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View Poll Results: Vote for your favorite Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai character
Maebara Keiichi 146 38.32%
Ryuuguu Rena 181 47.51%
Sonozaki Mion 97 25.46%
Houjou Satoko 55 14.44%
Sonozaki Shion 90 23.62%
Furude Rika 188 49.34%
Hanyuu 141 37.01%
Akasaka Mamoru 57 14.96%
Ooishi Kuraudo 34 8.92%
Irie Kyousuke 30 7.87%
Tomitake Jirou 16 4.20%
Takano Miyo 76 19.95%
Other 15 3.94%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 381. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2009-05-25, 08:39   Link #81
Emerald Emblem
Casual gaming
Join Date: Apr 2009
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Age: 28
Rena, Sakoto, Rika and Hanyuu FTW!

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Old 2009-09-12, 19:14   Link #82
I like MUDKIPZ! :3
Join Date: Aug 2009
I voted for Shion, Keiichi, and Satoko.
Shion is my all-time favorite character, but I love Keiichi and Satoko too.

I was tempted to vote for Takano, because her childhood made me shed a tear, and she is an interesting character, but I couldn't bring myself to do it...

Spoiler for I will never forgive her!:
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Old 2009-09-12, 21:59   Link #83
Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: Channelview
Age: 24
K1 & Akasake FTW!

K1 is just generally awesome, because of him Rika was able to push on foward & learn that fate can be changed.

Akasaka is... awesome too, it took him a couple arcs to save Rika but when he did, he UBER-PWND the Yamainu. Especially Okonogi.
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Old 2009-09-25, 09:17   Link #84
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2009
I'm a massive Satoko fan, mainly because from what I've seen many people don't give her a break. Yeah she cried a lot, but come on, she was just a child then, a child that suffered massively at the hands of her family and the village and didn't know any better, what else was she supposed to do? Children aren't really known for their ability to handle tough situations well.
The scene where she gets tortured by Shion was really a stand out moment for me as to how awesome Satoko became. The fact that she had the balls to stand up for herself and not cry in that situation was pretty amazing and mature of her, hell I know when I was her age I would've cried if I just scraped my knee : P That as well as the fact she doesn't act ridiculously cute (the ni'pah desu's of Rika became overly forced and fake sounding to me after a while), her cheeriness and amazing Trap Master abilities make her my favourite!
I also voted for Mion and Oishi, cause they're great too :3
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Old 2009-11-17, 09:24   Link #85
Reina Ryuuguu
Rena fangirl
Join Date: Nov 2009
Rena. Definitely Rena.

I've always had a big thing for Rena. I think its because of her sweet side, but also her hidden side. She just in a way such a complex character and I love that. Not to forget Adorable mode! Hauu! I love Renas Adorable modes! ^^
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Old 2009-12-31, 10:58   Link #86
✿Higurashi+Umineko Fan✿
Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: U.S.A. (New England)
Though my favorite characters from the series overall are Shion, Mion, and Keiichi, I picked...

Keiichi- Always loved him, and he really showed some noble moments in this season (as well as the last one). His death scene really got to me, and I think he deserves a vote for helping Rika believe that fate can be changed... and for his epic and perverted speech to that baseball player. xD

Rika- Come on, Rika owned this season. :P
I'm not an overall Rika fan by any means, but Rika was amazing this time around! I loved her new dark side that she would go into from time to time, and it was really touching to see how much she wanted to help her friends find a better Hinamizawa and a better future.

Jirou Tomitake- ... I always liked Tomitake. xD Ever since season one I thought he was cool. I give him major credit this season for how he helped Takano at the end.

Miyo Takano- I like Takano, actually. I felt so sorry for her sad past, hated her for what she did, but felt sorry for her... and realized that she was a total badass. Takano really stood out to me; and though she was crazy, she had a purpose and a reason for her actions. She definitely deserves a vote in my book!

Hanyuu just missed the cut for me. I really loved her (Hauu~ ^_^), but I think Rika really took the lead.
I also really like Satoko (oh~ho~ho!~) but she didn't really do much in this season. :/

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Old 2010-01-18, 04:49   Link #87
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: Not here
Age: 34
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Keiichi is the cast's motivational speaker, and the infamous "pervert speech" easily gets him a vote. He's utterly shameless, and that makes him awesome.

Rena is sweet and cute, yet at the same time competent and clever. Her ending moments in Minagoroshi are a testament to her will. Most of the great moments with her are in season 1, but it's good to see her well in Kai.

Mion gets a place for being the only mostly sane character in a story that really needs one. She's a ton of fun in the club activities, though her most important moment is probably when she shields the club from Takano.

Rika is the star of the show, and she deserves that spot well. The two sides of her make a very interesting and complex character-- one being innocent and cute, the other being serious and jaded. The balance of the two made Kai a very interesting show to watch.

Hanyuu was just a really good foil for Rika. Her interaction with Rika helps drive the story.

