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Old 2009-09-13, 13:21   Link #181
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Originally Posted by Father Hentai View Post
Jesus Christ. Didn't you really see what he sacrificed? He is branded because he shot at an own soldiers even though he got pardoned at the end. He sacrificed his friendship to Welkin and his love to Alicia to proof his theory. He is very well aware of what he did is wrong but it was their only hope left to fight a valkyria.

And yes we can assume that he got disciplinary treatment, which would end up in jail and a promotion stop. But as his actions results have a higher value at the end he has been pardoned. What still may be at the end is the promotion stop. As I speak of that he is being pardoned. Don't you think that Alicia also gave her statement on that and what she may also have asked him to have been pardoned? She is the victim so she has also words to milder the courts judgement.
What you say are inconveniences Fabio. He should be a liability in the Gallian army. No man or woman would ever trust him to follow him.

A real hero are those who make the ultimate sacrifice and not ask other.
And what really bothers everyone I believe is there there are alternative, and Fabio took the easy way out. Because what he did wasn't the only way.
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Old 2009-09-25, 01:28   Link #182
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welkin saite~~ T^T he didn't even hug Alicia,,, >.<
Maximillian was cool~~ *kya!
hope next week, Alicia Vs. Selvaria would be great,, *waku
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Old 2009-09-28, 07:25   Link #183
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Ok, I know ima late and all, plus the series has already been finished by now. But I been aquiring Doremis subs, and they are really slow at releasing so I am behind everyone.

These are just some quotes I picked up.

Originally Posted by CheezeRaider View Post
I must say as a combat vet who like to watch kiddy anime to escape. and NOTE I take it with a grain of salt as it is anime. I enjoyed the VC Game which got em started watching VC anime, and I truly hate the anime story line.

Just a few thing I want to point out:

I don't F***ing care how much you hate someone, be in enough firefight with your battle buddy covering your ass, your negative feeling will change quickly, just because in the story line your battle buddy is a some supper dude with great power, (note the valkyria are revered not shunned.) nobody gonna say ooooo im so scared. Hell I'd be so proud my battle buddy is a valkyria and I fought along side him/her be fore he/she realized their great power. $hit I'd be bragging.
This is the no1 Major factor that has ruined this anime for me. Especially from that blond girl who is a "ahhhh ! I broke a fingernail" type. Shes been Alicias friend since working as a town guard in Burhul. Yet at the moment Alicia goes super sayian (opps Valkyrian ) . Shes all like, shes now become a monster and doesnt know her anymore without even having a conversation with her so called x-friend. Hows that for friendship eh.

Ima not military or anything. But I've learned thu history especially in WW2, squads bonded together like brothers to protect each other. You're chances of survival were increased when having that close bond of teamwork. I agree with you when you say, if you just found out your teammate apparently is a demi-god like combat unit. It would make you proud to fight along side such a force. Its more of a blessing. I'd be like, hell yeah, we got a Valkyria in our squad w00t ! an accient race of power.

but squad 7 is full of noobs. Faldios squad 1 were better combatants and its sadly they met there fate while all of squad 7 accept one still lives who are worthless combatants apart from a few of them such as Weklin, Zaka, Rose, Largo, Alicia and the guy with the glasses who made me more prouder of him this episode.

Originally Posted by Sassarai View Post
Welkin(convo with Fabio): THAT'S NOT POINT!

Alicia's SCARY!
People say she's a monster... mean those.....
Is it okay for her to be with us?

Next episode

I wonder has she been eating properly?
She must be fine! She's probably eating well everyday.
Yes that's definitely it!
She hasn't answer our mail.
Maybe she doesn't consider us comrades anymore?
She's busy
Sums up pretty much the quote above. How the hell do they drop Alicia like a sack of potatoes and then expect her to come back. She was abandoned and made to cry by people she considered family. Shes an orphan remember.

If the anime had finished off with some great action scenes (like the OP2 promised to give) and nonstupid events. I would state it a worthy anime. But right now its ending very poorly. Its a tactic game, but all I tactics I have seen are the battle plans Welkin makes before a battle. Its all good if it runs smoothly, but what if battle situation changes ! Why havent we seen welkin have to make some *on the spot* calls/tactics. Hell I havent seen the Edelweiss in action for while now. Its a tank that can change the tide of a battle, but its sitting behind the lines rusting up. Oh wait, there are valkyrias 1 hitting multiple tanks at once, why would they need the Edelweiss.

ok, I finished for now.

Originally Posted by Shiroth View Post
Faldio will have the super happy ending surrounded by rainbows, flowers and bunnies.
And Unicorns!!

on a side note, I've really enjoyed having General Jaegan in the series. If only they removed that a$$ Damon and had Jaegan command Gallian forces. I would then have much more respect for the Gallian Army. Hes a very underrated character in the series imo. Shame hes fighting on the wrong side.

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