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Old 2008-04-09, 03:36   Link #201
Junior Member
Join Date: Apr 2008
So Sad~~

Hello everyone! I'm kind of new here so please to meet all of you!
Actually I've started reading Furuba since 2005. But because of some problems, I only managed to read until chapter 90++.
But one thing I'm sure won't change is Furuba is the best shoujo manga ever because it's not just a crappy love story like some of the others.

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Old 2008-04-14, 21:30   Link #202
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Read book awesome!!

So, the answer for Kyo is...he needs to pick her over Akito???
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Old 2008-04-15, 12:37   Link #203
Join Date: Aug 2006
Finished the whole story sometime back.

The plot was good and interesting.
The anime was awesome.
The mangas were fabulous.
The ending was more than perfect.

It truly touched my heart in every ways. The entire series had a deep impact on my life. It changed my perspective of life. And the tears shed were not wasted. T_______T

And not to mention the melodious opening and ending songs of the anime!
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Old 2008-04-24, 22:37   Link #204
I can't win this one
Join Date: Jan 2008
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Ummm Im not used to Shojo manga or the this a good story to good a start on it. I usually dont read shojo (guy and a seinen reader usually) altho apparently alot of men enjoy the manga and the anime. but I find that I like the relaitonship stories in shojo manga better and I hear this is one of the better ones.
so is this a good "gateway" series to kinda start to expand my realm.
and plz tell me there is no yaoi in it...thats just too far for me (i dont see anything wrong with it....but as I guy...well i dont want to see it lol) many guys enjoy this series?

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Old 2008-05-03, 21:28   Link #205
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Location: Michigan
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No yaoi, don't worry!! Lots of pretty boys, but no BL
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Old 2008-05-03, 22:23   Link #206
Observer/Bookman wannabe
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Age: 32
FB is a great series. I'm sad to say that I've been loaded with quite a bit of shojo since my manga reading days began, and I couldn't get into the series in depth. But, the anime/drama CD cast of the series enhances the experience (caught snippets of SuzuKen and FukuJun on Youtube).

The zodiac curse thing is.... different, I guess, and the fairy tale ending makes it a good feel-good series to catch.
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Old 2008-05-05, 17:11   Link #207
Starry Dust
Lurkin' in ur threadz.
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I seriously need to finish this series.
It's been like....a year since I last read FB >.>
I stopped at volume 20 but I gotta admit.I enjoyed it so far.Probably one of the best and captivating shoujo series I ever read.I just love the depth of the characters and the emotion that's expressed througout the series.I already know the ending [kinda spoiled myself and read ahead] and I thought it was fitting for the manga.

I laughed.
I cried.
And I went "wtf" many times.

I love Fruits Basket
[and i love kyo too xDDD]
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Old 2008-06-17, 18:42   Link #208
Louise Fanatic
Join Date: May 2008
i finished that a while back and that is definitely a manga i have to collect...... i loved the ending... i think i shed a tear to...
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Old 2008-06-17, 18:44   Link #209
Nervous Venus
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Age: 31
I've actually skipped some parts, even though I own all 23 volumes. I guess I jumped ahead of myself wondering whether kyo and tohru would finally get together. Guess I'll need to go back and finish reading this series more thoroughly.

FB is definitely one of the best shoujo series out there. Of course I wasn't happy with the way Akito's story turned out (I'm the only one who prefers the anime ending, it seems), but otherwise, it was great.
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Old 2009-08-30, 05:36   Link #210
yare yare..
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Earth (:
I've finally finished Furuba... after all this years!

The best shoujo series I've ever read, though it's not like I've read a lot of shoujo manga. I can be pretty certain it's one of the best though.

The ending was.. not enough.
I want more Rin =/
Oh well.
(with nosebleed)
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Old 2009-08-30, 07:36   Link #211
Von Himmel
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Dollars
The part where the mangaka took the character more deeply was. . excellent ! Btw, you guys should also read Hoshi wa Utau, a manga which is created by the same mangaka :x that one is good too

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Old 2009-09-07, 02:38   Link #212
yare yare..
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Earth (:
Hmm.. don't think I've seen that manga (in the bookstores, so maybe I'll read it online if I can find it).
I'm thinking of getting Tsubasa: Those With Wings though.. I think the main character looks like a blend between Akito and Rin
(with nosebleed)
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Old 2009-09-07, 15:49   Link #213
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I am probably the only person in the entire world who thinks this, but here goes.

I've finally gotten around to reading FB after all this time, and I actually think it is somewhat overrated. It just feels too long, with too many characters, and too uneven in its pacing. Sure, there were moments when it made me cry, or feel warm inside, but some of the plot twists at the end felt very contrived.
But I think the main problem is that I never connected with Tohru as a heroine; she is sweet and loving, but that is pretty much all there is to her character. Most of the time she feels more like a perfect angel of mercy than a three-dimensional person.

Perhaps if I'd started reading FB when it first came out, I would have found it ground-breaking. Maybe I've simply read too much subsequent shoujo manga to find this series particularly unique.

At first, Shigure was my favorite character, simply because he was so twisted and complex (I also found him to be the cutest). Even then, his ruthlessness and manipulative ways eventually lowered my opinion of him, as did his

To be clear, I do think it is a good series; I just didn't think it lived up to its reputation as a masterpiece of the genre.

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Old 2009-09-08, 14:17   Link #214
The Last Visible Dog
Join Date: Aug 2004
You're not the only person who thinks that. I liked FB, but it isn't a masterpiece. You're absolutely right about all of the contrivances for the sake of drama (I'm not keen on most anime with romance themes for this very reason) and how flat Tohru was as a character. She was a device to get everyone else to confront their issues. I stopped reading fairly early on, and now if I had to get a fix, I'd just watch the anime.
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Old 2009-09-09, 15:18   Link #215
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Thanks for the reply! Usually, when I tell people what I think about Fruits Basket, they look at me like I'm nuts. So, thank you!

I guess I prefer heroines with a little more fire and spice to them - if Rin or Arisa had been the protagonist, I probably would've liked FB better.
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drama, romance

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