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Old 2004-08-03, 17:21   Link #41
Join Date: Jul 2003
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I wonder if there are any other Overnet Users.

Primary, I use BT and IRC, especially for new releases and high amounts of data it's great.
Furthermore, I use Overnet for MP3s, Video Clips and smaller stuff . I think it's quite useable when it comes to rare data and when Download Speed is not that important, though the Speeds are far better to the ones in the ED2K Network.
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Old 2004-08-04, 03:50   Link #42
Prince of Chronics
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Location: Toronto, Canada
I occasionally use Overnet... you are right about Overnet being a good place to find rare media... and it's also very easy to search for stuff since there are lots of link websites... however... the download speeds are really wack... and that was enough for me to stop using that program frequently...
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Old 2004-08-04, 05:16   Link #43
Join Date: Jan 2001
Location: Netherlands
Age: 38
My 2cts...

eMule works fine as alternative for BT and IRC. Don't expect it to ever go as fast though.

Best results are achieved when:
- You connect to the AnimeReactor server as mentioned by NoSanninWa on first page of this thread.
- Use the AnimeReactor forum or AniDB site (register to get the links) to get needed links
- Leave eMule running continueusly. Leave it on at night, don't stop it for days.
- First results will probably not appear until after 24 hours, download rates get better after that.
- Expect to usually upload more than you download.

Some more notes:
- Patience. Patience. Patience. That's what's eMule is about.
- Make sure ports are properly configured so that you don't get a lowid.
(if it is possible to configure this, as for example I unfortunately can't -- I don't have control over the router I'm behind)
- It takes a while to get through the queues of other people, so... be patient.
- Don't remove the stuff you downloaded from others. If you upload these to others, you get
credits with them, which in turn can lower your ranking in their queues much faster.

- In the past week or so I was able to get gigabytes (4-6 Gb) of eMule.
- Then again the files were pretty popular, which helps with the download rates.
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