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Old 2009-10-12, 19:23   Link #401
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A cute show but you could see some episodes focused on the romance more than others, it ended about the only way it could be expected to given the circumstances I suppose. Yeah, I'll take another season. Sure!
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Old 2009-10-13, 21:17   Link #402
Explodes when thrown
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This show was awesome. I can't wait for each and every one of the DVD specials, and I second/third/millionth the second season idea. The show managed to go back and forth between hysterical antics and heartfelt fluff from moment to moment, and not feel like whiplash. I'm not sure how they did it, but I know I loved every minute.

Even my personal Scrappy grew on me such that I thought he was just as awesome as the rest of the cast at the end. The show's only weakness was a lack of resolution... though that could get me my sequel! 9/10.

Oh, and I'll leave this here:

A friend of mine wants me to make a sig out of that... I might...
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Old 2009-10-13, 23:28   Link #403
Apathy moe~
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I was a bit late in the game, but I've enjoyed this series very, VERY much. I probably should be reaching for my credit card sooner or later

Spoiler for largish image of my favorite scene:

Also, a MAD with Bakemonogatari's ED. Can't find a Youtube link, though. If you know the lyrics, things make a whole lot of sense starting around 1:40. Starting around 2:15 it's basically Hime's story... Hime-chan, Faito!! (Youku link)
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Old 2009-10-13, 23:47   Link #404
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that amv is great. especially since the actual PV for that song is along the same lines.
Aria is the best series EVER. Rewatch Origination with me.

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Old 2009-10-14, 04:46   Link #405
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Originally Posted by NaweG View Post
At least three more volumes worth...
Might be a year's worth of waiting.
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Old 2009-10-16, 22:06   Link #406
Guardian Enzo
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Belatedly commenting, I thought the ending was fine - very much in tune with the feel of the show. No closure, but it's an ongoing manga so who knows what might happen. There wasn't really anything mind-blowing or spectacular about this show, but it still managed to be one of the ones I really looked forward to every week. It's a cold, cold heart indeed that could resist having affection for this show, at least a little - it's just so damn lovable.

So Sora no Manimani ends, and in it's absence I'm left with one profound kernel of wisdom to help fill the empty space it leaves behind: "Orb!"
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Old 2009-10-17, 09:26   Link #407
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There's always the manga, and hopes for a second season.
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Old 2009-10-19, 18:22   Link #408
velvet nightmare
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disappointing ending tbh, in 12 episodes we end up with a new president, saku enjoying astronomy and... a love square. yup that's all. the idea of going round circle back to the beginning recruitment season is kind of nice, but at the same time i'm left with poor closure so maybe i'll go read up on the manga to see what happens
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Old 2010-01-21, 22:40   Link #409
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just watched the dvd special they were short but great hopefully they make a season 2
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comedy, romance, school life, seinen

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