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8 out of 10 : Very Good 59 24.89%
7 out of 10 : Good 32 13.50%
6 out of 10 : Average 18 7.59%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 5 2.11%
4 out of 10 : Poor 1 0.42%
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Old 2009-07-16, 09:17   Link #41
disregard that (″°-°)ﺩ-
Join Date: May 2006
Location: mountains
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Animation Quality: 9

I thought the animation quality was really well done. It was a bit dislodged so that maximum animation could be used for when they perform live, but that was really the fun part of it.

Voice actors: 8

I don't really stress over this one, but seriously, the actors playing a bunch of girls. They got the job done, but it wasn't excellent or anything. The singing however, was quite enjoyable, and that takes more talent.

Script: 8

It was cute. What else is there to say about it? Yui's personality is reminiscent of Konata from Lucky Star, as the lazy good-for-nothing. But then she learns how to rock out, and magically acquires music theory. As a musician, I can say that it does not take one and a half years to get to get to Yui's supposed skill level. I thought that was a little over cooked. But then again, it's cartoon physics.

Soundtrack: 9

Outstanding soundtrack. I'd wish they'd put more songs in, but we'll probably see that when new Episodes come out. The ED in particular was very well produced along with the animation. You can probably all agree with that.

Enjoyment: 8

Of course I enjoyed it. Watching K-On! was a great way to not remind me I'm single with a shitty job for the summer... back to Haruhi now.

Emotional Involvment: 6

It was too positive, of course. But the character I sympathized with the most is Yamanaka-sensei. Totally changing your lifestyle as an attempt to gain a significant other? I've been there. She was my favorite. Everyone else wasn't really rounded out, rather flat. Except for Yui and Ui, they had a few rounding characteristics.

Overall: 8

Note: I kinda... didn't follow the forum on this particular series. I was too caught up in the Haruhi threads. But these are my thoughts.
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Old 2009-07-16, 13:08   Link #42
ISML Technical Staff
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Age: 29
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This is to me obviously one of the more enjoyable show of the season, and technically second best in my opinion.

But how do you rate K-ON!? You don't rate this anime, but you enjoy it...or you don't. If we rate it by...plot and character development, then surely this series fails badly. But was that even the point? Not really. It was extremely enjoyable, I look forward to every episode, and every episode makes me feel good after watching it. Also, the singing was good (despite what some people say) and the songs in it were good (again, despite what some people say). When combines everything that matters, surely this series is at least 9/10.

But then again it's not all good. In the final (bonus) episode it pulled some kind of...emotional thing that didn't really matter. Then again, the issue here was timing. Episode 12 was one of the best endings to the series, and that's what I expected. But the bonus episode aired right after it, so to me that felt like what the producers wanted to be the ending, and frankly, the bonus episode just didn't have the K-ON! mood. To me it completely ruined the series. But if it aired about 2 months later or something, then it would have been really a good bonus episode. In short, episode 13 ruined the mood of the whole series.

Aside from that, nothing else really bad happened. Yui shouldn't have sung when she had that voice problem because it made the song really bad, but that was the only song that was off. Overall, I would say that it was an enjoyable series but due to the final episode, it won't be memorable. And in my rating scale, a series has to be memorable to get at least an 8. Thus,

Final Rating: 7/10

PS: Animation was good enough, didn't notice any major blurbs, but why does this matter? This isn't Kanon. It's supposed to be enjoyable, not nitpicked. The voice acting was also nice even though there were not-so-famous VAs. Also, "emotional involvement" doesn't mean the series has to get you all emo and sad. Remember that fun and exciting are also emotions, and in that category, I would give it a 10/10.
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Old 2009-07-17, 01:45   Link #43
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2007
A 7.5/10 overall for me... it's WAY Better then lucky star in my opinion.

Lucky star bore me to death... I was suprised I even finished Lucky Star :S... it was torture....

but enough about lucky star... K-ON was enjoyable, The Moe & comedy was fun & Yui is just plain hilarious...
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Old 2009-07-20, 03:04   Link #44
HR9 Otaku
Join Date: Jul 2009
Animation Quality: : 7
not very smooth,but yet quite nice to watch. at least.

Voice actors : 9
I can't find anything wrong with the Seiyuu. all of 'em performed their roles nicely.

Script : 7
The story is fast paced. you'll end up on the next term of their school before you even realize it. but it all went done. some parts are left unexplained though.
the comedy quantity is decent. you won't find any romance scene here. (not to mention Ritsu in last episode or yuri scene)

Soundtrack: 9
OP and ED songs were nice and fits the theme. the other songs from the band sounds not bad too.

Enjoyment: 8
The storyline was very light and can be easily enjoyed by anyone. and if you're someone who enjoys looking at girls for the ENTIRE story like me, you'll love this.

