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Old 2003-11-27, 06:12   Link #41
本當に愛してるなら, "鰻食べる?ってきかないで
Join Date: Nov 2003
I've been using Dsl for at least 3 yrs now........ I think Cable is more of a community network......say[ correct me if I am wrong] if your neighborhood all using cables, then your chances of getting a lower dl rate is high..... yet on the other hand, if not many are using cable, then your dl rate will be at local, our cable network disb'tion is limited from like 100 "cable hub" per a number of Blocks of housing.... so that area of houses have to share the 100 cables...... and so if the #of housing overflows then your cable will run slower........ or someting like that.....Unlike Dsl.... it probably does have a limit too... but in a greater #........ so it always goes "fast".... I personally suggest Dsl......
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Old 2003-11-29, 06:14   Link #42
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Originally Posted by dot|hack
Lets play "guess my connection"
LoL that's gotta be T3, right?
How about mine?
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Old 2003-11-29, 09:37   Link #43
Don't use animesuki now..
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Age: 28
awwww so many of you have fast connections, tis no fair
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Old 2003-11-29, 17:27   Link #44
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Location: i dont know can you help me
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i have cable but it includes in my tv bill cus i have optimum online and cablevison and optimum is a branch of cablevision so for me itd be the same price as dsl and lots faster btw mine doesnt slow down....ever so i dont know what you people are talking about
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Old 2003-11-29, 23:02   Link #45
pls..crac...anime need
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Location: Canada
this is mine, mind ya its from western canada to stockholm sweden, which is basically a continent and ocean to cross.

its sat evening as well so it is slow.

this is a local speed test

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Old 2003-11-30, 10:30   Link #46
r00t for life
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Originally Posted by GHDpro
Hmm not entirely sure what the best section would be, but as
this thread isn't directly BitTorrent related I've moved it to General Chat.

As for my opinion on the matter: I think the important part would
be speed and not the technology (ADSL or Cable). Also for convinience
I'd get something where you get a ethernet modem with dhcp
(and no PPPoE) as that would be easy to connect to pretty much
everything, including PC/Mac/XBox/PS2 and broadband routers.
USB modems and/or PPPoE don't make this half as easy...
I disagree on that one. I am happy user of 10/10mbit VDSL with PPPoE. There is port for PPPoE on almost every OS (mac/BSD/Linux/Windows using rp-pppoe). dhcp might be easier, but new kernel mode PPPoE is just as good. I pay quite much for my line, but I am happy I would also suggest to look at speed and not technology. Also stay away from USB modems. I have a friend who's DSL gets disconnected every 3h. Best thing would be to get outside modem and connect it via NIC

P.S. I have dedicated line, that means I can ALWAYS reach my 10mbit if other end can send that fast.
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Old 2003-11-30, 10:39   Link #47
also known as K!
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Location: Tokyo, Japan
Somewhat offtopic, but has anyone seen the prices on Yahoo! BB? 1,390円/mth for 26Mbit ADSL... Must be nice there.

1390円 = $13 USD
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