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Old 2009-09-13, 09:00   Link #1
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iPod to empty iTunes

Due to negligence on my part I recently deleted parts of My Music folder including the iTunes folder (can't restore from the Recycle Bin). Now my iTunes is empty.

Is there any way to synchronize iTunes with the data on my iPod? The music itself isn't a problem, nearly all of it is kept in the My Music folder (I canceled the deletion when I realized what was happening), but I'm not really keen on updating all the files, artwork and info again.

Windows XP user by the way.
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Old 2009-09-13, 11:55   Link #2
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Use a program called floola which allows you to copy all your music stored on your iPod back onto the computer. Once copied back, just add them back into your iTunes library. The artwork should be intact once you copy back to the iPod.

And no, you cannot synchronize the artwork and updated tag back to iTunes from your iPod since the artwork and information is stored in the MP3 files once you added/updated this information. The iTunes library file only stores the location of all the music copied in the iTunes library. The only way to restore them is copying your music from the iPod and re-adding them to iTunes which will keep all the covers and information intact.
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Old 2009-09-13, 12:29   Link #3
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Excellent advice, with the help of floola I easily copied all the songs to the iTunes Music folder and when I imported the files from that folder into iTunes everything was set up just the way it had been before that stupid thing I did.

Thank you very much, you saved me of a lot of hassle.
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