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Old 2009-09-26, 16:52   Link #21
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2nd year Bachelor degree marketing, start is a bit rough, since 6 hours of german a week is not your average cakewalk..

especially when a half demented old lady with 7 cats is your teacher who just loves swinging around her title of "Doctor"
rambling on about how her title in society is the highest and crap like that. Not to mention she wears latex most of the time with white fence net stockings.

after I receive my Bachelor degree marketing, going to Queens in Canada for a master degree.
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Old 2009-09-26, 17:34   Link #22
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Originally Posted by Haladflire65 View Post
I went to several schools...

In Korea:
It was a middle school, for grades 7~9. Ugly grey uniform with plaid skirt and tights. We had 14 subjects: language arts, math, English, Japanese, Chinese, science, social studies, family studies, technology, ethics, chinese characters, phys. ed. We had a test on every single one of them. Yuck. Also for our classes, we stay in one classroom while the teachers come in and out, except for gym, f.s. and tech. The teachers were a little crazy and so were the kids - I'd rather not go back. There were 10 classes per grade, with about 35 in each, so there were about 1000 kids.

In Japan:
The subjects were almost the same as Korea. The uniform was a white polo shirt, navy blue blazer, grey skirt with knee-length white socks. We had rotaries, although without courses, just a set timetable for each class. Two classes per grade; same number as Korea per class, so 250 in our school. Everyone's so nice, and the classes/exams pretty easy. Great school with lots of tradition, even though it was only 10 years old, with squeaky-clean buildings and facilities.

In Toronto:
I go to an all-girl private school now. We have a green uniform - it's apparently our thing. Our No. 1 Dress, which we have to wear on Thursdays, has a green blazer, white dress shirt, green and gold tie, green kilt, green knee socks and black oxfords. Green... Other than that, it's probably your normal private school, with courses, rotaries and all that - I'm also a boarder here, which is fun and special.
You don't know how fortunate you are.
I go to a public high school, staff are apathetic and lazy; students tend to cause mischief, bathrooms are ick and1 it's relatively hard to make friends since it's a different class and schedule everyday:
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Old 2009-09-26, 19:20   Link #23
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High school was a generic public school in the midst of suburbia. No uniforms, mandatory gym class, 4 periods a day plus a 45 minute lunch, all sorts of cliques and stereotypes... all said it was pretty normal.

I'm going to an Ivy for college, my parents are paying through the nose, and I haven't a clue what I'm studying. It's been pretty awesome so far, though. Busy, but awesome. Classes are mostly interesting and I'm learning a lot, plus I'm right in New York City. So yeah, pretty good. Aside from the fact that the guys in the next dorm room over WON'T SHUT UP yes I'm talking about you, the blast-loud-hip-hop-and-swear-at-the-top-of-your-lungs folks in the next room. SOME PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO STUDY and watch anime...
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Old 2009-09-26, 19:21   Link #24
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I go to a public secondary school in London quite close to me, Church of England school, uniform consists of navy blue blazer with school logo and a flash that represents what year you are in (I don't wear it), school tie, white blouse/shirt for winter uniform, white polo with school logo for boys in summer and blue blouse for girls in summer

Black/grey trousers for boys, navy blue skirt for girls or black trousers. Black shoes, girls can't have hairbands that do not match school colours, no trainers or jewellery apart from a necklace with a religious symbol which has to be hidden and a watch.

Most of the teachers are either retarded, cannot teach, hard to respect, illogical, rude or condescending (all characteristics I can't stand so guess who gets in trouble quite a lot?).

Teachers worry too much on unecessary things, just 2 days ago they made rule about the bras the girls in our school can wear and they worry about the length of our ties etc...

They buy unecessary stuff like giant I mean BIG flat screen high definition tvs for the lunch rooms where they show the news and other small flat screen tvs hanged in the school showing random stuff. However the art department can't afford new exercise books and let the current Year 9s use our exercise books Really old sports equipment, slow internet and computers and overly priced school lunches (80p for a slice of pizza when I can buy a 7" pizza for 1).

We are DOLLARS, credit for sig goes to CMHerrera-chan
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Old 2009-09-27, 04:19   Link #25
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Location: Bay Area, California
Age: 26
I go to Cal and there are a lot of people here. People are pretty active here. For example, we just had a walkout/protest thing to display our dissatisfaction about the way the UC's were being run.

Classes are ok for now, haven't been to any large classes (though I heard there was a Mol/Cell Bio class with 1500 people in it).

School started about a month ago, but I feel like I'm missing a lot because I commute to save money. I've heard of some pretty huge frat parties and just some random parties spontaneously that break out in a floor of the dorms.
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Old 2009-09-27, 04:37   Link #26
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My school is an ordinary public high school. Except that where we live there is nothing to do so they do eachother...Yeah.
It's basically normal I guess except that the gym locker room is basically what I think is a place for rape, at least the guy's locker room. I hate my gym class because of this...
But I hope I can survive this school year without going insane...
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Old 2009-09-27, 06:22   Link #27
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Location: China
thanks for your replying.
I've written down my school's web site in 1F.
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Old 2009-09-27, 07:15   Link #28
Witch of Betrayal
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I'm on my second year in a Finnish university. It's a pretty big one and there is a good bit of courses to take, and students are pretty much free to take whichever ones they want. It's works, as long as you don't start thinking about how it works. As an example I enrolled as a biology student but I'm going for a degree in nanoscience. (my major is still biology, but I could've changed that as well)

Social support is relatively high in this country, so students are able to get the education they want while studying full-time and without getting in debt. It's still kind of tough and you really don't have room to dick around. I'm fortunate enough to receive some support from my parents though so thanks to that I have an easy life.

The community is the best part about this school, it's in a city where almost a third of the population are students, very fun place to live in.
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Old 2009-09-28, 02:19   Link #29
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Location: Malaysia
I'm in malaysia,final year in high school,nothing special...very strict rules.
The uniform is like Kannagi,male indentical uniform.Girls wear blue pinafores.
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Old 2010-08-09, 14:49   Link #30
Roloko vi Britannia
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hmm well my high school was normal too we wore casual clothes no uniforms although they were debating it at one point I guess it didn't pass. We had Normal classes and Advanced collage classes. My high school life was fun I got to see my friends everyday and almost everyone knew who I was and smiled and waved morning to me. We had nice teachers some were harsh and pissy not to me anyways, but to some other people which I can understand that. Also in my senior year I got an epic nickname called "The Big O" then most of my friends in math class and drivers ED class called me that.. I guess I was popular in a way because of how I always smiled and waved to everyone every morning and during lunch. I'm more of the quiet and shy type though not very talkative except when it comes to my close friends.

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