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Old 2009-08-03, 07:01   Link #161
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Originally Posted by Irenicus View Post
^One is the sister, the other's the girlfriend. While they're still playing around, it's as conclusive as any harem gets. Even Love Hina with the couple married still has the other girls crushing on the guy.


Excuse me, what?

Really, what?

Are you -- really now -- serious?
Well the part about popularity and loosing money is true. But the part about it loosing rating was due too pointless fillers who strangely started right after To love Ru started doing fan service fillers is mostly 1m fans options, but its possible that it might have bin one of the cases, im just not 100% sure about this part still lets get back too Ayu Mayu and not drift far from the topic.
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Old 2009-08-03, 10:17   Link #162
Itadaki-nyaaa !!
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it was rather one of those SJ shaft frenzies where all the so-so series get the cut based on the current popularity without taking a look at the past or the potential (although i never read MxO i was shocked that hatsukoi limited was shafted at the same time by SJ)
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