Emotional Involvement: 7
There's not much conflict scenes in K-ON!. even if there are,it's just another 3-minutes arguments that'll gone soon. not really an emotional anime. nowhere near tear-jerking one. but happily-ever theme will lighten it.

Overall : 8
I have to admit that I enjoyed every scenes. the animation quality is far from superior but still decent to watch. in fact,it's the characters that made this anime interesting.
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Old 2009-07-21, 01:06   Link #45
Im shy too...
Join Date: May 2006
Location: Invercargill Southland, New Zealand
overall: very good 8/10
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Old 2009-07-22, 12:17   Link #46
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Tannhäuser Gate
Age: 29
After pondering on whether I should give it a 7 or 8, my hand just went for the latter and clicked 8 in the poll.

Honestly, I am very surprised at how much I liked this show. I felt great unease while watching the first episode and the only reason I continued watching was because I'd already downloaded all the rest as well. At first it just felt like I'm not meant to watch this thing - now that I'm done with it, I feel a bit like Azusa after she joined the light music club, thinking "This isn't for me, what's with all the cuddling and being cute and childish" opinion has changed as well as hers.

The animation quality didn't seem that great when I first got into the show (compared to Haruhi for example), but later on I started thinking it was perfect. I don't know if that's also a matter of adjusting or if the animation quality really increased exponentially as the show progressed. As for the music and voicing, it's extraordinary. Every character has a lovely distinct voice and every single song has gotten into my daily playlist. There isn't much to the plot but I guess the creators of this anime were going for that "light" feel here as well; let's just say it certainly is original for the most part and enough to keep you glued to the screen till the very end.

K-ON! may seem simple at first but trust me, it's an acquired taste. The more you watch it the more you like it. I'm not the type of guy to watch something like this and I was still smiling in an odd, benevolent way throughout the show, watching it was pure joy.

Last edited by calorie; 2009-08-15 at 02:27.
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Old 2009-07-23, 14:06   Link #47
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2008
Animation Quality: : 6
I saw a lot of fails in this anime

Voice actors : 9

Script : 6
Don't have story

Soundtrack: 8
OP is so-so. ED is good
the others are so-so too

Enjoyment: 8
I don't how but I liked it

Emotional Involvement: 7
This anime have some of that?

Overall : 7

For me KyoAni died...
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Old 2009-07-23, 23:49   Link #48
Wordy b@stard
Join Date: May 2006
Location: Mid-Tejas

All these ratings seem pointless in the persepctive of the past weeks with no more episodes. This was exactly as it was billed: Light and fluffy time.

I miss my light and fluffy time. For weeks after tough days at work or stressful family situations, I could trust that I could turn to Yui and company each Friday to lift my spirits and give me cotton eyecandy to float my cares away on... Now there's nothing new and I miss it.
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Old 2009-07-27, 13:20   Link #49
Rock beats scissors
Join Date: Jul 2004
Light series and a fluffy fluffy time indeed... Nothing spectacular, and I had hoped for the music to take center stage a bit more, but all in all it was a fun series.
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Old 2009-07-27, 21:16   Link #50
Karlson useless!
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Age: 33
I rated this one awhile back, time to say why I gave it the mark I did.

I can't stress this enough but if you find yourself expecting far more out of this series close to the half way point don't be stubborn like me who tried to stick with it through to the end as nothing really changes outside of a few things...

-New songs that they end up performing (obviously this was a given )

-The addition of one new member who really doesn't stand out that much more from the others outside of her Azu-nyan trademark

-And the added drama (which only really happens in 2 different episodes not counting the bonus episode) which was very hit or miss. Admittedly it led to some form of character bonding and development which was rather nice and refreshing, but these scenes suffered other problems too. In one case it was a matter of forced execution. The other time it was due to lack of change within the characters after the situation simmered down (which kinda defeated the whole point of the addition).

You will get some laughs out of K-On so at least there is enjoyment to be found for what it is as a moe filled SoL but that's about it and even at that it tends to suffer the problem of reusing its ideas and gags alot to the point that (imo) the novelty wears itself out as the series goes on. Whether reusing these ideas is a good or bad thing to you is up to your discretion . Otherwise don't watch this actually expecting something rather intelligent (like a plot that actually progresses naturally and nicely developed characters) cause you likely won't find it here. There are a few episodes that really stand out but usually those are the ones that focused on what I originally thought was the point of this series. So all in all I gave this the average mark of 6.

Last edited by Karlson; 2009-07-27 at 22:29.
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Old 2009-07-27, 22:44   Link #51
Om nom nom
Join Date: Jul 2009
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A.
Age: 27
-Random dude pops out of no where-

Okay to start off I didn't have expectations like you guys. I didn't even know about K-on until it had finished airing. I saw a banner on another Anime forum saying "Haruhi Vrs. Yui Guitar battle" and that made me curios so I looked up the anime and that was it ^^.

