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Old 2009-07-24, 18:29   Link #101
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Originally Posted by Theowne View Post
Gambon's Dumbledore may be more realistic for some people's perception of what realistic characters act like, but in terms of adapting a story, it's a poor rendition of the book's character. Book-Dumbledore is a little bit mischievous, calm, collected, and confident. Gambon/Yates's version is nothing like this. He doesn't seem like the (second) most powerful wizard in the world.
I agree to that....he looks a little aloof ....scared and all...not the one who can stand up to Voldy.....I mean even in order of pheonix...he was all shurgged ...while in book he was firm and more confident....

I also hated the part in movie order of pheonix where he didn't use the fountain to do transfiguration as well.
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Old 2009-07-24, 18:34   Link #102
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I was disappointed with the ending battle in Order of the Pheonix's film. The book really did give the impression of two powerful wizards battling and manipulating magic in advanced ways, the movie was just like a Dragonball Z battle of fireballs

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Old 2009-07-24, 19:50   Link #103
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Worst of the 6 films. Not enough material (as expected, but excessive this time). But Snape's Abra Kadabra Avada Kedavra was sweet.
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Old 2009-07-25, 00:08   Link #104
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I saw it, it was fun but not satisfying D:
it left me with craving for more -> "where the heck was the epic end battle at hogwarts?!"
seeing Harry doped up was fun though
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Old 2009-07-25, 02:06   Link #105
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I watched it first day it came out and I must admit I was pretty disappointed. It's definatly the funniest but when I watched them do an interview the crew said it was the darkest and I didn't really feel that. There was just nothing that really blew me away and I think it's because everyone was making such a big deal since it was harry potter.
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Old 2009-07-26, 18:31   Link #106
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I was disappointed too. Actually there was nothing going on except for Dumbledore's death. So the whole movie could be just the 6 minutes of this scene and it would have the same effect as those 2 hours and a half in cinema.
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Old 2009-07-26, 19:34   Link #107
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I liked the movie, lots of stuff taken out of the movie from the book. The start of the movie was also weird. lol too many sexual innuendos and I think that the best part of the movie was the actual Quidditch game. It was a lot more interesting in this movie than any other movie.
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Old 2009-07-31, 00:57   Link #108
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I've always felt that the sixth book of the series is fundamentally flawed, above all, because it attempts to mesh together so many divergent story-lines, which in itself would be difficult, but is made almost impossible because those very story-lines encompass themes that do not easily coexist with one another. Of course, this is true of the series in general, and the mixture of romance, fantasy, and school life drama is what makes the books what they are, but the sixth book seems to have a more difficult time maintaining this careful balance than the other books do.

The movie to me, exacerbated these problems in a myriad of way, and more:
  • For one, they focused too much on the relationship between Ginny and Harry. While this obviously comes from the book itself, I argue that this was unnecessary to start with. She is barely in the seventh book, and in no way really alters the greater plot of the series. Indeed, the relationship, in my humble opinion, is the worst thing to come out of the books; it is forced, clumsy, and pales in comparison to the Ron/Hermione relationship which is clearly better developed and more instrumental to future events. I've always felt that the Harry/Ginny relationship had a deus ex machina feel to it, in the sense that J.K. Rowling wanted to put Harry with someone in order to save him from celibacy, but the whole thing comes off as childish and ridiculous at the same time (i.e., one chapter Harry is roaming the school grounds making out with his girlfriend, the next he is journeying with Dumbledore to mysterious caves to destroy Horcruxes). I wish the author had the courage to write a more plausible scenario where Harry was disinterested in romance until having dealt with Voldemore instead of giving him the heavy burden of a half-baked relationship.
  • The characterization of Dumbledore is totally wrong despite the great actor who fills his shoes. I could really go into detail about this, but I would not be exaggerating in saying that everything that Michael Gambon does with the character is nearly the opposite of what he is the book (i.e., angry/serene, flying by the seat of his pants/machiavellian, and it goes on and on).
  • This is the killer for me: the sixth book is very much concerned about Voldemort and his past, yet, the screenwriter and/or director felt it necessary to eliminate all but two memories concerning him from the script. This really is a travesty. It frightens me to think what they will do regarding Dumbledore's past in the coming films since the seventh book deals with that with similar interest. As it is, by eliminating all the rich characterization that the sixth book gave to Voldemort, the filmmakers have insured that their primary villain is a one dimensional bogeyman.
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Old 2009-07-31, 03:26   Link #109
White Lady
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While it looks like it may be an entertaining movie I am pretty much over Harry Potter movies.I've read each book and when compared to them the movie's are just wrong.So yeah I don't think I'll see this one.
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Old 2009-07-31, 18:28   Link #110
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i love that movie. its hilarious than other movies.
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Old 2009-08-17, 23:05   Link #111
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