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Old 2004-07-15, 16:49   Link #21
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Originally Posted by Kyuven
Another thing about the N64: the control stick wore out. by the time i got my new next gen systems (Xbox, PS2) the control stick on my N64 controls were...dead. they were worn down and wobbled. Plus, unlike the nice comfy PS's dual shock analog controllers, the stick on the N64 gave my thumb blisters, which meant i had to cough up MORE cash for one that wasn't made out of solid plastic.
Never had that problem with any of my N64 controllers, but the controller did have a rather large playing problem. If memory serves me here, the control stick zeroed everytime you booted the machine. So you had to have it plugged in when you started and if the stick wasn't centered you'd have to restart it to get it zeroed right.
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Old 2004-07-15, 20:19   Link #22
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i never did get an n64, only a psx. Not because i thought the psx was better than the n64 or anything, but because it wasn't my decision on what to get. i think i would've preferred to get an n64 instead of a ps1 back then. but years later, i don't think it really mattered which i got. psx had the better rpgs and fighting games (and other games that you'd find in the arcade) and games like metal gear and resident did open up new genres of games. But i thought that some of the n64 games did have more creativity and some games did look better also (well i thought so) Not to mention that n64 had great party games. psx did have the weakness of slow load times for some games but because of the fact that it was cdrom-based, it could store a lot more than the cartridge system that nintendo used (which had virtually no load times)

ok, enough facts. i would say that ps1 did outlast the n64 in the end after the nextgen systems came out (it didn't last as long as the snes and nes did after the nextgen systems came out at their times) and most of my friends owned a psx, but i would say both systems were successful in their own ways. Nintendo was never targetting to get a greater majority than Sony in the console wars, and they were quite satisfied with an approx 20% console inhome preference (don't know how to put it...) and i was really impressed with the playability and graphics of some games like goldeneye, smash bros, zelda, mario 64, etc and the mario party games were great when there were lots of friends surrounding the tv set. But also, psx had a great line of rpgs, arcade and simulation games such as the ff series (even though i still liked the snes ones better -_-"), gt, mgs, tekken series etc

so in the end, i would think that they both won (which is why they continued on to making nextgen systems which totally blew me away, seeing each system perform)
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Originally Posted by Shadowlord
the psx was a horrible console overall. graphics and games wise especially. The graphics were soo bad it wasn't funny, and 90% of the games sucked. They were able to push so many games because most of them sucked. nintendo created alot fewer, but by far more quality games. Not to mention their graphics exceeded those of even most computer games at the time. Its the difference between the 64's 64 bit graphics engine, and psx' 32. Frankly, i doubt they even used close to its 32 bit capability.
Only problem with that was N64 was pushing out a load of 100K polygons/sec, while the playstation was able to handle 360K polygons/sec.

N64 had some nice features hardware wise but alot of things should have been better the psx stats that weren't.
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