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Old 2009-08-14, 17:24   Link #21
Senior Member
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Well, I have been watching anime for a little over 20 years, and have actively collected interesting series along the way (I've never collected any of the merchandise other than the Laserdiscs/VHS/DVD/etc versions of anime series), and I see no reason to think that I won't continue to collect/watch new series in the future (I realized decades ago that in this post-modern world everything has been done before, so presentation (not visual effects, but a creator's desires and emotions for their "product") often matters more to me than archetypes, repeated storylines, and known tropes). I will say that I can't get into longer series anymore (One Piece is the last hold over for me, and even then I will often skip through a new episode and just skip filler arcs entirely), instead reading the manga (if it is good), and then watching specific episodes that cover favourite scenes from the manga (this is what I do for Naruto and Bleach).

That being said, hobbies are meant to be picked up and dropped whenever and wherever. I was interested in collecting butterflies (I still have some of the preserved remains ) when I was 6 or so, but by the age of 8 or 9 I began to think it was a little barbaric to needlessly kill such beautiful creatures. So, I dropped that hobby, and never really looked back. Over the years I have had many hobbies, and I have dropped most of them. The only time you really stay with a hobby is when it becomes a passion (whether just for fun, or an outright obsession), or, even better, a job. The only reason I have stayed actively interested in anime for so long is because I am interested in Film Theory and Criticism (even going to school, etc, to pursue said interest), and anime falls within my main interest. If I was not interested in Film Theory, I seriously doubt I would have kept with anime for so long, especially considering the hassle it used to be to acquire new anime .
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Old 2009-08-14, 17:45   Link #22
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I've been watching anime since I was probably 8. I would sit in the bedroom at my old home and watch some 90s anime which inspired me to do a lot of things I do today. So the possibility of ever growing tired of anime is very close to 0; but like what the others say, the most fearful possibility of not being able to watch anime is scenario #3. So yeah, probably when I don't have time, need to pay more attention to life or when I die.
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Old 2009-08-14, 18:31   Link #23
Obey the Darkly Cute ...
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*cough* .... o.O

Anyway.... Slice-of-Life coined it pretty well. As long as they keep pumping out interesting execution and such I'll stay interested. If not, I've got a nice library of classics I can always rewatch.
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Old 2009-08-14, 19:05   Link #24
Don't say Lazy
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Location: USA, PA
Age: 29
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Well considering I started watching anime when I was like 5 and I'm now 20 going on 21 Its been a good 15yrs soon to be 16 and I've still yet to lose intrest and personally for me I don't think I ever will. I've had my hobbies change and I've done the jock route with sports and horse back riding but even during that time I still watched anime and read manga just in a smaller amount.
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Old 2009-08-14, 22:16   Link #25
king of the fire
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I consider my love for anime one among many of the things I enjoy (hobbies if you will.) so as long as they continue to make their storylines interesting and something I enjoy, then no, probably not.

Also, the future hold no grounds on what has already been made, meaning that if you love a fiction right now, chances are you will love that piece of fiction later on in life. Two examples: I am extremely angry at the state of comic books but that has no meaning on my copies of Promethea and Lost girls, I am worried on the state of Tokusatsu (japanese special effects shows.) but that does not deter from the overall experiance of Jetman or Kamen rider Kuuga.

Basically, an interest in a certain format of entertainment cannot be lost untill you lose interest in everything that makes it all up. you cannot say you lost interest in Anime if you watch one peice every once in a while.

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Old 2009-08-14, 22:32   Link #26
king of the black otaku!
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Location: Texas
.......well i PLAN to keep my hobby intill my late 30,s hopfully even to my 40,s (take note males in my family drop dead like flies) i hope (& pray ) that the anime fandom that has for so long in my life that has been my one true and only hobby & passion..remains on this earth for many years to come....(which is why iam turning my cousins into anime fans^_^)
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Old 2009-08-15, 21:56   Link #27
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Originally Posted by Anthropic Melon View Post
Is it difficult to imagine yourself being an anime fan thirty years from now? Assuming that anime and manga will, in some form, still exist and that both haven't quite taken over the world yet (though they might have risen quite a bit in popularity in the future, lol), is it possible for any of you to remain attached to the fandom at such an age?
Are you trying to make me feel miserable? I HAVE been a manga/anime fan for over 30 years!
So yes, I can easily imagine I will never grow out of it, until the day I die.

Edit: Oh, I noticed other geezers much older than me flocking to this thread too *coughvexxcough*, now I don't feel so bad.

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Old 2009-08-16, 21:19   Link #28
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Location: East Boston, Massachusetts
Age: 28
My interest in anime has waned significantly over the past 2-3 years, but I don't know if I'll ever stop. I'll probably just continue watching the odd series here and there as I'm doing now. I don't think I'll ever go back to the obsessive rates of my early teens.
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Old 2009-08-17, 18:04   Link #29
Cross Game - I need more
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Location: I've moved around the American West. I've lived in Oregon, Washington, Utah, and Oklahoma
Age: 38
I think that as we age most of us will lose interest in "anime" as a specific hobby.

