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Originally Posted by ShapetheSky View Post
I finished that game...back in the day, all seven characters! X_x
Nowadays I wonder whether I had a masochistic streak as a teenager, this game was just crazy hard and to be honest, I think Saga games don't have the most comfortable engine Especially grinding and stuff is more of a chore than fun...x_X

But I loved the atmosphere of the scenario and the locations. There should be more RPGs that have such kinds of settings.
It wasn't that bad... Then again I was always one of those people who would just spend the time early on learning weaponless techniques with characters, learning the DSC moves, and then just pwning everything in the game. The only character I remember being particularly hard was that one monster character, that last fight was just plain hard.

People say that they like the openendness of the game, but then they say how much they hated Lute's storyline and liked the ones which allowed for little devaition until near the end. I think what worked well was the combination of both open exploration with linear events and the variety of venues.

I played one of the earlier games in ROM format (think SaGA 3), and while it did still have a linear path in the beginning, it seemed like everything after that was too open which led to a "now what" kind of situation. Combined with the part of getting pwned if you go in the wrong place at the wrong time just made it harder to really get into. But that's probably just me.
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What, it gets plenty of love!
I'm almost done with the Saga 2 remake, btw. Got 70 treasures and made it to Valhalla. I like the fact that you can do your grinding anywhere: enemies in the first world will give you as many stat ups and enemies in the last one.
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