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Old 2009-07-22, 22:36   Link #121
Siegel Clyne
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Shichinin no Tsundere (Seven Tsundere) Drama CDs

Originally Posted by ando View Post
"Seven Tsundere"

To be sold at Comiket 76.

Apparently it's a respect for Seven Samurai of Akira Kurosawa. I must get it at Comiket 76.
"Shichinin no Tsundere VOL. 1 ~Shichinin no Tsundere Shuuketsusuru no Kan~" Catalog Number: DEARS-53

"Shichinin no Tsundere VOL. 2 ~Shichinin no Tsundere VS Yandere Gundan~" Catalog Number: DEARS-54

Comic Market 76 Sale: Friday, August 14, 2009 - Sunday, August 16, 2009

Scheduled General Sale Release Date: Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Retail Price: 3,000 yen (including tax)

Shichinin no Tsundere Cast
Shimada Kanna: Itou Shizuka (Seven Tsundere leader)
Nanase Tsuki: Tanaka Rie (another maid role)
Okamoto Yotsuba: Tamura Yukari
Hisakura Kyuuko: Nakahara Mai
Katayama Korona/Corona: Horie Yui
Hayashida Hiromi: Gotou Yuuko
Kiku Chiyo: Shintani Ryouko
Juumonji Setsuna: Noto Mamiko (Yandere Army leader)
Master (Proprietor; Manager): Wakamoto Norio
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Old 2009-07-23, 19:34   Link #122
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I usually don't like tsundere characters because they usually seem very annoying and the "tsun" side tends to be emphasized more, maybe for comedy and plot reasons (harder to develop a character if they don't have issues). Sure it's funny but it gets old fast.

But character archtypes aren't bad things; they're archtypes for a reason. It is just how well it is executed sometimes.

So the undisputed champion here for me is Shana. Her reactions feel more natural instead of having a "dude we need a joke here" moment. She also starts to slowly drop her annoying antics as the series progresses but occasionally retains it has a matter of habit which makes it funny. So basically it's played just right for her which makes her very likable instead of grating.

Oh, and a flaming sword. Don't piss her off.
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Old 2009-07-26, 22:42   Link #123
Baka Inu~
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Here's a new question. Does anyone feel like the word "tsundere" is sort of demeaning in a way?

The word "tsuntsun" signifies feelings like defensive, serious, and forceful while the word "deredere" means concerned, lovestruck and insecure. So it focuses purely on emotions. So can't tsundere represent someone who cannot control or focus on their emotions?

I know it sounds a bit preposterous, but it feels like the word represents many stereotypes with women. Almost all tsunderes are female characters who all follow many of the same characteristics. But they all seem to follow this necessity that they NEED love or are they are naturally lonely and needy.

It might come down to how a certain character acts, but I feel like tsundere can be a bad label for some characters. Especially for the overly-reactive tsunderes like Naru, Louise and Chidori. It labels that this person is going to act this particular way. But what separates this archetype from the others, is that it really plays a part in how the story will be affected or how the character in question will act towards others.

And is anyone else seeing that tsunderes usually end up as the romantic winner? That or 2nd place...
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Old 2009-07-27, 16:21   Link #124
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I'm not sure I'd say tsundere is someone who can't control their emotions, that's closer to someone who's impulsive; tsundere to me is more like somebody who has some difficulty with or is embarassed about showing affection for whatever reason. But there's plenty of variation in the archetype so that might be a bit of generalization.

And there are male characters who could be considered tsundere, which tvtropes calls oranyan like Chiaki from Nodame Cantabile and Li Syaoran from Cardcaptor Sakura. Furthermore, men tend to be stereotypically viewed as being less emotional and subsequently less likely to express affection openly.

Anyway, I suppose you can say both genders find it very moe.

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Old 2009-07-27, 18:20   Link #125
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Luke from the beginning half of Tales of abyss is a good example of tsundere XD
He would save someone (Ex. Ion) and then get embarassed about it and then yell at them. "D..Don't get in the way, geez!"
Tsundere guys dont' tend to recieve as much love as tsundere girls though. Even though tsundere guys are usually more mild with their tsun. For one, they don't usually beat up the girl they like (Tho Chiaki from Nodame is a bit of an exception XD)
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