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Old 2009-07-19, 19:17   Link #61
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K-ON anime and Manabi Straight has many comedy and Mai-Otome has it too and romance.
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Old 2009-08-03, 03:32   Link #62
Kira- chan
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I would recermend fruit basket, oruan high host club gauken alice they r really gd

[SIGPIC]Lets be friends! [/SIGPIC] this is just a random thing im testing so ignoure it lol
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Old 2009-08-13, 04:05   Link #63
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Originally Posted by altasking View Post
well i happen to know some ^_^ so happens no one has yet to say some of them yet ^_^
and some have bean sayen but im gonna say them all:

love hina
please teacher
school rumble
dn angel
frute basket
boys over flowers
honey clover

there's some lol ^_^

I was suprised myself when i didnt see many people mention Love Hina

See im a guy and i like romance/drama too and i feel theres nothing wrong with that at all
but i really do recomend you watching Love Hina, Love Hina Christmas OVA, Love Hina Spring OVA, and then Love Hina Again (in that order lol)
cuz personally i would have to say its at the top of its genre
and the only bad things i've heard about it is it aparently has too many "fillers"
but take it from me, the fillers are funny and they arent too off topic or anything
plus its a decently long series, i think like a total of 30 episodes or so?
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Old 2009-08-14, 09:37   Link #64
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Age: 31
I didn't look through all 4 pages, but Toradora fits for what you are looking for perfectly.
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Old 2009-08-21, 14:32   Link #65
Junior Member
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Fruits Basket

You should also try Fruits Basket. It is SO good.
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Old 2009-09-27, 21:00   Link #66
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Originally Posted by SilverHead View Post
I know that this may sound cheesy coming from a guy, but I really like Romantic comedy/drama anime.
The best ones ive seen so far was...

1. Special A (really funny and a great romance story)
2. Bokura Ga Ita ( more of a sad romance story)
3. Ef - A Tale of Melodies(second season) (sad romance story)
4. Ef - A Tale of Memories(first season) (sad romance story)
5. Vampire Knight / Vampire Knight Guilty ( a great vampire love story)
6. Skip Beat ( pretty funny and a good love story but 2nd season aint out yet D= )
7. Shugo Chara (if you don't mind fillers its a great anime)
8. La Corda D'oro ~Primo Passo~ ( a great romance musical story)
9. La Corda D'oro ~Secondo Passo~ -incomplete only 2 eps-
10. Ouran High School Host Club (I don't exxactly think of this anime as "awesome" but its alright)

You won't regret watching any of those animes xP it all has pretty good drawings too and if you like to watch a Action/Comedy anime i'd suggest you try One Piece its a great anime x) enjoy watching em =D
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Old 2009-09-30, 17:22   Link #67
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Well suzuka anime it has up to 26 episodes Very Very BEST ANIME EVER ROMANCE boy meets girl and so on.... but any of you have any other suggestion of some sort that are romance no violence and well school comedy anime plz reply to me ASAP
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Old 2009-10-01, 00:14   Link #68
Shocking Pink
Join Date: Dec 2007
Age: 22
Nodame Cantabile
Skip Beat!
Eden of the East
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Old 2009-10-09, 12:09   Link #69
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2009
so far my romantic comedy anime that i watched....

SUPER romantic and comic too..... and you'll love the ending, i assure you...

SUPER'll always wish to see them fight....

SUPER lovable and ..... the ending is not so frustrating......

well i haven't seen this yet in anime but the human version is good so i guess it's not so different at all.....

well i hope you could send me too of some of your pick coz i also love watching anime even if my age and status doesn't suit to fit in..... nice forum
hope to hear from you soon thank you i hope i did a little help....
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Old 2010-01-19, 22:55   Link #70
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Join Date: Jan 2010
personally my favorite is clannad, and clannad after story
its about a delinquint high school boy and his life changed by this girl
and his friends in school

great comedy and romance anime
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Old 2010-01-20, 11:17   Link #71
uhh... now what?...
Join Date: Jan 2010
Originally Posted by SilverHead View Post
Hello everyone,

I know that this may sound cheesy coming from a guy, but I really like Romantic comedy/drama anime.
aww.. man don't be shy on forums like this... besides no one knows who you really are *evillaugh*
I, too... love romance/comedy/drama themed anime or manga and i'm a guy... (But don't mistake for something -,- i love gory anime/manga too)

BTW... these are the lists that i recommend you to watch/read... i've seen few of em and think it'll be great for you to watch/read...

Love Hina (anime/manga) (the anime wasn't that great... but in case of the manga... it's a LOOOOT better... i really loved Love Hina... probably my fave of all time... doesn't have that much drama... but in comedy and especially romance scenes... you'll be satisfied greatly..)

Tsukihime (anime/manga) (the manga was better than the anime too... the best manga for me so far... romance and drama wise... it's really great... plus it has a continued story called Melty Blood... yehey for that ^^ . The ecchi content is a bonus to make the story more interesting... hehe... )

Ah! My Goddess (anime) (haven't read the manga yet... and seen the first season of the anime series... the romance is pretty good too... and... Belldandy is here *inlove* she's pure beauty man ^^ ) (could be your dream girl XD ... well... at least mine XD )

Tora Dora (anime) (haven't read the manga... but seen few of the anime eps... and think it's good )
Haruhi Suzumiya (anime) (same as Tora Dora)
Honey and Clover (anime) (same as Tora Dora too)
Onegai Teacher (anime) (haven't read the manga yet, if there is... i really liked this anime coz it's my dream or could be just a fantasy *sob* ... The protagonist is romantically involved with an older onna *sob* (just gets tears in my eyes when i remember can't be with her) *cough* romance wise... it's really good) ohh... and i'm not talking bout Mizuho here -,-
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Old 2010-01-21, 23:02   Link #72
Wounded Warrior
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Location: Somewhere in the Depths of the Forest..
I would suggest you watch Toradora!
Just like they say, it's a very realistic anime that could happen to anyone..

