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Old 2009-10-17, 02:51   Link #1
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A portable game similar to OG saga

I really enjoyed OG saga in terms of the combat and characters but the story can sure use some improvements (or an actually plot). These days I really can't get through a traditional RPG game where all you do is select an attack and watch it being executed, OG saga really won me over with it's combat system.

Here are some games I enjoyed
Crisis Core
Digimon Dawn
G Gen DS
Jean D'arc

Games I hated
Valkyrie profile (my god too much talking >__>)
something student alliance

I've looked into FF V, DQ V and some others but I am not sure which one to get. I guess a more traditional RPG would be fine as long as it picks up quickly. I couldn't get through Persona 4 because I spent an hour (the first hour) doing absolutely NOTHING. OG saga was good because I started kicking butt and seeing racks right off of the bat.
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Old 2009-10-17, 03:22   Link #2
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Never played more than a few minutes with those Super Robot Wars games, but I have had quite a broad experience with PSP games (played a ton of them; finished very few).

So you like strategy RPGs? Have you played Disgaea? Both the first and second are available on PSP. I played the first one and enjoyed it for a while before setting it aside (not the hugest SRPG fan). The first one has short, humorous story segments and lots of strategic battles. From what I understand the first one has the more interesting narrative, while the second has some additions to the battle system.

Half-Minute Hero just recently came out for PSP, and it is quite interesting... sort of a parody of classic RPGs, there are various game modes focused around a 30 second time limit. In the featured mode you play as a Hero who has to save the world in 30s before the magic spell to destroy the world is cast. Each mission plays out like a mini-RPG with credits rolling at the end and everything. The object is to make it to the demon's castle and defeat him before the time runs out... you level up insanely fast and time stops when you enter a town, where you can buy a time reset for increasingly larger amounts of gold. There is usually some obstactle you have to go through to reach the castle, and along the way you buy equipment and hire companions, or solve villagers' problems. Depending on what you do and how long you take you are given a hero rating and different titles at the "end of the game." ...that's just one of six(?) game modes... there is some simplistic narrative that is at least entertaining, and I believe it spans across all (or at least the first three) game modes.
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