And last but not least, Akasaka , for deciding that he now knows kung fu.
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Old 2010-05-18, 13:00   Link #88
Roloko vi Britannia
The Dark Empress
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I like Hanyuu, Akasaka, and Takano

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Old 2010-05-27, 20:42   Link #89
Junior Member
Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: Kuwadorian
Takano FTW! She was an awesome female character, a great villain, and her voice was my favorite out of all of the characters. I loved Eva from Umineko, and once I started watching Higurashi, I realized they were voiced by the same person. I immediately fell for her
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Old 2010-06-15, 21:08   Link #90
Nipah Neko Kisa
Keiichi Maebara Fan Girl
Join Date: Jun 2010
Location: Texas
Age: 21
Keiichi- Keiichi wins the role as both, my favorite Higurashi character , as well as the role of my all time favorite anime character.
To be honest, I didn't give his character much thought in the begining, but after seeing how amazingly awesome he was in Kai, I started to be a Keiichi Fan girl, to the point of collecting Keiichi plushies! * w * But, I shall stop being illiterate on this topic and get to the point. Keiichi's magic with words and overall kindness he portrayed in Kai was outstanding. Not only that, but , he is quite the humorous character. While, he doesn't play a big role in the last arc, he certainly does have a memorable line - "HUMAN ORGANS!" 8D

Mion-I adore Mion... she ultimately ties with Keiichi on this. She's outspoken, a tomboy through and though, but most importantly she is the most trustworthy and kind-hearted anime character, in my opinion,that is. Her crazy antics are on club activites are one of my favorite things abour her. She plays the role of a spunky club leader, that I find very simular to myself. But, sadly, she doesn't get too much screentime, though people might disagree with me on that. Well...I guess what I mean is...she appears quite a bit, but her lines are limited and she isn't seen as important as she should be. I guess I dunno how to explain it...I just think she deserves more speeches and FANS. 8D

[B]Satoko-Now, some call her a crybaby, but I must say I dun't see how people can depict her a "crybaby". Yes, her scene in season one , where she whined over spilt milk...eerr...lunch was..irritating to say the least. But, overall she's actually a very strong person, putting up with her uncle's abuse,dealing with her brother's disapearance and then there's being bullied by the villagers. I admire her strength. I would never be able to put on a smile with all she goes through and the way she PWNS her uncle in Kai, ultimately got her my vote! XD

Rika-I aodred her from the begining. Though, not enough to ever consider her one of my favorites. I started to really admire her character at the very end of season one, when it's hinted she will take the role as the protangnist in a later season. It must be so hard for her, repeating an eternal June that always seems to take a turn for the worst. I personally, disliked her attitude in the first of arc of Kai...but, she overcame her doubts and fought along side her friends. She is truly an admirable character thatdeserves her votes!

Akasaka- Because he PWNed. That explains it all.

Irie- Because he is a hilarious pedo-doctor! What's not love? XD

Ooishi- Because he is a fat old guy, who can kick ass. X3
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Old 2010-06-16, 19:12   Link #91
Professor Insanity
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Age: 34
Dr. Irie, Satako, and Rika, enough said.
The Doc's got your prescription...for LOVE!

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Old 2010-07-11, 02:12   Link #92
Mihara Yuki
I...I don't know...
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: In front of my Golden Laptop
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Keiichi=He proves that fate can be changed.He was also awesome in Minagoroshi-hen.
Rena=Do I need a reason for choosing Rena?
Rika=Same answer as above
Hanyuu=Actually,I like her chaeracter developement.She keeps a lot of mysteries in her past
Akasaka=Awww..I really hope that Rika X Akasaka would happen.Sadly,he was married.

I support Black Battler
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Old 2010-07-21, 06:33   Link #93
Join Date: Jan 2009
Some ppl here can read japanese, so most of you already know why some or almos all characters are awesome.

Just finished the last VN... ;O;

Keiichi- for some many reason, the last three seasons is when he shined

Everybody in the Club and Most of the 'good guys' of the village

and Takano... DEEN didn't show at all what hell she came from, DEEN didn't explain what Hell her 'step-fathers' were to Satoko, DEEN never explained the Twin's problems and DEEN never showed the depth of each and every character that we can considered a 'good guy'. So you know what Eef DEEN, but since they brought Subbers, we english people learn of When They Cry series and Umineko (which is being bashed lately because it lacking human logic).
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Old 2011-03-10, 19:01   Link #94
materia user
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2011
I voted only for Mion. I like many other characters, but Mion is my favorite, and I want her number up... i'm also surprised that mion/shion are and kind of low on the scale.
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Old 2011-05-03, 01:42   Link #95
Join Date: Apr 2011
Location: Hungary
I voted for Shion, Mion and Miyo.
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Old 2011-05-12, 12:35   Link #96
Join Date: Aug 2010
Rika, the best character ever ^^
And Rena, another best character ever ^^
And Hanyuu, the sweetest character ever *o*
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Old 2011-05-21, 22:17   Link #97
Diamond is Unbreakable
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mion lovers are a minority

i am sad
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Old 2011-05-22, 12:44   Link #98
Dr. Casey
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Maybe she didn't get many votes because she had such a bad picture used for her in the poll

