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Old 2009-08-01, 16:33   Link #441
Join Date: Jul 2009
Originally Posted by tresor View Post
I think the following are solid choices for the less obvious from the latter part of this thread
"anime movie Spirited Away"
"Samurai Champloo" But the episode where Fuu visited & told the mother her son was dead.

I handled those things very well.

Back in the day, when Goku died, it was pretty sad. But then i found out he tried many times so i got over it.

Lelouch's death is still saddening, especially seeing CC all alone again.
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Old 2009-08-04, 09:34   Link #442
The Chaos
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One Piece made me cry few times
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Old 2009-08-05, 01:16   Link #443
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Definitely Cross Game, since watching the first episode, i thought that i will be forever in remorse.
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Old 2009-08-05, 01:19   Link #444
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I forget if I've posted here before, but Grave of the Fireflies certainly elicited the greatest emotional response from me.

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Old 2009-08-05, 03:33   Link #445
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i am watching Basilisk now, i find it is a very sad story as well
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Old 2009-08-05, 12:38   Link #446
The Chaos
ǾΝΈ ΡЇΈΈ is the Best !!
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Originally Posted by klare View Post
i am watching Basilisk now, i find it is a very sad story as well
yeah..It was sad till the end
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Old 2009-08-05, 13:16   Link #447
Join Date: Aug 2009
I agree, Grave of the Fireflies was a tear-jerker. And also extremely difficult to watch the second time round.

Another one (that I'm sure someone has mentioned) is Chrno Crusade. It had me bawling, what with what happened to everyone at the end and the fact that
Spoiler for ending:
Also, I'm religious so it impacted me in a different way as well. It was just very emotional, and I doubt I'll ever watch it again for that reason.

A couple others are Ayashi no Ceres (for obvious reasons to whoever's seen the anime), and Paradise Kiss at the end. Yesh, I know I'm a romantic sap, but in my defense it was a very sad ending.
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Old 2009-08-05, 13:58   Link #448
chii is chii
Join Date: Feb 2009
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only 5 anime ever have made me cry

Oseam <- saddest EVER
Legend of the Galactic Heroes <- i didn't see it coming and it hit me like a tonne of bricks.
Scryed <-
Spoiler for scene:

Wolf's Rain <- it wasn't so much the anime it's self... doggies
Grave of the Fireflies <- sad right from the get go

there's been a few with teary scenes that almost got me but didn't

one of those being FMA
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Old 2009-08-08, 11:19   Link #449
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Not really the saddest but the end of Blue Drop made me cry.
So maybe Kannazuki no miko (near the end)
And Mai-Hime
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Old 2009-08-08, 22:02   Link #450
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Now and Then, Here and There - I find this very good but I'll probably never watch it again.

Ga-Rei Zero - The ending made me sad and angry.
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Old 2009-08-08, 22:08   Link #451
~Rock ☆~
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Ill say wolf's rain was the saddest ive seen mostly because of the music
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Old 2009-08-09, 01:05   Link #452
Army of One
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Angelic Layer.
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Old 2009-08-09, 12:52   Link #453
Your wife is hot...
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pokemon-comon give it an ending already, its getting more and more generic nowaday, the original was very good and went downhill with each successing season (it is still popular though), its just sad to see that.
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Old 2009-08-09, 20:12   Link #454
king of the fire
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Grave of the Fireflies. Nuff said
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Old 2013-01-02, 01:25   Link #455
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Saddest anime scene you have ever seen?

So I have seen/read many anime/manga and many of them were very tragic, the characters suffered a lot etc but I only shed a tear (I know embarrassing right? ) in one particular scene, and it was in Inuyasha kanketsu hen. SPOILERS if you haven't seen it, when kikyo died in episode 8, that moment was so sad for me, I couldn't handle it. So what's the saddest scene you have seen in an anime? did it make you cry?
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Old 2013-01-02, 01:43   Link #456
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Clannad AS.. Nothing more, nothing less... Even its OVAs are...

Every scene are at the ending... It took me two weeks to get back to myself.. and a month to move on...

MAJOR SPOILER for Clannad AS and OVA

Spoiler for Scenes:

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Old 2013-01-02, 01:44   Link #457
Cross Game - I need more
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Saddest scene in anime?

Well, from those that I have seen I'll have to go with the ending to Chrono Crusade.

Major spoilers in the link.

Clannad: After Story probably comes in second.

Cross Game - A Story of Love, Life, Death - and Baseball. What more could you want?
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Old 2013-01-02, 05:00   Link #458
Prefectural Magical Girl
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I cried watching the final episode of Madoka Magica when I first saw it. If anyone would want to know, check it for yourself starting from the beginning to know what's going on.

I also cried watching some episodes of Horizon and Symphogear, especially in the middle. They gave me a lot of feels. It also happens in some other shows like Medaka Box, except I was more slightly teared up than cried.
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Old 2013-01-02, 05:31   Link #459
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It's been a long time since I last felt this feeling from an anime, because I have this feeling from a VN more often (and manga for a time). But, I do have saddest moments I can still remember. The Big 3 of sad moments in anime for me:

1. Air.

2. Saikano.
Akemi. And the rest of the anime after the elope.

3. KimiNozo
"The Gift of Mayauru."

This one made it into the list recently.
4. Angel Beats
"I want to be a bride."

Clannad didn't make it because I finished the VN first.
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Old 2013-01-02, 06:06   Link #460
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I have to throw Natsume Yuujinchou into the ring here. I find myself closer to tears with really sweet and happy scenes more than sad scenes, and thus Natsume Yuujinchou and I have some issues. A lot of the stuff in that show just hits me (and I suspect most people) right in the feels. There's also a lot of really sad stuff though, and basically the entire Natsume character is just sad feels all around. Honestly, I think it has both the saddest and happiest scenes of anything I've watched. The saddest scenes are basically any time they show Natsume's past. I swear, it gets sadder every time they do it. My favorite and most memorable scene from all the anime I've watched is when Natsume revisits that one particular spirit from his childhood. The scene itself is kind of a sweet and happy scene, but it has some sad buildup and the way time and separation factor in is really sad.

But I never cry, because I'm a man.

As a rather strange mention, I give a nod to TTGL. Gurren actually had two particularly big scenes, one of which I didn't actually see coming. My issue with sad scenes is that they're never as sad when you already know they're going to happen. Japanese writing (and even a lot of writing in general) is full of cliche "death flags" that just can't seem to be avoided by most properties. What makes me feel really sad is when a sad scene happens, and it was neither predictable nor very spontaneous. The first sad scene, in retrospect, did have some predictors nodding to it; but at the time I was surprised that they actually decided to take that route. The second scene was pretty predictable, but the way the character most affected by the tragedy handled it made it really sad. That "yeah it sucks, but I'm accepting it," attitude just hits hard for garnering sympathy.
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