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Old 2003-11-23, 11:10   Link #1
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: The Fields of High Attus
Age: 28
Non fanart picture? (warning: somewhat suggestive content.)

Before I begin: If you're looking for sexy ecchi and 70% body exposure, sorry. :P

Anyway er... I sincerely hope these are allowed... This is a picture of a woman... not from any anime, but kind-of anime style... she's spacing out while absentmindedly holding a bit of hair, and is exposing a fair bit of her flesh (but no private parts).

This is a fairly fast 45-minute drawing with some fairly average shading... It's only an outline with shading (and stupid thrown in bg) and I'm thinking of doing it in colour. (Somehow I think many people will forget that if they reply)

But first, what do you guys think of it? I appreciate constructive criticism..

Note: I'll tell you again, it is suggestive... but definitely not porn... if it's too offensive I'll take it off...

And as for the background and the words, I have a very very bad habit of messing up otherwise alright pictures by throwing in unnecessary stuff. If you want to just see the picture without the stupid blotty background and the words, just say so, I'll save a png of that and put it up.

BTW, sorry for the filesize. That's just the size it is. If png (which is what this picture is) doesn't work on your computer I'll change it into a jpg.

Uh.... yeah. By the way, it's my first time doing a picture like that (as in exposing that much), and I did it with my tablet in Photoshop 7. Er... I guess I'll throw more crap into this post so I don't have to keep posting. (It's all crap, that's why it's in size 1!)

What I disliked: the hair, the eyes (Somehow, something is wrong with the perspective. :|), some of the shading (How many styles did I use?!), the bra straps (somehow)
What I liked: the arm on top. Uh. Yeah.

Oh, and finally, no prize to the person who can guess what song those lyrics are from. Sorry. :P
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Old 2003-11-23, 12:14   Link #2
should i stay longer?
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honestly though... u worry too much.
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Old 2003-11-23, 13:13   Link #3
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: The Fields of High Attus
Age: 28
Yeah, I tend to be like that. x.-;;; Which is why I usually hate posting any pictures I do up...

In truth it's probably not suggestive at all. Eh... I just don't want to get into trouble or anything. o_o
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Old 2003-11-23, 15:02   Link #4
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I don't find anything wrong with posting up any pics that reveal the human body. I mean, it's all a part of nature right? It's all good.
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Old 2003-11-23, 15:54   Link #5
Subbie Queen
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Well said juri and I agree there's nothing wrong with the human body. As long as it's done tastefully. Anyways, I like it.
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Old 2003-11-24, 20:59   Link #6
Afflicted by the vanities
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Uh... it's an HTML file, but you didn't name it .html, so Brinkster was sending it as unknown/unknown... I couldn't open it until I figured out this puzzle :/
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Shii (formerly known as ashibaka)
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Old 2003-11-28, 01:56   Link #7
Lazy Guitarist
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Now thats not suggestive at all, you don't need to give all those warnings.

It's a nice piece, but IMHO the crosshatch shading doesn't seem to work for this peice too much.
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