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Old 2004-07-29, 02:17   Link #1
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The Number Code

I think this is the right place to ask this question?

I am writing a script that will check the [Anime Heaven] fansub group's torrent site once every hour while I am asleep, and download the torrent and open it. The only problem I have is, I can only make my browser visit a certain site to download the torrent. For example, if I wanted it to download Naruto Episode 92, i would use this URL.
But, I want to be able to download the new episode every night, while I sleep. So here's my question. Is there anyway to know the full name of a torrent that has not been released yet, most importantly, the numbers at the end of the URL. Thanks a lot for your help.

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Old 2004-07-29, 02:41   Link #2
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Well i don't know if it's even possible to know the filename of the next torrent that is going to be released. What you have to do is download the source html page of "" and save it to a txt file. Then you can compare the source file downloaded every hour with the previous one to see if there are any changes. That way the changed part will be the new torrent. Now you just have to issolate the torrent's URL and save it to a string or whatever.
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Old 2004-07-29, 02:52   Link #3
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There is no way to anticipate the numbers at the end of the file name since they are generated based upon the content of the file. Read Is my file corrupt? How you can check for details about this number known as a CRC code.

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Old 2004-07-29, 10:41   Link #4
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While it is impossible to guess the file name, it isn't impossible to read the file name from an RSS feed.

I'd happily suggest using AnimeSuki's RSS feed, but it does not provide direct links to the torrents on ScaryWater, making it relatively useless for this purpose. Anyway, you'd have to find an RSS Feed on your own, since the one I would have posted has links to OST rips.

If you do ever find one, or if anyone knows of any, or if the mods deem it alright to post such a link, you can continue using this guide. I'm sure you can find some if you just use google. But remember, downloading licenced anime or OST rips is bad, so stick to using the RSS feed for download UNlicenced anime.

You'll need a properly installed version of Azureus and a copy of the RSSFeed Scanner plugin. Unzip the contents of the feedscanner .zip file into your Azureus\plugins\rssfeed\ directory (you'll have to create it).

Load Azureus and choose View > Plugins > RSSFeed.

You'll need to configure the RSS feed URL in the top box, and the appropriate filter in the bottom box. This is a working filter to download Madlax (not that I'd want to, God I hate that show!).

If you need more information, there is a help tab. And if you still cant figure it out, Private Message me.

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