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Old 2009-08-11, 16:52   Link #1241
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2009
k-on...its so boring lol
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Old 2009-08-11, 18:54   Link #1242
The Great Dine
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Lucky Star. I'm sorry but it bores me out of my mind, save for a couple parts. I tried to watch the first episode and found myself nodding off to sleep because of that one conversation with the chocolate treat and which way to eat it |( Only good part I like about it is Lucky Channel, but that's it. Not to mention it literally whores off Haruhi Suzumiya (which several of the seiyuu on LS voice), which makes me feel like it's a show simply made to fanservice Haruhi Suzumiya. Plus that one episode when they had Aya Hirano as a character on the show, singing a song from Haruhi Suzumiya :| Seriously, attn. whoring much?


Also: Queen's Blade. Watch it and you'll know what I mean.
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Old 2009-08-11, 19:27   Link #1243
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Mobile Suit Gundam 00 - It took 26 episodes to develop the story which should've been covered in the first 6 episodes. Half the anime is crappy mecha battle scenes. Other half is boring dialogue; something about GN particles and decay of photons.

? - I cant remember the name of this anime. It was a moeblob about high school kids who looked like lolis. It had horrible character design and introduction which made me drop it after first episode.

Bllood+ and Saikano - I am at a loss of words.

Eden of the East -
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Old 2009-08-11, 19:38   Link #1244
The Great Dine
Join Date: Feb 2009
Originally Posted by rabbitking View Post
? - I cant remember the name of this anime. It was a moeblob about high school kids who looked like lolis. It had horrible character design and introduction which made me drop it after first episode.
Wow, sounds like nearly every all girl anime, doing random things, that I know of
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Old 2009-08-11, 20:25   Link #1245
king of the fire
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Art of Fighting.
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Old 2009-08-16, 15:39   Link #1246
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Location: England
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For me the number one spot is Sword for Truth complete rubbish start to finish.
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Old 2009-08-16, 16:58   Link #1247
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Painful memories come to mind with the Tekken movie anime.
They actually paid people to make this? Then paid people to market it? And then I got suckered to rent it? Well, at least I got a free rental from it.

Less critical was Masumune Shirow's New Dominion Tank Police sequal: TANK S.W.A.T. No offense to the honorable sensei. It was great to see the characters from the defunct Conflict: No More Noise comic arc come to life.... but a 10-year-old could do better CG than that. But at least it's bearable.

-Tekken... (wince)
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Old 2009-08-16, 17:12   Link #1248
Join Date: Jul 2009
Location: England
Age: 36
Yes Tekken is awful, the dub really dosen't help it.
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Old 2009-08-17, 05:14   Link #1249
Cogito, ergo sum
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SD Gundam Force (TV)
Ninja Resurrection (OAV)
MD Geist (OAV)
Tekken: The Motion Picture
Duel Masters (TV)
Reign: The Conqueror (TV)
D.I.C.E. (TV)
Kimera (OAV)
Samurai Shodown: The Motion Picture
Beyblade (TV)
Louie the Rune soldier
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Old 2009-08-17, 13:04   Link #1250
Bonta Kun
Know who you are
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oohh the Tekken film is rather *faceplam* one thing I want my time back on.

School Days gets its place as terrible anime, not only cause of its ending but overall its just badly done.

I'm a fan of Naruto, did watch the anime but not anymore can't be arsed with it. I still follow the manga but the anime just sucks really.

Now I'll probably need the worlds strongest flame shield but 2nd season of Haruhi is Holy omg wtf is this garbage Batman!
Seriously what the hell were they thinking?!!

As I went out of my way to post in the Haruhi forum, no amount of great eps can save the series now, completely ruined the 2nd season.

and I'm a huge fan of Haruhi as well.
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Old 2009-08-17, 18:47   Link #1251
Join Date: Jul 2009
All this hatred about School Days makes me want to see it even more although I do somewhat know what happens in the end.

Haven't seen any anime I truly hate except maybe Duel Masters but that was a long time ago.
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Old 2009-08-18, 11:58   Link #1252
The Awesome One
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Old 2009-08-18, 12:32   Link #1253
In a tree
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Sorry, but I really didn't like One Piece. First couple of episodes were good, but then it got incredibly repetitive for me. Sure, there were new enemies, allies, moves, ect., but it always (almost always) comes out to Luffy's crew beating up the bad guys in some way, shape, or form.

Also Naruto. Same reason as one piece, especially with the fact that the amount of moves that the characters develop over time isn't very proportional to the amount of episodes. Don't like it.

Marion, I agree with you on Lucky Star. Some of the episodes can be really a drag, especially the first couple. However, I did like it a lot after the initial episodes, as they replaced the director after episode 4.

I just like comedies more than action animes I guess.
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Old 2009-08-19, 11:49   Link #1254
Lolli for loli :D
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I can't watch it. I can't. It's so horrible....that freakishly BAD's completely unwatchable. I turned it off after the first five minutes!!

That's like a record for me.
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Old 2009-08-19, 12:45   Link #1255
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Mars of Destruction.

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Old 2009-08-19, 23:22   Link #1256
Miyamoto Shin
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Naruto.. Why bother with the anime when the manga is way better >_>..

The same goes for most of Visual novels adaptation animes, including my favorite Tayutama - Kiss on My Deity (not really that bad tho, but compared to the original, it was a crap)..
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Old 2009-08-19, 23:30   Link #1257
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Love Hina

I wish I could transform it into something else tangible like toilet paper, but then it would be an insult to toilet paper, and an insult to my ass as well...
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Old 2009-08-19, 23:41   Link #1258
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Originally Posted by Amon81 View Post
Yes Tekken is awful, the dub really dosen't help it.
I wouldn't even consider this one as an anime... Tekken is just a piece of shit, and the dub is just awful... Argh! The nightmare comes back to me!!
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Old 2009-08-20, 04:54   Link #1259
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2009
i am normally a lenient person and will finish the series i started whether it is good or bad (i even manage to finish Asura Cryin), some shows that i really cannot continue are:

- Needless
- Souten Kouro
- Wu Long (forgot the full name)
- Pandora Hearts (i will try this again)
- Southern Cross
- Slam Dunk (i like the manga very much...)
- Raxephon (i fell asleep, which is very rare)
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Old 2009-08-20, 07:32   Link #1260
Part-time misanthrope
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Originally Posted by klare View Post
- Needless
Haha, I understand this is not everymans show, I love it

Originally Posted by klare View Post
- Pandora Hearts (i will try this again)
What.the.hell how can you not like this D: Definitely give it another try :3
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