That doesn't mean we won't still like certain specific anime. Either for nostalgia or because the anime is great entertainment.

But watching anime just because it's anime? Probably not.

For example, I think Maison Ikkoku and Fullmetal Alchemist will never lose their interest for me. But that's because they are amazing stories regardless of the specific medium they are presented in.
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Old 2009-08-18, 00:04   Link #30
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Originally Posted by Sackett View Post
I think that as we age most of us will lose interest in "anime" as a specific hobby.

That doesn't mean we won't still like certain specific anime. Either for nostalgia or because the anime is great entertainment.

But watching anime just because it's anime? Probably not.
I think the majority of anime fans already do that...

I sure as hell know I'm selective, just as I am with any other form of entertainment, be it movies or games...
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Old 2009-08-18, 06:23   Link #31
Slice of Life
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What Sacklett says is important, I think. Namely to distinguish between anime as a hobby and as one recreational activity among many others. I don't think I will ever fully stop watching anime but that doesn't mean it will remain my hobby.

Just to make things clear, calling anime a hobby doesn't require to invest your life into it with otaku-like devotion. But on the other hand, if you can come up with 4, 5, 6, ... things equally interesting to you and still call it your hobby then you're clearly beginning to overstretch the term.
- Any ideas how to fill this space?
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Old 2009-08-18, 07:41   Link #32
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Location: England
Age: 36
I can see myself being an otaku till I die. Now I use otaku because I fill every part of the Japanese otaku, not the American otaku (Plus I'm English), take a look at my collection of manga and anime stuff and you'll see why I call myself and otaku.

I've already been a fan for 14-15 years, half my life. I actually am a real mixed bag as I love new and old. Nothing wrong with 70's anime or manga.

As I enjoy stuff that is 35+ years old I see no reason I wont enjoy stuff in the future.

Edit: Plus stuff like Otaku no Video and (more for me) Genshiken is great for established anime fans.

I do think in about 10 years or so with the improvements of animation alot of new anime fans wont watch the old stuff because of how it looks. I've known a couple of anime fans over the couple of years who won't watch anything pre 1985 "because it looks bad". I got one to watch Macross - Do You Remember Love (granted, it still looks great). They were gobsmacked with how it looked and how the animation flowed. I sent her off to see The original Macross series, but alas she didn't make it halfway through the first episode.
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Old 2009-08-18, 07:58   Link #33
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2008
So are some of the old timers here stretching it then?
The time could certainly wane, which may necessitate becoming more selective, but I think the interest will remain just as strong for me, like music.

I'll probably end up reading, learning and traveling more but in between I'm sure I'll still look out for anime. If I'm off on a hiatus, I can still see myself checking out news, reviews, blogs along with wikipedia for background info and related material, to see what I've been missing.
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Old 2009-08-18, 08:28   Link #34
Join Date: Jul 2009
Location: England
Age: 36
I found that about 5 years into watching anime I became way more selective.

This has alot to do with finding the kind of stuff I'm into and thanks to a fast internet connection I could get a large selection and dip my toe in a to get a feel.

So, end of the day unless you like to watch everything possibe I think that most people will focus of there cup of tea, really thats the same in any given fandom.
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Old 2009-08-18, 09:27   Link #35
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I think I'll suddenly lose interest when I go over age 30. I'll definitely have other stuff to do besides watching anime. As for manga, I'll still continue to read epics like One Piece.

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Old 2009-08-18, 12:19   Link #36
In a tree
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Age: 24
I think I'll still be watching it in 30 years or something, but just for laughs. I'll probably consider it a show like South Park or Family Guy. Just a show to sit back, laugh, and relax.
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Old 2009-08-19, 01:31   Link #37
Daniel E.
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Location: Monterrey N.L. Mexico
Something that's also worth mentioning is that even if you lose interest in anime at one point, you could always end up "picking it up" sometime in the future.

I have gone through a couple of years-long periods, were I have not bothered with anything anime related.
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Old 2009-08-19, 03:47   Link #38
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I imagine I will look back on in fondly.It's hard to imagine being that old and still interested in anime/manga.Ofcourse I would like to think I would.
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Old 2009-08-19, 08:58   Link #39
Join Date: Jul 2009
Location: England
Age: 36
One subject I'm less and less into as I get older is school anime. Obviously that dosen't count GTO.
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Old 2009-08-19, 11:49   Link #40
Join Date: Jun 2009
I see anime as just another art medium. I don't think that everything anime = amazing and realize that most stuff is made for a younger audience. But there are still some amazing series and movies out there just like with any medium.
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