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Old 2009-10-28, 12:31   Link #61
Featherine B.
/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
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I... usually don't post here very often, but I just had to say something when I learned what had happened to BT-san. I've never really been that knowledgeable about the different members of 07th Expension, therefore I had no idea BT-san, whose name I came across and had vaguely remembered, was Ryukishi's best friend, and although I can't say I can relate to what he might be feeling right now, I can at least understand how horrible the loss of such a dear person might feel like. I myself am teaming up right now with my best friend in order to achieve a big project that is important to us both, involving my growing passion for writing and his talent for drawing. I know he is and will always be the first one I come up to when I finish writing something, so he can tell me what he thinks about it. I wouldn't even be able to, no, I would never want to, imagine what it would be like to lose a person like that.

How much I love Umineko does not even compare to the fact that I will respect whatever decision Ryukishi wishes to make in the near future about the project, be it to put it on hold or to continue it. I also do not know if BT-san's death was sudden or more or less predictable, therefore I don't know if the two of them had the time to discuss it. But what I do know is that the person who helped give birth to such a great franchise, probably does not wish to be the cause of its end.

In the end, I, uh, didn't really plan on writing that much, but I realize now that BT will never be just a name to me anymore.

Reposez en paix, BT-san

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Old 2009-10-28, 22:01   Link #62
Mint Kashiro
Join Date: Nov 2007
I am so very sorry for your loss, Ryukishi. I don't think there are words to convey my feelings.
The feelings of a thousand fans can't possibly make up for the loss of someone so close to you, but remember we are supportive of you, from every corner of the world.

Rest in peace, BT-san. You'll be missed.
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Old 2009-10-28, 22:16   Link #63
Join Date: Aug 2009
Location: under your bed hur hur *u* (Make that Venezuela.)
Rest in peace, BT.

I truly teared up with Ryukishi's diary.
I know what it feels to lose someone that close and dear to you.
Hang on, Ryukishi.
We all have to move on, somehow.

You will be missed, BT!
Without you, none of us would be here discussing Umineko or Higurashi.
So thank you for everything you did (:
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Old 2009-10-29, 20:18   Link #64
Witch's Golden Breaker
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Age: 30
Having only really gotten into Umineko back in July, I haven't followed up on too much of the developmental aspects of the series. I know very little about what goes into making the VN's, and as such, I'd of course never even heard of BT until today. However, reading Ryukishi's note, I feel like he's someone I'd known personally. Truly, I can't even begin to imagine the pain of losing such a close friend, and the person that inspired you to write Higurashi and Umineko in the first place. If I were in such a position I can't imagine myself being strong enough to continue writing.

I admire Ryukishi-san's courage and heart to go on writing this for the sake of his friend, and I hope that he knows that his fans from across the world are right behind him to support him going on. Even time can never truly heal the pain of losing someone so close, but by recognizing that those dear to us are never truly gone, and continuing to move forward for their sake, is the most admirable way to live. Good luck, Ryukishi, and rest in peace, BT.
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Old 2009-10-31, 21:39   Link #65
*Graphic Designer
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Location: Kyoto→Kanazawa
BT was a person with a good relations by the discussion about "Umineko" with Ryukishi07
Thank you for BT.
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Old 2009-10-31, 21:43   Link #66
Alena-chan :)
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: USA
Age: 22
Rest in Peace BT!!
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Old 2009-11-01, 12:14   Link #67
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2009
BT everybody will remember you and hope you're resting in peace in a good place
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Old 2009-11-03, 18:35   Link #68
Used Can
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2008
I really didn't know about him until I read the news about his death, but getting to know he was important for R07, and for this game production and that he was also the one who kept contact with WH, made me realise someone important in the Umineko fanbase was lost.

Rest in peace BT.
"The name is Tin; Used is just an alias. I'm everything Shoe Box would like to be." - Used Can of the Aluminium Kingdom
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Old 2009-11-11, 22:34   Link #69
Birth by Moonlight
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Originally Posted by Used Can View Post
I really didn't know about him until I read the news about his death, but getting to know he was important for R07, and for this game production and that he was also the one who kept contact with WH, made me realize someone important in the Umineko fanbase was lost.

Rest in peace BT.
What he said.
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Old 2009-11-11, 22:47   Link #70
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Aw, that's just too sad... Rest in peace, BT-san. You will be greatly missed, and thank you for all your work on Higurashi and Umineko.
Christian, otaku, writer, artist, gamer, and guitarist. :3
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Old 2009-11-12, 19:15   Link #71
I like MUDKIPZ! :3
Join Date: Aug 2009
That diary entry was so touching.
Rest in peace, BT. I can't thank you enough for everything you contributed to Higurashi and Umineko. I hope you truly know just how much you will be missed, and that Higurashi and Umineko were two of the greatest stories ever told.

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Old 2009-11-13, 13:14   Link #72
Junior Member
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Golden land
I know I rearly post in this form. and that it may be late to say it now but.

Thankyou BT-san . Surely you will be greatly missed.
Since I never really lose anyone that's dear to me in my life yet
I can't emphasis or compair to the lose Ryukishi is feeling

R.I.P BT-san and I shall be cheering for 07thExpansion

A fan from Canada

P.s please excuse my grammar and spelling
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Old 2009-11-15, 08:18   Link #73
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2009
Sad. Very sad... i almost cry when i read it... R.I.P BT...

I'm a big fan of When They Cry series from Venezuela. We really own a lot to BT..
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Old 2009-11-16, 09:11   Link #74
Jellyfish Marine
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Location: Kino's luggage
I just came across a fun fact about a japanese clothing brand 'Auntie Rosa' and signed in to post it...but I found this thread first...

I did cried after reading Ryukishi-san's diary. It's really, really sad...particularly the line where he wrote that BT-san would not be able to read his novel anymore...I'm feeling like crying again.

It seems that he passed away quite suddenly? Hope it was not due to Swine flu.

Please rest in peace BT-san, and continue to be right by Ryukishi-san's side.

Kino ~Kino no Tabi
Original Illust: Yomo (
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Old 2009-11-21, 17:09   Link #75
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BT....I never knew you, and you never knew me. And yet, you helped bring a little joy to my life, for witch I thank you. May you rest in peace.
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Old 2009-11-22, 10:40   Link #76
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Well, as for my farewell to BT-san, let me just link to what I posted here: . 安らかに眠れ、我が最愛の愛好者BTさん。Sleep soundly, our beloved fan, BT-san.
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Old 2010-01-16, 10:36   Link #77
✿Higurashi+Umineko Fan✿
Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: U.S.A. (New England)
You will be greatly missed, BT. You and Ryukishi were the most amazing team, and I hope you're happy wherever you are now.
Rest in peace, and many thanks for all your hard work.

When They Cry fans will never forget you. You and Ryukishi are responsible for an amazing story that truly holds a place in my heart.
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Old 2010-01-17, 00:39   Link #78
Mystery buff
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I think this thread deserves a sticky with all the heartfelt posts I've seen here, but that's just me.

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Old 2010-02-16, 22:21   Link #79
Junior Member
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Right now, the world is moving. People are laughing, smiling, joking.
But I'll stop, just for a moment. For you.
I have never seen your face, so tears won't come to mine,
but you were part of something I admire.
So, although I may not even begin to understand how important you were to him,
I'll stop, just for a moment. Since that's all that I can do.
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Old 2010-07-11, 04:24   Link #80
Junior Member
Join Date: Apr 2010
A little late posting on this, but had to say something

Rest in peace BT... you will be greatly missed
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