bear Lawrence's children (hopefully immortal as their mother is) and will always have something to be fond of from Lawrence.

So of course, to be even happier, she'll want a large litter of kids running about, giving Lawrence a big headache (but an even bigger heart, daawwwww~)
I enjoy the thought of sex with Horo (immensely). I guess I could see that somewhat happening eventually. I just hate that all of the endings have to be sad. They all have to end when one of them gives up something, immortality or their life.

At least in other series there can be an end, but it doesn't have to involve the characters deaths. If S&W ends before resolving the issue of how their relationship concludes, I think I'll feel very gypped.

I know that there has to be a bittersweet end, surely that's the only fitting end. But I guess I just want Horo to have a happy ending. I don't really care about Lawrences ending, except that Horo cares, and so I care by proxy.
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Old 2009-07-15, 14:05   Link #123
Join Date: Jun 2006
Yay!! Its finaly back^^ So happy to see Spice and Wolf again, I missed it^^ The epsiode was great as usual, and even thou a lot of people say Horo's character is cuter/more moe then then before, well..... I've always felt she was cute so I can't tell a difference lol. Looking forward to seeing how this all plays out^^
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Old 2009-07-16, 06:35   Link #124
Translator Level 4/10
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I really liked it. The only reason I gave it a 9, was so I'd be able to give a later episode a 10 if there's one that could beat this one. ^_^
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Old 2009-07-17, 08:45   Link #125
Former B-T Translator
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Originally Posted by bekyuubi View Post
Anyone knows who's the mysterious figure near the ending of the opening? Bright yellow hair with blue cold eye glaring?
That would be Abe from volume 5.

Originally Posted by Lightly_Toasted View Post
O god it was great, but the preview fo rthe next episode makes me sad. It'll be the last episode before things get crazy.
Also did anyone else notice the
Spoiler for Vol 4 SPOILER, YOITSU LORE:
Episode 2 answers your question. Yes it is.
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Old 2009-07-19, 16:45   Link #126
Kakashi Fangirl
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Age: 33
YAY spice and wolf is back!!
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