Animation Quality: I would have to say, this is animated and drawn better then other animes, sure I don't think it quite matches air, and the last few episodes became lacking in a sense, but over all it was a real good quality. I give it an eight out of ten.

Voice Actors: Reading the past review I learned they were new... I had no idea. They seemed like they had been doing it for years upon year. They matched their characters perfectly. Ten out of ten in this spot.

Script: I don't really feel this was much of a matter, as I wasn't expecting anything going into it. I didn't know lickty-split about it before watching, so I didn't care whether it seemed to be a story or just some fun like Lucky Star. I feel it wasn't built to be a script so this category is invalid.

Soundtrack: One word, ten out of ten... Okay that was four but still. I loved the OP and ED. I already have the songs and they're currently playing on my computer. In the week I've had them; Don't say "lazy", Caggycake Girls, Fuwa Fuwa time, among many others have made it to my top twenty-five most played. Surpassing songs I've listened to for months. Music is one of my main life pleasures.

Editing: I really have no clue as to this one...

Enjoyment: I really loved watching the Anime. It has tied Haruhi for my top one favorite of all time. I have already watched it twice over and am watching it a third time. I found some of the part funny, while others interesting. I'm also a moe kind of person... Ten out of ten.

Emotional Involvement: Yes they did lack here. But after watching the first episode I wasn't expecting a emotional one that could bring me to tears... Air for example. And the drama they had did feel a bit uneasy because it was made to be there out of it's place. But I did feel for Ritsu when she and Mio had their problems. I was sad when they were sad, I was happy when they were happy. And Yui has inspired me to take up guitar, witch I've been thinking of doing for years now but haven't. Here I would put a seven out of ten. It was no air, but it gave me the same feel as Lucky Star.
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Old 2009-07-28, 14:36   Link #52
Jag föstår
Join Date: Jun 2009
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To be honest, I think this show is pretty crappy. Unlike the manga, it bores me greatly. It feels really stretched out, but I can't exactly blame Kyoto for that, since the manga chapters are quite short, well, compared to other manga series I read. If I still gave ratings on anime series, it would get a "4" or "5". The fact that I did a marathon of this show to finish it probably made the experience a little worse, but not by that much.
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Old 2009-07-30, 05:00   Link #53
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2009
Animation Quality: 8
- some nice animations with the instruments, and the cute girls

Voice Actors: 8
- the major chararcters have distintive voice and tone

Script: 6
- started well (when forming the band till the first stage performance), getting repetive in the middle and ended average

Soundtrack: 9
- no need to say much, most of the songs are high quality, they even got great results in the Oricon rankings

Enjoyment: 8
- very enjoyable

Emotional Involvement: 6
- really not much, i only feel for them when they nearly fail to form the club

Overall: i voted 8

i am looking forward for next season, and i support the Mio Ritsu pairing (if there is such a poll)

Last edited by klare; 2009-07-30 at 05:19.
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Old 2009-07-30, 11:18   Link #54
Obey the Darkly Cute ...
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Location: On the whole, I'd rather be in Kyoto ...
Age: 60
Update review... this series has actually become more enjoyable as I've let it percolate inside my head. However, I still think they missed a huge opportunity by not ending each episode with a music video song. I keep referring to the old tv series "The Monkees" which had a tune in each episode. For me at least, the Zone-ish music with a swirl of Brilliant Green type of music was a very enjoyable part of the series. Given Lucky*Star dedicating a chunk of each episode to Lucky*Channel, the idea of a music video at the end of each show just seems to fit.

I hope to hear more music from both Mio's and Yui's VA. Their tunes are probably a permanent fixture in my playlist of jpop/rock.
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Old 2009-07-30, 18:09   Link #55
Wordy b@stard
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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
...I keep referring to the old tv series "The Monkees" which had a tune in each episode.
Yeah, it would have been GREAT fun if they'd had one of those non-sequitur video sequences of the characters running around to music like some kind of Benny Hill imitation, but with a new song each week... That'd make a good second season even if they didn't have enough storyline to go from manga with...
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Old 2009-08-03, 15:56   Link #56
Corpse in Pieces
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I think it would be a good idea for them to continue this series, it did become pretty popular didn't it?
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Old 2009-08-04, 02:31   Link #57
The Comet has Come
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Once they have enough material I think they could pull that off fairly well.

Will they do it? I don't know.
Dessler Soto, Banzai!
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Old 2009-08-04, 09:19   Link #58
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It's very funny^^ and it's not boring. And not about guys, moeee~
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Old 2009-08-06, 10:10   Link #59
Corpse in Pieces
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Well most animes with lots of girls get popular/are liked.

I wonder why?[/sarcasm]
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Old 2009-08-06, 11:17   Link #60
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Not my cup of tea these kinds of shows. Silly lolis with guitars, not even about music but storyless moe. Kinda pointless, ya know?
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