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Old 2009-10-21, 18:00   Link #1
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abenobashi-like anime?

I'm looking for some anime which involve traveling to different worlds with different themes like abenobashi
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Old 2009-10-21, 23:18   Link #2
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The closest thing you will find to the basic parody structure of Abenoboshi would be Excel Saga...but without the bildungsroman storyline...
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Old 2009-10-22, 00:43   Link #3
AS Oji-kun
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I looked forward to reading James's reply to this question because I couldn't think of any candidates whatsoever. Excel Saga crossed my mind as well, but it doesn't have the "genre-parody-of-the-week" aspect of Abenobashi nor, I believe, its use of historical figures. I picked Abenobashi as my best parody over here; James picked Excel.

One possible suggestion is Oh! Edo Rocket which I chose as the best satire in that same thread. This show presents a satirical view of Japanese culture and politics set in an ahistorical 19th century Edo. Unlike Abenobashi, there's only one world, but there are a number of historical figures represented in the story including both fireworks makers and the various officials of the Shogunate. Unfortunately, though Rocket was licensed last year by Funimation, it has yet to surface.

I've been rewatching Abenobashi off-and-on recently. I'm up to one of my favorite episodes, the film noir parody with the incredibly slinky rendition of Arumi.

There are twelve kingdoms in the anime of the same name. The characters visit a number of them during the story though, as an epic fantasy, Twelve Kingdoms itself has little else in common with Abenobashi. The kingdoms themselves do vary quite a bit, so it might fit your tastes. Some other shows in the "adventure" genre have a diversity of worlds; Scrapped Princess comes to mind here as well. Not all shows in this genre do such a good job of portraying the different worlds. The current Guin Saga involves half-a-dozen states in conflict, but their cultural differences are not really well developed. Abenobashi avoids this problem though the use of parody, where the "worlds" have local referents like MMORPGs or kung-fu movies.

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Old 2009-10-22, 01:22   Link #4
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^My reasoning for picking Excel Saga as the better parody show is quite simple: Excel Saga is a parody of other genres, styles, and specific shows (and yes, every week is a parody of something that exists in the "otaku" lifestyle), whereas Abenobashi is a complex coming-of-age tale that uses the concept of a parody to reflect the main character Sasshi's desire to not return home, and to always stay with his friend and potential love interest (but-they-haven't-quite-figured-out-how-to-reach-that-stage-in-their-relationship) Arumi. So, in essence, the parodies are not actual parodies, but clever disguises for the various aspects and desires found within Sasshi's mind (which is the literal in-universe answer for why they cannot return home). Think of it like Shinji's "perfect world" from Evangelion; the clichés are there because that is the type of world Shinji secretly wishes to exist in - a world of averageness, a world of normalcy. Sasshi wants to constantly have new and unique adventures with his dearest friend Arumi, but, lacking the desire to participate in a "real world" (something he is desperately running away from) he falls back on known fantasy worlds - universes he knows the rules to and can journey comfortably within.

To reiterate, albeit simplistically, Excel Saga is a parody show, Abenobashi uses parodies to tell a story. The difference may very well be arbitrary, but it makes sense to me .


In regards to suggestions, there really isn't any truly similar show to Abenobashi. If you want a bildungsroman, well there are plenty of great titles; if you want a parody show, once again there are many good titles; if you simply want an alternate universe tale, then there are several good titles. But, there is really nothing truly like Abenobashi.

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Old 2009-10-22, 09:20   Link #5
Guardian Enzo
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I remember when Abenobashi came out, the show it was often compared to was Excel Saga. That truly is about the closest comparison one could draw, I suppose, though they are very different in some ways. There are shows that could offer some elements of Abenobashi for the OP - OER, as Sensei says, offered a skewed take on Japanese history. Shounen Onmyouji offers a look at the Abeno Seimei legend and Onmyou mystics in general. But Abenobashi is a pretty unique show when it comes to style and structure.
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Old 2009-10-22, 22:41   Link #6
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No mention of Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito?

It's an older series, is different genre, but is probably one of the more memorable "world hopping" series out there.
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