I'll give you the plot: Taiga(the female protagonist/antagonist [for Minorin's love on Ryuuji]) likes Ryuuji's(the main male protagonist) friend Yuusaku, while Ryuuji likes Taiga's friend Minorin(aka Minori). Knowing this they decided to HELP each other to be close to the one they like, on the process Taiga realizes that Yuusaku likes another girl and that his feelings for her will never return (there is a time when Yuusaku confessed to Taiga and is rejected in 1 second). She then decided to help Ryuuji to be close to Minori knowing she'd be hurt because feelings developed inside her for Ryuuji on the contrary Minorin realizes Taiga's feelings for Ryuuji and has decided to hold her feelings for him and give Ryuuji to Taiga..

That's the least of it.. I hope it's quite innovative for you..

And I would like to suggest also the Anime H2O -Footprints on the Sand-

if you want the plot feel free to ask..
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Old 2010-01-28, 13:54   Link #73
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Sailor Moon
Fushigi Yuugi
Ayashi no Ceres
Kare First Love
The Devil Does Exist
Bokura ga Ita
Wild Act
Happy Hustle High
Fushigi Yugi
High School Debut
Missile Happy!
Ultra Cute
Paradise Kiss
Akuma De Sourou
Kare Kano
Ceres Celestial Legend

are the best romance manga
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Old 2010-01-28, 18:18   Link #74
Ha ha ha ha ha...
*Graphic Designer
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Age: 29
Hey man, don't be ashamed! I'm a guy too, but I love a good drama/romance as well!

Well, a few of my favorite romances are already named, by you and others, but I think I got a few new ones...

A few of my personal favorites are by Seo Kouji (they also happen to be sports genre, I hope you don't mind):

Suzuka (166 chapters, completed)
Cross Over (59 chapters, completed)
- I highly recommend both of these. I like Suzuka better, but both are excellent romances.

And if you don't mind manhwa:

Goong - This one is about an arranged marriage between the king of Korea and a young strong willed girl. Both parties were unwilling to get married, but did so anyway, for separate reasons. This deals with love blooming despite love rivals and political ambitions. (119 chapters, not completed)

I don't just want to throw titles at you, so I'll keep this list to the ones I personally have read and enjoyed. Here's some more:

Hana Kimi - About a girl that sneaks into an all-boys school to follow her high-jumper idol, she not only attends school with all boys, but also has two male roommates to boot! So as you can guess, hilarity ensues. Yeah, it's another sports genre, but I found it be funny. (145 chapters, completed)

Ichigo 100% - It falls more into a harem/comedy genre than a comedy/romance, but I found it enjoyable nonetheless, assuming you don't mind some fanservice. It's basically about a guy who had a beautiful girl fall on top of him, but he didn't see her face and only got a good look at her panties, so he searches for her only knowing that one clue. Yeah, you can guess where this is headed... (167 chapters, completed)

And one of my personal favorites:

Yume de Aetara - This one is about Fuguno Masuo (lol) who meets Nagisa at a marriage interview pub. Both Nagisa and Masuo have had terrible luck with the opposite sex, but Masuo will do anything to be with Nagisa. So he has to fend off other suitors and both have to deal with their own insecurities. Very good romance, and there's quite a bit of comedy as, well.... Masuo's just funny, period. (143 chapters, completed)

I hope you check out some of the manga I listed, and enjoy!
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Old 2010-01-30, 16:29   Link #75
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Age: 23
I've only really gotten into anime recently, but I've got a few series I could recommend already that seem to fit into this:

Love Hina
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
Clannad (would probably recommend After Story as well, but haven't watched it yet)
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Old 2010-02-10, 07:12   Link #76
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Location: the Netherlands
Originally Posted by SilverHead View Post
I would like to know if you guys have some really good romantic comedy/drama anime like the one I mentioned to suggest me.

I would prefer some *long* serie (like over 10 episodes please) and please I want it to have an happy ending if its possible ! lol
Originally Posted by Dinneyy View Post
Well suzuka anime it has up to 26 episodes Very Very BEST ANIME EVER ROMANCE boy meets girl and so on.... but any of you have any other suggestion of some sort that are romance no violence and well school comedy anime plz reply to me ASAP
Cross Game (manga&anime) : sports, romance, comedy, drama
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Old 2010-02-12, 09:03   Link #77
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You should consider to watch I''s Pure. Its school-life/slice of life/ romance. Imo its quite a underrated anime, but go give it a shot for more info click on the link.
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Old 2010-02-12, 14:29   Link #78
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Send a message via AIM to NervZero
My picks for Best Romance/Drama
Clannad/Clannad After story
samurai x trust and betrayal

Since all the really good Romance/Comedy have been taken I'll add

Rental Magica to the list..
__________________ - anime | manga | reviews
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Old 2010-02-14, 16:45   Link #79
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Hey everyone, a really nice comedy/romance anime that i really liked (oh there's also a bit of action in it) called Sora no Otoshimono , nice story, really funny and they show u the really cool and singular community of the village in which Tomo-chan lives.
U can watch this on ... I really recommend it.
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Old 2010-03-11, 02:14   Link #80
Drama/Comedy Anime Addict
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You should probably try Rizelmine,Onegai Teacher & Onegai twins
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drama, romantic comedy

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