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Old 2004-07-25, 01:04   Link #1
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Join Date: Feb 2004
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A year has gone and past.. and some of my favorite anime, like Chrno Crusade, Maburaho, Fullmetal Alchemist.. some have been licensed, others completed.

And I just wanted to ask, nowadays, what good fansubs are everyone watching?

I'm talking about the more recent releases.

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Old 2004-07-25, 02:26   Link #2
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Naruto, Naruto, more Naruto. Then I caught up to the anime and there's a 1 week wait so yeah lol I needed more anime.

Dipped in series by series I went for the complete ones because I didn't want another Naruto, I liked mostl my anime's that i've seen so far because I do so much hw beforehand plus great suggestions come out of people.

Boys Be *****(wish it was so much longer)
Full Metal Panic*****(wish the quality of the videos were better)
Aisheteruze Baby-ugh, this one stopped thoughMidori No Hibi
[B]Love Hina & Love Hina Again*****[B](no complaints although a bit confusing in the anime).

I have plenty more that I haven't gotten though/ watching periodically like

GTO- been watchin the eps slowly yet surely. Im around 13 i think.
Full Metal Alchemist- anxious about this one
Scrapped Princess- I know this one's good. I have all of it I guess that's the reason their's no urgency.
Da Capo.- just stopped at like 14ish. I really want to see the last 10 episodes that everyone speaks about.

and then theirs bits I didnt really get into and haven't gave a nother look due to the ammount of anime I havent still seen.

I could list you 5-8 more but I'll save you the trouble.
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