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Pets corner

Hi all.

My 10 year old Nephew has just returned home from a family holiday in Turkey, and the little scamp has only smuggled home a baby Hermann Tortoise!

Now, I can remember having a Tortoise as a pet when I was kid, don't know what kind it was but if I recall correctly it was a good pet that seemed to enjoy life for a fair few years before it eventually escaped from our garden, never to be seen again... However, that was a long time ago and I was child so who knows, it may have died and my parents just wanted to save my feelings?

Anyway, I have to admit I am concerned as this little creature (now named JD) is the cutest little thing I have ever saw! And well, I would like to be able advise correctly on its keeping.

At the moment he seems quite content; not shy at all, very lively, and hilariously inquisitive. And I'd like to make sure he stays this way!

Any advice on taking care of a Hermann Tortoise in the UK wheather would be most appreciated!


I searched the forum for "pets" and found nothing. If there is already a thread I apogise.

P.S Feel free to talk about any other pet issues.
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