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Old 2009-08-25, 19:06   Link #41
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I think people socialize not to feel lonely in this big, scary world.
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Old 2009-08-25, 19:30   Link #42
Lil' Wayne
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Originally Posted by Mithfalath View Post
Humans socialize because we are made in the image of God.
We are bound to live the life of inter-relationships and that is what we seek for, even unconsciously. It's human nature. Human beings can only find the fulfillment here in Earth through relationships, especially loving ones -> hetero-sexual relationships.
I respect your opinion, but I disagree with your very definitive language on it. You seem to be describing some irrational ideas, and even though faith transcends rationality, not everyone believes in your God or your God's teachings, and the least you can do is clarify that this statement is of your opinion and is not definitive fact.

However, since you failed to do that, your ideas are translated to most people here as simple, irrational thoughts, spoken by a person who does not respect the ideas of another. What you could have done is acknowledged other poster's statements and then posted your thoughts. You need to realize that the reason we are discussing this is because we don't know the answer.

Personally, I think that at the core of socialization are self-centered desires, even pure ones. For example, we talk to some people because we want to be closer to them, and be better friends with them. We talk to people of power because we want power. Or in some cases (not all), we talk to women because we want to have sex with them.

Maybe in our deepest instincts, we just truly want to be infatuated with another.
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Old 2009-08-25, 22:23   Link #43
Love Yourself
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Originally Posted by Cipher View Post
The chemistry of our body? You mean biological needs? Well the brain DOES need to knowingly express emotions to another in order to release stress cells.
Stress cells? Never heard of such a thing. However, in terms of overall chemistry I mean that there are likely factors that cause you to "instinctively" want to be around other people. Whether it's a slightly dopamine release at seeing another person smile, or just feeling more comfortable by being around other humans (herd mentality) - that sort of thing.

Originally Posted by Cipher View Post
A sort of brain starvation, wouldn't you agree?
Difficult to say. Some people may be immune to it while others may be more sensitive. Much of that likely has to do with a person's upbringing (whether they're used to being around other people constantly, or whether they're used to spending long periods in isolation from other people).
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