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Dame Cheesie
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Candy Candy [SPOILERS]

I was just done reading the entire Candy Candy manga, and I'm going straight to ramble on pairings before anything else, because I can finally see why fandom is so distraught over the love story. This may not make sense to some, as I'm still reeling over the ending, so here goes...

Spoiler for If you haven't read it, then don't click it:

For the first time, I find myself unable to choose the two pairings. Currently, I like them both so much, I hurt for Terry and Candy's failed love story, and I also couldn't help but cheer for Albert and Candy. There was so much feeling and depth to them, despite the melodrama (but it ran during the 80s, so...) and I haven't read anything like this in the shoujo genre at all, not the story plot, but the fact that an author is able to face the risk of the fandom's wrath on her (Terry) by ending a major pairing, and leaving it open for a pairing she's built up even earlier on. The closest would be Kenshin x Tomoe from Rurouni Kenshin, if only based on the heavy development and the tragic outcome.

Regarding the shoujo genre comment, love triangles are abundant, but CC's love story is quite different from your average generic love triangle, where Candy had never been faced with indecisiveness; she utterly and completely loved Terry and had to learn to let time heal her broken heart, as Terry had eventually done as well, and only in the near end, things had promised to bloom between Albert and Candy, though nowhere near the fever of Terry and Candy's romance. The chances of an infuriated fandom writing in angry and hate letters would be very high had this been done today, and writers would've caved in, perhaps. (Imagine your reaction if Kyoko had finally fallen for Ren, develops quite heavily, before breaking it off and sealing any doors left open for them, and it opens up for Sho in the end. Yes, the impact was that heavy.) Again, it reminded me of how the shoujo genre had evolved since then, though I'm not entirely sure if it's for the positive either.

Not sure if anyone's going to reply to this thread, but I simply had to get this off my chest.

Edit: So there's been a legal fight between the artist and the writer, and apparently, they would prefer to go on life without any mentions of the Candy Candy franchise. This unfortunately destroys any chance of a sequel, but I'll accept that the manga ended in an Albert x Candy note, and fill in the blanks with my imagination.

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Old 2009-10-31, 10:53   Link #2
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Let's not forget about Anthony; he may have been the right person for Candy all along, if fate hadn't intervened... I think he was a much better person than Terry and it was tragic that his relationship with Candy wasn't given an opportunity to develop further.

The other development that is often overlooked is Candy and Annie's lost friendship. Perhaps the most important relationship early in the story, but that, too, is irreparably damaged...
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