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Old 2004-07-16, 15:07   Link #1
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Episode 90... pixly X_X

Umm... dunno if anyone else had this problem but when I play the file in either Real One or WinAMP, there are these blocks that appear... it looks like really large pixels =P can't really explain it, or take a screenshot (I'm using XP) and in Virtual Dub it's actually viewing just fine. I downloaded SG, S-O and ANBU, all had the same problem.

More: The frames only "update" in the area where something is moving, like a mouth or waving hand, but it can still have the old place's background or something, so I see like a mouth stuck on house =/

Last edited by xris; 2004-07-16 at 15:27. Reason: Please learn to post in the correct forum. And read the sticky, your problem is most likely due to codecs
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Old 2004-07-16, 16:05   Link #2
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sounds like a codec problem, if you have any codec pack installed, GET RID OF THEM, things like Nimo and such come with buggy codecs. instead, xvid, divx, and ffdshow show is all you need. if you do have ffdshow and don't use codec packs, then you probably don't have the latest version of ffdshow.
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Old 2004-07-16, 19:12   Link #3
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Yay!! ^^ the problem was exactly as you described... I did have Nimo pack xvid and divx yeah, but I've never heard of ffdshow before ^^; so thanks alot! It works perfectly now
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