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Old 2009-10-04, 15:19   Link #1
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Something similar to Ga Rei Zero!

This anime shocked me,it had an extremely fast pace and a very deep,beautiful human element although it was a supernatural anime.Any others like this one that i can try?
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Old 2009-10-04, 20:39   Link #2
Shadow Kira01
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Not sure what you mean but something like this anime would be:

Tokyo Majin Gakuen
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Old 2009-10-04, 22:37   Link #3
Zu Ra
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I would suggest Tokko its better than Ga Rei IMHO Though it lacks the Yuri element if that what you are looking for . Tokko this obscure anime has maiden wielding Katanas and is pretty kick-ass . Out of all the anime I have listed this would be my number one choice . Also one of the best sword wielding heroines I have seen in anime . It deals with supernatural entities just as Ga Rei .

Summary :Wiki

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Old 2009-10-10, 00:17   Link #4
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A series where people die when they are killed is how I look at Ga-Rei

Gantz - Fast pace, pokes at follies of human nature(not really), supernatural(Not really)
Claymore - Fast pace, no idea, supernatural
Bokurano - Bokurano is to Supermecha as Ga-Rei is to Motorcycle Style, sort of alike

I will stop here
I love Flandre Scarlet
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