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Old 2009-09-01, 15:51   Link #1
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Genshi Shonen Ryu - Ryu the Primitive Boy. Any familiar with it?


Iīm a newbie at this forum, wanted to write here regarding this anime/manga since this is one of the largest forums out there.

To the subject: Is anyone of you familiar with a show called Genshi Shonen Ryu? It was aired in Japan in 70īs and is a Toei Animation.

It has various alternative titles for different countries who dubbed it:

Genshi Shonen Ryu ( Japanese )
Rai Grottpojken (Swedish)
Ryu the Primitive Boy ( English title as far as I know)
Ryu, il ragazzo delle caverne (Italian)
Nolan (French)

and so forth. The problem is that it has never been subbed, just dubbed in different languages, so I decided to start talking regarding this and informing people about this great show and manga. Iīve got some great responses. So from nothing we have now started a website and have a translator,QC and a manga editor, and a RAW provider.

Here is a little storyline for the series:

Set in primitive times, a baby with white skin is born into the world.
As his skin color is different from the rest of the people around him, the baby is immediately disliked and alienated from the others. Deserted and left on his own, the baby is eventually picked up by an ape called Kitty, who raises him as her own child. The baby, Ryu, grows up to be a good young man, but one day, Kitty gets attacked and killed by Chirano, a bloodthirsty T-Rex. In order to defeat Chirano and also find his real mother, Ryu decides to set off on his own journey. In the midst of his travels, he meets the siblings Ran and Don. With his new-found companions, Ryu begins his battle against hardships and obstacles.

Hereīs a download link for the first episode ( remember this is a RAW ) :

If you are a translator, encoder, timer or just someone who like to talk or have qustions about this anime/manga , please write back.

Best Regards.

/ GouNoKen
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Old 2010-03-30, 08:12   Link #2
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Hello every anime/manga fan of Genshi Shonen Ryu & other old shounen. Now with the watching eye of many Iīll send a plea out which I hope
will echo throughout the community of anime/manga lovers all over:

We need the following:

Japanese to English translators
Swedish to English translators

If someone is interested in this, then just write a line or two or PM, also
by knowing someone who can do this it can be of help, so ask them. Or if you personally want to be a part of the project then please write!

This anime/manga just needs to be properly subbed, itīs an amazing milestone in the genre. Canīt believe it hasnīt been subbed already.


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Old 2010-08-05, 00:00   Link #3
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Join Date: Aug 2009
If you want to be a part of this great show in helping out, support or just talk about it, then I can tell you that the superb fansub team Hokuto no Gun has taken Genshi Shonen Ryu under itīs wings and thereīs a great forum there about it aswell. Hereīs the adress:

and hereīs the link for the first subbed episode:

Please feel free to join otherwise too if you like old time shounen.
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