I like Mion a lot, though, and would vote for her now if given the chance to change my vote; the Visual Novel endeared me to her more than the anime did.
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Old 2011-05-26, 15:38   Link #99
Diamond is Unbreakable
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Maybe she didn't get many votes because she had such a bad picture used for her in the poll
well yes, that's a pretty bad picture
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Old 2012-09-03, 12:52   Link #100
Senior Member
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Location: Westfalen
My ranking of characters, with some spoilers for people who didn't watch the Kai season

1. Rena
I preferred Mion slightly for a long time, but Rena's background story is really fascinating and deep. I like the mature and complex personality behind her 'kawaii' appearance. So it's a shame that her part in Kai is rather limited to a supporting character. As far as Higurashi in total is concerned, Rena is my favourite character. She had some good moments in Kai as well, for example when she confronted Takano about becoming Oyashiro-sama. For me, her appearance in the end of Yakusamashi-hen is the most heartbreaking moment (of many heartbreaking moments) in Kai. But she's also great in humorous scenes, for example being tied up when she wants to take Hanyuu home and talking to others in her usual relaxed way while being all bondaged in her chair.

2. Mion
I also like Mion very much because she has to carry the burden of being the next Sonozaki leader, while always caring about her friends, and sometimes being payed back with hatred and anger by them. Not to mention all the suspicion about the Sonozaki family. I think she has some memorable scenes where her leadership is put to the test and she doesn't fail to protect her friends. Although they were few, the importance of this very likable character should be recognized.

3. Rika
She's the lead character in Kai, no question, even though sometimes other characters take over for some episodes. Although we get to know very much about her and her mysterious charisma decreases when so much is revealed, I still like her very much. It's very interesting to consider how you would feel if you lived through the same experiences so many times. It's a miracle she can still smile and be in a good mood ...

4. Satoshi
My favourite male character and the true young hero of Higurashi. He fights for his sister even when she annoys him. He's courageous when the situation challenges him to do something, but he's not big-mouthed but rather shy in normal situations.

5. Dr. Irie
He's some kind of an ideal character; intelligent, caring, fun ... to good to be true somehow. Even though he also has a dark background, having done psychosurgery without knowing the will of the patients. His big weakness is letting doing Takano whatever she wants, even quietly agreeing to her bad deeds because they are useful for their research. His great scene from the sound novel teaching one Yamainu member about maids should have been in the anime, I think!

6. Oishi
He's a rough, mature and sly character and that's great because the story needs someone like him, as a counterpoint to all the young, enthusiastic characters. I enjoyed the moment very much when he talks to Akane at the graveyard. Maybe he really found some peace there. I love the scenes in the sound novel where Hanyuu talks about the life after retiring because it shows Higurashi is not only about young people.

7. Satoko
I like Satoko but I'm not a huge fan of hers. But there are great moments for her in Kai, for example when her fear of her parents is revealed, leading to the tragic event on Watanagashi day. I also think she's a great leading character in Yakusamashi-hen.

8. Takano
It was a very good decision to focus on her background story so much, because a great antagonist has to be done carefully with a convincing background story. That's how it should be done. Unfortunately, very few authous care about their villains as much as Ryukishi-sensei cares about Takano. There are some cliché-like scenes (evil laughter) which I didn't like but there were many good moments, also.

9. Hanyuu
I know Hanyuu is a very important character but in my opinion, when she joins there's nothing really new about her because there are already too many cute girly characters. I would have liked Hanyuu much better if she scared people more often. She should also be more divine instead of being so weak for the sake of 'moe'. Therefore, I really like the moments when she confronts Takano and shows her power.

10. Shion
It's not really fair to have Shion fall back so far, because she's a great character, also if I hate her sometimes, but this is not Meakashi-hen. And her feelings towards Satoshi are very touching and there's a great love story, even if we don't know whether Satoshi really loves Shion. I get really emotional when I imagine Shion sitting beside Satoshi's bed and saying 'welcome home' when he wakes up.

11. Tomitake
He seems naive and clumsy, I like him for that. He acts great in Matsuribayashi and his relationship to Takano is wonderful because he never lets her down, knowing he's her last ally and she needs him more than ever in the end.

12. Rika's parents
I treat them like one character ... they are only little supporting characters but I really like them. He is a strong-minded person with good will, and she is a passionate mother even if her passion doesn't reach Rika. I really feel sorry for her when she tries to save Rika, thinking she will suffer from the experiments.

13. Akasaka
Akasaka is a bit too much "Mr. Nice Guy" for me. Nearly everyone in Higurashi has his dark side, all the evil he does is forgetting about Rika. It's not enough to be a great character just to deliver strong punches and things like that, but I like him. He's just not complex enough to be really considered a great character, in my opinion.

14. Keiichi
I don't mean to be hateful towards Keiichi by mentioning him last but I really liked him better in the first season, when he made all kinds of mistakes and learnt from them in the end. In the Kai season he becomes the 'everybody's darling' type and gets everybody's praise because of his speeches. He becomes something like a very common youthful hero character whose energy sweeps away all evil in one blow. I never liked that kind of character.
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